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Laser weapons are a type of energy weapon that fire beams of highly-energized photons. These beams are often hot enough to pierce a hole clean through organic lifeforms with ease. They draw their energy from detachable energy packs, which can be recharged after being depleted. However, overcharging the energy pack will cause it to explode. This is a trick used by many veteran soldiers in order to turn their energy packs into makeshift grenades.

Laser weapons are powerful enough on their own, but in order to increase their combat prowess, many users will outfit their laser weapons with special devices called amplifiers, or "amps". Amps are carefully cut crystals inserted into the space between the weapon's capacitors and the energy pack. The properties of the crystal will then amplify the power or alter the properties of the laser beam. For example, using pallidite as an amp will turn the beam nearly invisible, only noticed by a faint outline of the beam.

Due to their ease of manufacture and maintenance, laser weapons are the most common energy weapon in the universe. They are seen even amongst the most low-tech of planets, although these worlds will often have more ballistic weapons than laser weapons.

Types of Laser Weapons

Laser Rifle

Laser rifles are the most common type of laser weapon in the universe. They are the primary weapon of many militaries across the universe. While they have a slower rate of fire than their ballistic counterparts, they have higher penetration.

Laser Carbine

Laser carbines are essentially just shortened laser rifles with lighter bodies and smaller energy packs. They are usually used by scouts and other specialist troops, who value the laser carbine's low weight as their duties require them to travel lightly.

Laser Pistol

The humble laser pistol is the preferred sidearm of many officers and naval personnel. Oftentimes, the highest-ranking officers will carry ornate laser pistols as a status symbol.

Gatling Blaster

The gatling blaster is a multi-barreled laser weapon that fires a hail of laser beams at anything caught in its path. Due to the gatling blaster's energy demand, anyone wanting to use one will have to carry a large energy pack attached to their back.

Laser Cannon

Laser cannons are the standard anti-armor weapon of many interstellar militaries. They are often found mounted on armored vehicles or in dug-out emplacements. However, some species are large enough to carry laser cannons into battle by hand with them. Many smaller starships like starfighters patrol craft, and corvettes use laser cannons as their primary armament.

Flak Laser

Flak lasers are the premier anti-starfighter weapon of many nations. In addition to being used on the ground, they are also used in great numbers on starships, as the large starship lasers are too slow to catch fighters. Starfighters themselves also make great use of flak lasers.


Megalasers are the largest type of laser weapon in the universe. They are often grouped up together in order to form massive broadsides to blow their enemies into molten scrap. They are usually seen mounted on larger warships like cruisers, battleships, and dreadnoughts, although ships like frigates are known to mount them as well.

Notable Users of Laser Weapons