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She is one of the most powerful members of the Sisterhood of Kryso. She is a High Priestess of the Unionist Religion, and a native of Saikan, being thus a citizen of the Union. She is famous for her ideas and as a ruthless assassin, spy, warrior and most notably Inquisitor. She was trained in Kryso but soon returned to her homeworld where she has her headquarters, travelling where she is needed in missions of the state or the Sisterhood.


She is always covered as the Saikans always do. She is described as having bright eyes, a feature common among Unionist Priest, of a reddish tone. She is pale skinned and has a fair appearance, a mortal beauty that embellishes all the people who encounter her.

Personality Traits

She is considered to be the best interrogator, an Inquisitor never, with abilities to see beyond people, abilities given by her training in the Path of the Senses. She is hired by the Union to Interrogate spies and rebellious forces, prisoners and runaways. She also looks after conversion missions. Most in the Union fear her, and consider her to be fierce, power hungry and ruthless. She is a good communicator, being good at speaking and mingle with the people around at ease, gathering information as a spider gets flies on its net.


She was born in the Planet Saikan, which is a world with a peculiar culture and environment. She was born with the Gift, a rarity who make Unionist believe the child is chosen for priesthood. She was then intercepted by the Sisterhood of Kryso, who took her to Kryso. She was trained as a conversion missionary. However, due to her Saikan origins and culture, she had been trained as a warrior and was very good at it. She was then encourage to choose a Path, due to her strong bond with the Gift.

Levira, chose the Path of Senses and later started the Path of Dexterity, being one of the only alive persons in the Union to have fulfilled more than one Path. She is thus a member of the Red Legion of the Sisterhood, who seeks heretics, and converts people into the Unionist religion, most of whom are in newly conquered worlds or seeking those who live against the law.


She has three daughters, who serve as her body guards. Trained as Hunting Dancers in the Sisterhood. They have enlisted in the Red Legion, alongside her mother. She acts as a caring mother, putting her interests and those of her daughters above anyone else.