The Lareas Alliance is the name given by modern nations for the oldest known civilization in the entire local universe, which was first created in the Lareas Galaxy. It is unknown which planet they were founded on. The first known evidence of their existence is from roughly 7,128,320,000 years ago, which means that almost no artifacts remain from the civilization. Because of their ancientness, they stand as the most mysterious species in the Flower Galaxy region.


Most scholarly discussions of the Lareas Alliance often rapidly tend towards vagueness and a frustrating lack of solid evidence. There isn't much evidence that they were ever even there, but what little evidence there is points to some sort of civilization spanning almost the entirety of the ancient Telusian Cluster, with towering cities and heavily colonized planets dating to over seven billion years ago.

Absolutely nothing is known about the multitude of species which inhabited it. The different species are often portrayed as different colored clouds of smoke as a placeholder until we find literally any information about what they look like. They have become the figures of folkore in countless advanced civilizations due to their seemingly impossible megastructures (among other things) and, and would continue to be treated as such even into the present day thanks to their extremely sudden disappearance.

The first nation to discover evidence of the Lareas Alliance that we know of is the Providence Union, a nation which colonized the entirety of the Flower Galaxy and its nearby satellites, a little over two billion years ago. Once evidence was found, many of the citizens were likely fascinated by them, and how exceedingly powerful a civilization they were, and how they seemingly completely vanished into the wind.

The most well-known relic of their existence was likely the "Impossible Dyson Swarm" surrounding the star Lykare, as the dyson swarm should collapse in minutes, but it has been standing since at least the fall of the Lareas Alliance itself.

They would also find the planet Daralend, located in intergalactic space near the Avana Galaxy, and its strange appearance, like a black hole with land. This was likely not created by the Lareas Alliance, and could be home to whatever force destroyed them.

Much later, the existence of the Lareas Alliance was discovered by the United Nations of the Flower Galaxy. Though many of their relics would be lost in the calamitous events of the Fall of the Providence Union, some remained, such as Daralend and the "Stellar Rosette", a system in which eleven almost identical red dwarf stars orbit each other in a ring, and have several habitation megastructures surrounding it.

Recent studies on the extremely enigmatic intergalactic globular cluster Telmarai shows that it was involved with interactions with the Lareas Alliance, which ended with the enigmatic civilisation propelling Telmarai to a significant speed of light out of the Lareas Galaxy because of large-scale conflicts. There is evidence for this in the form of large dust clouds containing explosive, hypergolic and radioactive material near the site where Telmarai originally left the galaxy.

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