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"Ah the Lekiet. By far one of the most painful experiences I've had during my trek across Haven. Oh, I remember it very well. As I was walking across the sandy slops of the Delthathiem Island, the area in which I stood gave way, and I plummeted towards a large Lekiet bush, only to land on said bush and impale countless of its spikes into myself. No one said this job was easy."William Tancard's: Haveborne Flora illustrated.


The Lekiet are a common species of Cactaceae (cactus), with a global population of around three billion, they are most commonly found in the many deserts and badlands across planet Haven, though some are known to grow in more temperate regions. They are one of the most common species of cactus across Haven, being the third overall most populace. Thanks to this, they are a fairly common piece used in various works of cultural art and iconography.


Like most species of cactus, the Lekiet have a long stem extending upwards with several spiked thorns located all across it. The predominant function of thorns, is deterring herbivore fauna in consuming the Lekiet. These thorns are fairly dull when comparing them to other cactus species, requiring one to put a fair amount of force to get them to pierce skin. They grow in large bushes from a singular root embedded deep within the ground, white large individual stems extending for several feet in the rock and sand. They typically grow up to fifteen feet in diameter, though some can grow to the upper twenty's, making large spiked fields all on their own.

Unlike many species of cactus across Haven, the Lekiet lack any form of flower, instead, they reproduce by shooting out seeds at the end of the summer, similar to that of sponges. Due to the dry climate of the area in which they inhabit, they do not require vast amounts of water to survive, and the water they do mange to consume comes from small amounts of it located deep within the rock and sand they grow upon.


Despite the Lekiet's hostile nature towards other living things, they are often times used as both ornamental plants, and functional tools by the Haven populace. As ornamental plants, many will try to keep a large garden of Lekiet in outdoor areas, while as a tool, the Lekiet is grown in an encircling line around produce, creating a defense barrier against herbivore and omnivore fauna that attempt to eat the produce it is protecting. As well, the juice secreted by the Lekiet cactus are often used in various medicines and oils, as they give off a soothing feeling when one puts it against their skin.

Certain species of fauna have evolved specifically to eat various cactus plant, and the Lekiet are no different, often times being consumed by said species. Many species of insect also make their homes in between the various branches of a Lekiet bush, as they are small enough to traverse the spikes without being put in danger. Some species of birds nest on the tops of a Lekiet bush as well, since the spiked plant provides a sense of security to the bird from would be attackers.