Leirand with one of it's asteroid moons

Leirand, named after one of the Isvoy's officers, is an incredibly strange-looking desertic terra that orbits an M2 class star. It shares its system with two other lifebearing worlds, and contains 8 moons, all captured asteroids. The Isvoy has detected no sapient life within the system, only animal equivalents. Isvoy top brass has decided to study this planet however, due to the unique readings the shipboard computer gave.


Map of Leirand, showing the three most prominent craters, as well as the World Eater, looking like a massive black ring.

The atmosphere of Leirand is extremely thin, which presumably made the possibility of life a minority opinion. Scientists aboard the Isvoy were baffled at how life could survive here, but there was the return on the computers, plain as day, so they decided to investigate. They sent out a probe equipped with scientific equipment, and a camera. It landed in a large desert crater, but what it beamed back while descending was even more baffling. After running the data through the computer, they found what seemed like a gargantuan organism was living on the surface, specially suited to the extremely thin atmosphere.

A probe snaps a picture of Leirand during descent.

They sent more probes, and samples returned from different parts of the planet has shown this low-growing black-and-green leafy jungle is a massive world-spanning organism, using the extremely thin atmosphere as an advantage by growing so large. The desert areas are regions it could not spread into. It uses it's vast root system to search for water underground on the parched world. What is even more interesting is that the computer had determined that life arose on this planet through Panspermia, which suggests it came from one of the other life-bearing worlds in the system, perhaps the 3rd planet, as it has a much thicker atmosphere at 0.33 and plants on the surface.

The initial probe snapped this picture just before landing.


The captain of the Isvoy has called this organism the "World Eater", and has not chosen to give the order to terraform this world for two reasons:

1). While capable of terraforming, the Isvoy is not a dedicated terraforming ship, and does not have enough asteroid redirecting craft on board.

The World Eater, just a tiny piece of it.

2). While the shipboard computer has determined the World Eater to be non-sapient, the captain had decided to leave the planet be and not disturb the World Eater, as it may be an important humanitarian find.

He has, however used the ships' defensive weaponry to hollow out an asteroid moon (4.D1) to make a permanent station in orbit to study the planet. Leirand Station is just getting set up and will have station personnel of around 200 people. When the Isvoy left the system, the gravity generators were installed and operational.

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