100th Millennium Wiki

"The quality of Lason's products are just amazing, they are just...built different" - Federation Corporal

LasonMotors. Inc, also known as LasoniaMotors. Inc is a manufacturer of hovercraft, tanks, aqua speeders and other vehicles intended for use in a planet's atmosphere. They were founded in 61,002 CE on Lasonia, where they keep their headquarters to this day. LasonMotors. Inc has many factories on Lasonia itself, as well as other worlds, such as Hulistorm and Industria.

The company often collaborate with Anarvis Yards and Danruiphi Shipworks.

Notable Products

H1 Combat Hovercar: a small hovercraft often used by police forces, militias, terrorists and the Federation to patrol cities. It is lightly armored and armed with 2 anti-personnel lasers and a light laser turret.

M1 Civilian Hovercar: unarmed, civilian version of the H1.

LMA-33 Artillery Hover Tank: A large hovertank armed with a large laser cannon capable of causing severe damage at the cost of speed and armor.

H2 Heavy Combat Hovercar: an improved version of the H1 with better engines, enclosed cockpit, and improved engines.

Generic Products

Lava Speeders: also known as Magma or Heat Speeders, this line of speeders are mostly used in rough worlds such as Chol and Geasc, their durable heat-resistant armor being perfect for exploration, they also come with a very robust cooling system

Aqua Speeders: also known as Sea Speeders, this line of speeders are mostly used on water worlds and in harbors for transportation and scouting. Can also drive on land, depending on the model. Some are equipped with skis, which often leads to these versions being confused for a Snow Speeder.

Ground Speeders: also known as Land Speeders, this line of speeders that is used by every entity imaginable, from your everyday citizen, public transportation, delivery and civil service to military vehicles. This type is by far the most common type of civilian vehicle.

Snow Speeders: also known as Mountain Speeders, this line of speeders are mostly used on snowy and mountainous planets such as Foroth and Cheliv, these are distinguished from other speeders by their extra large heating unit and skis attached to the bottom.

Atmospheric Fighters: These craft are equipped with shields and life support but no warp drives, and are not capable of space combat, as they are not robust enough to withstand the pressure of space, limiting their range to a planet's atmosphere.

Hovertanks: A line of tanks that use antigrav/repulsorlift technology to move around. they are quite fast, but lack armor or firepower. To compensate for this, most Hovertanks come equipped with shield generators, increasing their survivability.