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The Lewis Federation was a nation originating in the Lewis Galaxy from which it takes its name, and its the ancestor of the current Intergalactic Federation. The Nation's capital was located in the Planet Elysium, with some of its functions, like the High Justice courts, based on the planet Aurora and other important centers, like the state bank or stock exchange, located in the Planet Nexon. This has remained so until the modern era.

It was predominatly a Human nation and Aliens were not members nor played a big part in the country until the transformation into the Intergalactic Federation.

The Lewis Federation was formed after the long and devastating war between the Empire of Mankind and The Union, where thousands of war refugees from the Empire of Mankind left, seeking safety, and settled a bunch of planets near the Akai Nebulae, on the other side of the Galaxy and far from the Union and Empire's main populated centers. These independent planets came united into an alliance and soon became a Federation, known as the Lewis Federation, that is currently known as the Intergalactic Federation.

Many pro-democratic people emigrated to the Akai Nebulae, extending the population and the size of the Federation. Several colonized planets, were a heaven for those running away from the War. Also many following wars in the history of Galaxy saw an increasing large population migrating into the Federation. Although not many Union citizens took refuge in the Federation, they made the majority in some of the member planets of the Federation, with the peaceful factions making the vast majority.

Soon the Federation became a beacon of liberty and progress, gaining power and becoming a large power by the 56,000's CE.

The Founding Planets

The Founding planets of the Federation are made of 13 planets. These planets signed the cooperation agreement, from which a common economic area, common currency and common military, protected the interest of the bloc. Soon the agreement gave way to the foundation of the Federation, being this 13 planets its original founders and considered nowadays the Core worlds of the Lewis Federation:

It's the oldest Planet to be settled. During the early days of the Union, back in the foundation of that nation in 45,190CE, it became compulsory for everyone to have the parasite in their bodies. Those that refused, had to leave the nation. Those few that did not accept this, left the Union territory and travelled to a far away planet. They settled in it and called their new home Nova. In Nova, they remained quite isolate for a thousand years. During this milenia, they colonized later on the planet known as Mirdan. Both planets kept independent from each other although relations and commerce between the two remained due to their far away distance from the economic hubs of the Union and the Empire. They organised themselves into planetary republics.

By 48,820 CE, Relations where open with the Empire of Mankind prior to the war against the Union. The Union even conscious of their existence, remained quite indifferent to this two republics. Nova served as a neutral area for both nations, but specially for activity from the Empire, since the Union has always been despised by its inhabitants. During the war between the Empire and the Union, many refugees came first to this neutral Planets seeking a new place to start again from the destruction cause in their homeworlds. Soon refugees made more than half of the population of the planet. Measures were taken, and many started to settled in the life abundant planets of the region nearby, close to the Akai Nebulae.

Nova has a diversified economy. It holds the main military educational institutions and training centers of the Federation. It holds as well many businesses and technological train, vehicles and transport manufacturing centers. Its as well the main center for engines technology development and production.

Second oldest planet in the Federation, was settled by expelled Union colonist from Nova in 45,320 CE, and soon a flow of refugees from the war, coming from the Empire, started to settled in the Planet. When some measures were taken, refugees started to settled nearby habitable planets, close to the Akai Nebulae. Later on, Mirdan alongside Nova sign the cooperation agreement, the ancestor of the federation. The Planet soon became more important than Nova, when many settlers were taken in by Mirdan, who did not implement the same harsh measures than its counterpart had.

It's the main textile production hub of the Federation, with some important civil key industries located here. The planet has also important relevance in energy production, chemical production, mining, agriculture, farming and fishing, as well as a entertainment and tourism.

This planet was the Third oldest planet to be settled and one of the most suitable for life. It was soon settled by many refugees, outnumbering pretty quickly Nova and Mirdan. The location of the planet was also ideal since it was located in the middle of the founding planets and this is why it was chosen as the capital (alongside is population and economic importance). Nova and Mirdan had already some scientific outpost on the planet prior to the arrival of the first refugees from the Empire. Elysium has turned into a very dense populated planet ever since and one of the most populated in the Lewis Galaxy. It is the Capital of the Federation and a place for many business activity, scientific and technological progress in the nation.

This planet is the Fourth Planet to be settled by refugees from the Empire. It is also one of the most populated in the Federation and the Galaxy. It's the second in terms of population, behind Elysium and slightly above Aurora. The planet started as the main technological productor, and soon turned into a financial and trade hub in the country. It is the wealthiest and richest planet in the Federation, and holds all the financial institutions of the nation such as the central banks, the main stock exchange, trade centers, service related industries, entertainment and high tech. Most of the more advanced weapons and technologies in the Federation are designed here. This is why Nexon has been nicknamed "the Iron World" or "The Money World"

A oceanic planet, known for its degree of technological advancement, with many service related business production, pharmaceutical institutions and genetic and medical centers. it has become as well a main educational center. Fishing as well as marine training and production are also important activities. It was the fifth settled planet and has remained one of the top founding planets in terms of wealth, importance and population.

s one of the founding members, and the only one with a majority of its population deriving from the Union, settling as refugees in this planet. Most belong or have turned into peaceful faction members. They keep practising their religion and the parasite's groes in some of the areas of this planet. Still some small areas have not a Unionist majority. Mukan is the only place where the Paths can still be practice by members of the Unionist faith. Mining and Industrial production as well as entertainment are the main source of wealth and income in this planet.

It is the Judicial Capital of the Federation and where the main courts are located at. It is as well one of the most populated planets in the Lewis Federation. It's the third in terms of population, slightly behind Nexon. Starting as a productive Agriworld, it soon became a booming economic center. Early on, it turned into a Industrial production center, with large exports in goods, business centers, food production, entertainment and tourism. Aurora, holds many key industries and services. Still, agriculture and farming are still an important part of the economy, and It's cuisine is known beyond the borders of the Federation.

Its one of the main economic and trading centers of the Federation. It is the main research center, and holds the most prestigious education centers. It is also one of the most populated worlds, it is a center for Fashion and Luxury production, as well as services industries and insurance companies. Banking and Trade are main key sectors of the Planet as well as entertainment and service industries, with some chemical production. Agriculture also plays an important role, as well as fishing and Farming. The beauty of the planet has made it a popular tourist destination.

Its famous for its mining industry. It has a mostly arid climate, with large deserts in the equator area, although mild areas are located in the north and south hemispheres. Informatics, Mining, Factory production, agriculture and energy production are the main economic sectors of Helios.

A marshy, rather cold planet, its economy is based mainly in Energy, Entertainment and Media Communication. All press and information are based in the Planet. Anubis has an important Unionist population, although they don't make the majority they have a substantial size and the largest and most sacred Temple of the Unionist religion in the Lewis Federation is located here. Entertainment, Media and communication, Construction, Services, as well as Trade, Banking and large businesses are the main economic hubs. Mining, energy and chemical production have some importance as well.

Its a humid world, made of several large Jungles and Savannas. It holds the main computing and security centers of the Federation. It was settled by Empire Refugees, as well as some Union refugees. The Unionist are still a minority but do make a majority in some small areas of the planet.

This Planet Holds the Military headquarters of the Federation. The planet is as well full of factories that produce most of the navy, weapons, robots, and others. Its holds as well refineries and other Chemical Plants and some Mining industries. Despise all this secondary production, some areas are used from agriculture and are quite relaxed and known for its tourism and high degree of entertainment.

Its a Jungle world, its name is derived from the ancient Swahili language word for "Peace". It is the least populated of the Founding members or core worlds. It is known for its medical flora cultivation, its agriculture, farming, tourism and entertainment industries, as well as some minor industrial and service production. The area is known for its fauna, holding the largest zoo in the Federation.


The Nation was founded by refugees from the war between the Empire of Mankind and the Union. This was also an opportunity for many that seek more liberty and democracy in their lives, tired of wars. The refugees joined two independent planets, already settled and known as Nova and Mirdan in the Akai Nebula, and migrated there on mass, founding many colonies in other planets. This planets in the Akai Nebula were known as the Founding Planets, and soon the Economy in the area started to boom and expansion was made outside the Akai Nebula and extended to the outer and inner rims on the other side of the Galaxy from the rest of Human Nations.

They soon made contact with the Aldorians, specially the Aldorian Dominium and the Aldorian High Kingdom, and later with the Aldorian Confederacy. Through them, they also met other two aldorian nations, the Aldorian Assembly of Clans and the Aldorian League, due to its static and nomadic way of live. However, they didn't meet the other Aldorian Nations and only heard of them through the Aldorians. Contact with all of them only happened when the Lewis Federation expanded to nearby galaxies and became the Intergalactic Federation.

When the United Alliance declared its independence, they fought alongside the Aldorian Dominium and the Aldorian High Kingdom, as well as the Krizik, to stop the secessionist movement, since some Krizik and Aldorian Planets also joined the United Alliance. Some Arati and Murban also joined the Alliance, but the Murban and Arati Clans decided not to intervene and left them split. The Federation was the main source of attack, due to the distance of the Aldorian nations. The Aldorians had some minor wins but were soon defeated and soon retired from the conflict. The Krizik tried but war among the Krizik nations broke out and this made them retired. The Federation was left mostly alone. The Alliance won and the Federation had to sign a peace treaty. The Krizik Nation were the last to acknowledge the United Alliance and fought a brief war against the Alliance but this one was already to powerful to be broken down, and soon the Krizik retired and recognized this nation.

Population and Society

The People from the Federation are free people, who are disgusted by some of their attitudes of their neighbors. For example, they are against slavery and cloning. Also prolonging life on excess is considered inmoral in the Federation. They have somehow tensions with the Empire, the Union and the United Alliances from time to time, but for the most part relations have been improving with the Human nations. Still, the Federation has been in growing tension with the Alien nations such as the Krizik and some Aldorian nations that use to be Allies. The Tensions come from the Expansion of the Lewis Federation in the Lewis Galaxy and later on, on other Galaxies, seeing the Aldorians this as an invasion of their own space.

Society has been spread throughout most of the Outer and inner rim of the Lewis Galaxy. The Lewis Federation later expanded into nearby Galaxies.