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Legions are an artificial hive-mind species which mostly resides in and around the Entente of Ventemir. They are native to the planet Veritas in the Ventemir Galaxy. In a slightly unorthodox hive-mind hierarchy, Legions are composed of billions of independent individuals which can be thought of as nodes in a network rather than the more common distributed-intelligence approach. This network is the legion rather than the individuals themselves. There are only 1.3 billion extant Legions currently known, a small sum for a species so influential.

Legions are most known for their role in the ancient civilization known as the Triumvirate Civilization. During the existence of the Triumvirate, only one Legion existed, a being named Legio. Legio, along with two others, ruled the entirety of the Ventemir, Via Aylathiya, and Florescence galaxies. When the Triumvirate collapsed in 201 CE, Legio was found shattered into billions of disparate consciousnesses. It is unknown how the species came to be; however, it was most certainly artificial.


While Legions do not have a set biology, they all have general shared characteristics. Within their heads is a large copper wire which can send and receive signals up to 1000 kilometers. These signals have a remarkable density and have since been enhanced through artificial means.

The hivemind itself is made up of billions of individual bodies, each body with the intelligence of the average sapient organism. As a consequence of this, Legions are some of the most intelligent organisms to exist, only beaten out by large-scale artificial hiveminds such as Vignette.

Many Legions hook themselves up to cybernetic bodies to interact with other species. They most commonly choose Atlins to imitate. Other common species they emulate are Humans and Orcubor. Most of the bodies of the Legions are extensively modified to the point of being unrecognizable to the original bodies. Most are bipedal; however, bodies can have anywhere from two to three hundred limbs depending on need.