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The Lareas Galaxy, often nicknamed the Graveyard Galaxy, is the second largest galaxy in the Telusian Subgroup. It is relatively distant from other galaxies and does not receive much extragalactic attention, as the entire galaxy is filled with war.


Even though some consider it a satellite of the Flower Galaxy, it is quite large and has a history rivaling its neighbor. Because of its size and closeness, it is one of the few galaxies visible with the naked Carlean eye from Carlea. However, a glance does not reveal the centuries of endless war, the atrocities committed here, and the quintillions of lives destroyed. More is known about this galaxy than Myrmidan, but the ongoing war makes it very risky for news to get out.

We do know that the Lareas Galaxy is a starburst galaxy, filled with star formation. This creates huge resource concentrations in some areas and practically no resources in others, which helped fuel the ongoing war.


The Lareas Galaxy originally formed over thirteen billion years ago, along with its parent galaxy. It was mostly uninhabitable for a time, as civilizations were wiped out by continuous supernovae before they could even reach type I status. However, star formation later slowed down roughly three billion years after formation, and civilizations began to form. Almost instantly, K2 civilizations sprang up, filling the galaxy with life. They began warring over the rich resources found in the galaxy, and weakening them in time for one of the neutral states to conquer the rest and create the Lareas Alliance. The warlord who now ruled the galaxy attempted and almost succeeded in conquering the Flower Galaxy before completely vanishing off the map for unknown reasons.

These "unknown reasons" likely involved something catastrophic, as the galaxy was almost completely lifeless for over a billion years before life started cropping up again. The few states that had cropped up in time were conquered by the Providence Union, but they were left to self-rule due to the Lareas Galaxy's distance to the Union's core. This meant that they were spared from the barrage of black hole bombs that toppled the union, and the technology given to them allowed them to rise up and conquer the galaxy, forming the Republic of the Spider Nebula, the Union of Narenna, and the Kormin Empire. When they met, they started attacking each other, hoping to grow their territory and gain access to the resources in their opponent's borders. The attacks grew into a full-on war between the three nations to gain full control of the galaxy, after the General Talken "the Ruthless" of the Kormin Empire orchestrated a horrifying atrocity which utterly destroyed the planet Goros, capital of the Union of Narenna, killing trillions of people. The war still goes on to this day with trillions being killed every year in the battles.

Galactic Geography

The Lareas Galaxy is a flocculent spiral galaxy similar to the Flower Galaxy, and many individuals have noted its resemblance to a flower bed. It has six regions, as decided by the UNFG galactic region committee:

  • Lareas Core
  • Sarkas Arm
  • Arachas Arm
  • Perel Arm
  • Arnak Arm
  • Galactic Halo

Lareas Core

Sarkas Arm

Arachas Arm

Perel Arm

Arnak Arm

Galactic Halo

This arm contains the Spider Nebula, a huge nebula that has almost no habitable planets, a notable exception being Angertharke. This made the native species of that planet, the Ornali, in a unique position to colonize the region with little to no resistance, enabling them to rise to a major position on the galactic stage.

Lareas also contains many other prominent nebulae, one of the most important of which is the Virenna Nebular Complex, which is a large cluster of nebulae spanning almost 3,000 light years wide. It contains many H II regions and high mass stars not unlike Cygnus X in the Via Sagittaria Galaxy. This complex contains many important objects such as Narenna, the Crown Cluster and Virozesum.

Outside the arm, there are many starforming regions and dense clusters of stars, a notable one being the Crown Cluster, the seat of the Union of Narenna. There are also an abnormal amount of red giants outside the star-forming regions.

The galaxy has many globular clusters interspersed through the galaxy and the surrounding region of intergalactic space. These globulars are very dense, and so planets have a higher risk of being ejected.

Notable Systems


A map of the Lareas Galaxy. For maximum usefulness, view the full-sized file.

The Great Lareas War
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Union of Narenna Republic of the Spider Nebula Kormin Empire Virozic Republic
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Destruction of Marnaltharke Assault on Narenna Battle of Thomsen's Star
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