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The Leto system is a binary system, with two suns, a White Sun called Leto A and a Yellow Sun called Leto B. It is located in the Herschel Space, on the Jasper Galaxy. It is the most important system of The Intergalactic Federation on the Jasper Galaxy. Leto is home to the Planet Artemis, the Administrative center of the I.F for the Galaxy. The entire system has a population of 404 Billion, or more than 4 Trillions, being one of the most populous systems controlled by the I.F in the Jasper Galaxy.

Leto A System

It is formed by nine planets orbiting this star. This system is the most populated of the two and holds the Galaxie's administrave capital, planet Artemis. It has a total population of 245 Billion or 2,45 Trillion.

Leto A.jpg
  • Yeter: Has a total population of 12 Billion
  • Uttoria: Has a total population of 16 Billion
  • Wallis: Has a total population of 15 Billion
  • Poldan : Its total population is 20 Billion
  • Serena: This Gas Giant, harbours extracting gas stations, research laboratories and manufacturing of chemically based equipment. Just as Afolon, it is a tourist destination and has some important military bases and defenses to protect Artemis. It is a center for education and pilot training for the fleet. It has a total population of 35 billion
  • Artemis Its the capital of the entire Leto System and the whole Jasper Galaxy, being the most populated world of the Intergalactic Federation in that Galaxy. It has a total population of 62 Billion. It hold many important sevices, manufacturing of goods, computing, arquitecture, leisure and entertainment, education, fashion, banking etc...
  • Afolon: The Biggest Gas Giant in the Leto A system and the second biggest in the entire Leto System. It has several important extraction and chemical plants and is as well a touristic spot for many, specially citizens of Artemis. It has a huge military value, with many military bases defending planet Artemis. Other activities are consumer goods, insurance companies and mechanical and chemical equipment. Its total population is 37 Billion
  • Mira: Has a total population of 23 Billion
  • Saleus: Has a total population of 25 Billion.

Leto B System

It has eight planets orbiting a Yellow Star. It is the least populated of the two, but holds some important resources. It is home to key activities and its the home of 113 Billion, or 1,13 Trillion inhabitants.

Leto B-0.jpg
  • Beredas: Has a total population of 9 Billion
  • Urko: Its the biggest Gas Giant planet of the system and the entire binary Leto system. It has a profitable industry in chemicals and gas extraction. It holds several important chemical laboratories of relevant importance. It has a total population of 22 Billion
  • Shain: Has a total population of 10 Billion
  • Kerkus: It small gasy planet, it holds a large population of 27 Billion, it has an important economy based on manufacturing service goods, mining and gas extraction, as well as providing several services, and being involved in military construction.
  • Iffis: A small cold planet, it holds several important habitats with companies and services opperating from here. Its populations isn't too big, with a total of 8 Billion
  • Xogan: Has a total population of 5 Billion
  • Kulpis: Has a total population of 12 Billion
  • Ataroa: One of the main tourist attractions, from its beauty and uniqueness. It holds some important cities on its soil, most of whom live thanks to mining activities and tourism. Beautiful resorts and retirement places have been built here. It is a common holiday destination for many in the system and beyond. It holds a total population of 20 Billion

Orbiting Leto A and Leto B


Around both Leto A and Leto B, we can found two more planets orbiting the entire binary system as a whole single body of mass. This two planets are Ekase and Agori, and they both travel the sky orbiting each other, in a similar way Pluto and Charon do. At the same time, both planets orbit Leto A and Leto B. It has a total population of 46 Billion people.

Ekase y Agori.jpg
  • Ekase: Its a Cold planet, its a secret research base, which a huge laboratory and investigation program. It has also several mining facilities and dark matter producing plants, as well as manufacturing and some related services and consumer goods. It holds a military base and several training facilities. It has a total population of 25 Billion
  • Agori: Its the twin orbital planet of Ekase, sometimes refered as a moon, but similar in size to Ekase, it holds a secret security forces facility, a military base and is a center for Intergalactic Federation espionage. Its economical activities are mining, services, research, tourism and naval fleet construction. It holds a total of 21 Billion.

Ekase (front) and Agori (back). They both orbit Leto A-Leto B suns all together and at the same time, orbit each other.