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The Lewis Galaxy is a barred spiral galaxy. It is one of the most populated by Humans (sharing it wih various species), having one of the highest concentrations of humans among the known universe.

The Lewis Galaxy is also located at the center of what is known as Herschel Space, and is the biggest galaxy in it.


The Lewis Galaxy was named after Lewis A. Swift, an ancient Human astronomer who is credited for discovering numerous galaxies back in Aegyn. Due to that, the Galaxy was named after him.


  • 6.5 billion years BCE - 100 million BCE

The Lewis Galaxy began to form somewhere around 6 billion years BCE. It was when the then clusters of gas, debris and materials joined together towards a great focus of gravity that ended up creating what is known today as the Lewis Galaxy. The galaxy was high on resources and still is to this day.

Great Lewis Unknown Era

  • 100 million BCE to 9 million BCE.

The records and fossils all but disappear in this time, this makes the encounter of ancient civilizations quite difficult. The S'aka mentioned something about an archaic civilization being formed in a cluster of systems that quickly vanish and the absence of major civilizations in the Galaxy at the time. Further information is hard to find and prove.

Dualistic Era

  • 9 million BCE to 8 million BCE

Its a period of time, from which we barely know of. We only know that a couple minor species dwelt here somewhere around 9 million BCE, in the Rudara Quadrant and Yeda Quadrant but nothing very large in size. They went completely extinct according to S'aka sources and apparently were the inspiration for the S'aka teachings. We know little of this two nations but the cruel ways they went out seemed to have greatly affected the S'aka. It is also worth noticing that this nations only travelled through light speed, which has questioned the degree of advancement they really had. They were known as Snudra and Livitoi.

S'aka Era

  • 8 million BCE to 6 million BCE

The S'aka, one of the main extragalactic species of Herschel Space, were native to the Lewis Galaxy. They soon became the masters of the Galaxy and expand beyond the Lewis Galaxy throughout most of Herschel Space. The S'aka are believed to have integrated most of the civilizations they encountered peacefully through some sort of "religious conversion" and thus, the S'aka nation is believed to be a very diverse one. Seemingly formed as a Federation with hundreds or thousands of species.

Lewis Recovery Era

  • 6 million BCE - 5.5 million BCE

Not much happens in this period. Most of this time sees the recovery of most of the intelligent life within the Galaxy with minor non-sapient species becoming sapient and thus evolving into early civilizations. Fauna and Flora across Lewis recover and most of the infraestructure make by the S'aka crumbles.

Tuvok Era

  • 5.5 million BCE - 4.7 million BCE

The Tuvok are a species of mysterious beings that managed to control about a third of the Galaxy. They seem to have had enormous psiquic habilities and may have even lack a language of their own (although they did have a script). They seem to have either come from another Galaxy or arose from some non-sapient species the S'aka left behind in their ascent.

Short Quiet Era

  • 4.7 million BCE - 4.5 million BCE

Its a period of 200 000 years in which no mayor civilization arose to prominence. Some small species did in fact expand into space and arose through small clusters of stars, but none reach a big extension. Most think that this civilizations mostly occured 100 000 before the end of the Tuvoks and that in its last 30 000 to 20 000 years, the Era became very conflictive with many of this new powers on the rise, clashing heavily between themselves, causing extinctions, regressions and assimilations. The Vantnu seem to have come out from this era victorious.

Vantnu Era

  • 4.5 million BCE - 4.3 million BCE

The Vatnu were strange creatures. Some sort of loose collective that did not live or settled in worlds or planets. They for the most part inhabited spacecrafts and stations outside their homeworld and some other few worlds. For their most part, they walked through the stars wiping out all intelligent life they could possibly find.

Long Silence Era

  • 4.3 million BCE - 4 million BCE

Irin Era

  • 4 million - 3.8 million BCE

A period which saw the rise of the Irin Federation, an association and peaceful cooperation of four civilizations: the Holumu, the Aonda, the Seri, and the Lohen. Through the end of the period, the Durzis began to infiltrate the Galaxy from Rodaun and this increased when the Telusians invaded Rodaun, which led to a massive influx of Durzi refugees. This, alongside with the already growing tensions on this 4 nations, led to a massive war that ended up with the end of this civilization and the regression of most of them. Some species are believed to be regressions of either the four species of the Federation or the Durzi.

Dengar Era

  • 3.6 million BCE - 1.8 million BCE

This civilization controlled over half of the Galaxy before they disappeared.

Era of the Seven Nation

  • 1.8 million BCE to 1 million BCE

Gryskil Era

  • 1 million BCE - 650 000 BCE

Xaeniu Era

  • 650 000 BCE - 70 000 BCE

Pre-Human Colonization Era

70 000 BCE - 20 166 CE

During this time, the Galaxy recovers from the fall of previous civilizations.

Human Colonization

  • 20 166 CE (0 LD) to the Present

The colonization of the Lewis Galaxy began with the events happening in 19,927 CE in Via Aylathiya, in the Colony World of Anar, under the rule of Erstes Konsortium at the time. Colonists, discontent with treatment by Erstes Authorities during a local plague struggled, known as the Anarian Fever Crisis, decided that it was time to leave Erstes Konsortium to start a new beginning far away into the stars and far from the influence of other human nations, free to make their own decisions.

The recent improvement of Hyperdrive technology at the time, made this travel possible and has remained, alongside wormhole technology, the only means of travel in the Galaxy (Warp drive is also used, mainly as backup technology for Hyperdrive precision).

Scientists on Anar soon found a suitable planet in a far distant and unclaimed galaxy connected through the explored Wormhole known as "the Eye of Freedom". All preparations began and in 20,126 CE, five ships departed for the Lewis Galaxy, carrying 200 million pioneer settlers. The initiative was followed by seven more colony ships, seeking to scape the devastation of the War of the Decamillennial Transition, adding 600 million settlers and making the final number of pioneers at 800 million. This are the ancestors of all the billions of humans currently living in this Galaxy.

In the year 20,166 CE all ships landed and settled successfully in Elpida. By 20,173 CE transportation communication connecting all settlements improved and joined all of them up physically, rather than just through telecommunications or spacecraft travel. The precursor of this innovative colony ships served as the basis for the Aura Colony Ships of the Empire of Mankind and other Lewis Nations.

In 42 000 CE, the Nations of the Lewis Galaxy started to explore the nearby Galaxies. By 45 000 CE, mass colonization and settlement of those galaxies began.

In 93,890 CE, after 73 724 years from the arrival of humans into the Lewis Galaxy, it had mostly run out of available habitable unpopulated planets for settlement, so by 95,000 CE, most of the nations in this Galaxy started to further even more their expansion into other nearby Galaxies. Still many systems and resources remained unexploited and hundreds of millennia of growth into the Galaxy was still possible. Also many planets and settlements were either sparsely populated or could hold much larger populations.

This Galaxy is one of the most populated by Humans in the whole universe, after Via Aylathiya. Its the fourth Galaxy in Human density habitation and population as well as the heart of the Pisces Constellation from which most humanity settled this area of the Universe.


Lewis Galaxy NEW outlook Inner&Outer2.jpg

The Lewis Galaxy is divided in 4 arms and the core. Two arms are divided again in two areas and two arms are divided in three areas. They are as follow:

  • Drakori Arm: It is divided into the Kyaneus Drakori Arm, Mervele Drakori Arm and the Nisu Drakori Arm.
  • Nephos Arm: Meaning Mist or Fog in Ancient Greek, due to its high amount of nebulas and dispersed stars. It is divided into the Odril Nephos Arm and the Imperial Nephos Arm. The latter has a high concentration of populated worlds and systems while the Odril Nephos arms has one of the lowest densities in the galaxy.
  • Miaris Arm: It is divided in the Erinos Miaris Arm and the Asadren Miaris Arm. Has the largest concentration of humans in the entire Galaxy.
  • Fokea Arm: Meaning Seal in Ancient Greek, do to its shape. It is divided in three sections, Tirrene Fokea Arm, the Mukavi Fokea Arm. The inner arm is extremely populated, while the outer part of the arm has the lowest concentration of systems and habitated worlds in the Galaxy.
  • Horos Arm: Named under the ancient greek god of sleep, the arm is divided in three areas. The Adeio Orpheus Arm (Adeio meaning empty in ancient greek), the Sedere Orpheus Arm, the Dareda Orpheus Arm, meaning the Iyana Orpheus Arm. This arm overall, has a low concentration of inhabited systems.
  • The Core: Also known as Nucleus, is splitted due to its high amount of stars, systems and planets. Most of it is under the Empire of Mankind. Though most of the core is filled with stellar objects that make the area hard to colonize, ex/: pulsars , ancient supergiants, black holes etc.
Quadrant Lewis Galaxy1.jpg

According to Navigation Charts and Administration purposes, the Galaxy is divided on several Quadrants)

  • Okaia Quadrant: It's the most populous and with a higher density of human population than anywhere else in the entire Herschel Space.
  • Yeda Quadrant: Its the most diverse, with several nations and aliens living within the Quadrant. It is the second most populous and with the second highest concentration of humans.
  • Tirso Quadrant: It's Somehow populated, although still some areas are considered to be on the frontier of colonization or are barely looked upon.
  • Rudara Quadrant: Its the Third most populous and with largest density. Almost the entire quadrant lies on Unionist territory.
  1. Eulderon Line: It separates the Lewis Galaxy from outer space. From this line to the Barnaba line, the area in between forms the Eulderon circle.
  2. The Eulderon Circle: Engulfes all the less dense territories of the Lewis Galaxy. It is less dense in systems and stars. Conforms the outer territories of the Galaxy and thus the outer territories of all quadrants.
  3. Isse Line: This fictional line, splits the galaxy in two halfs, from "North to South", and marks the frontier between the quadrants. It is used in interstellar travels for the most part.
  4. Barnaba Line: The barnaba line sets apart the Eulderon circle from the Barnaba circle.
  5. The Barnaba Circle: This circle engulfes the inner center of the galaxy, where most systems, planets and stars are located. It separates it from the outer territories of the galaxy which are located outside the Barnaba cicle, in the so called Eudelon Circle. It conforms the inner territories of the Galaxy, the inner territories of each quadrant.
  6. Tiedrus Line: It is a fictional line that separates the Galaxy in two halfs, "East" and "West". It marks the boder between the quadrants. It is basically used in interstellar charts to navigate.

Nations in this Galaxy

Map of the nations in the Lewis Galaxy


Humans arrived from Via Aylathiya into Lewis by means of twelve colony ships from the world of Anar, following some catastrophic events, carrying 8 billion humans. This are the ancestors of all the trillions of humans currently living in the Lewis galaxy. The largest Human Nation in this Galaxy is the Empire of Mankind, closely followed by the Union, The Intergalactic Federation and the United Alliance.

  • Empire of Mankind: The First human nation on this Galaxy, born out of refugees from events on the Planet Anar in Via Aylathiya. They set up a republic on Planet Elpida, settling many worlds later on. This republic that turn out with time into an Empire. The Emperor and the Nobles are the rulers alongside a Senate and a Legislative Parliament that gives power to the people to counteract absolutism. It's the most powerful human nation in the Lewis Galaxy and the most populated. Established in 20 166 CE and turn into an empire by 28 648 CE.
  • The Union: Its a human nation that was born out of escaped slaves from the Empire of Mankind, settling on Isso, and founding a New Religion out of a local Parasite that enhances their human abilities. It's a Theocracy, ruled by a Parliament or Assembly, and a Theocratic Council formed by High priests and led by a Great Theocrat, that acts as sort of a President. Established in 35 190 CE.
  • The Intergalactic Federation, previously known as The Lewis Federation: Born out of the Wars between the Union and the Empire of Mankind, several refugees from the conflict settled in and around the Akai Nebulae, founding the Lewis Federation, that took the name of the Galaxy it was located in. Following the millennia, the Federation greatly expanded into adjacent Galaxies and in 62 255 CE was changed and renamed The Intergalactic Federation. It was Established in 45 378 CE.
  • The United Alliance: It was born out of isolation and revolt from the Lewis Federation. It soon became a new nation, made not only of humans but several other alien species from the Galaxy and nearby galaxies, when the Alliance expanded beyond. Established in 47 565 CE.
  • Plutocracy of Gish: It's a small nation that originated after the Nobility War of the Empire of Mankind in the late fourth age and is based on the planet Gish. It was ruled until the revolution of 92 406 CE by a council of nobles, but now the country is transformed into a Mega Corporation ruled by a council of Rich Traders and Merchants. Established in 33,956 CE.
  • The Republic of Sion: Once member of the United Alliance, located in the far Germinis Nebula, it declared its independence from the United Alliance peacefully alongside some other worlds in the region due to difficulties in many aspects. The newly formed Republic is a high tech country, based mostly on robotic and IA technology. Its capital is on planet Sion. Its an direct democracy in which every citizen has a chip implanted in their heads, allowing them to vote instantly in every aspect of the state. Bionics are widespread and robots and androids perform most of the task in this nation. Established in 55 006 CE.


The Noraki State: The Noraki are a species from a the Icarus Galaxy that have recently expanded into the Lewis Galaxy.

The Arati Clans: The Arati are based on a complicated system of clans than are ruled by an assembly. They are a unified stated originating in a cold world called Aran. They are from the Lewis Galaxy and are expanding into nearby galaxies.

The Krizik Nations: The Krizik originated in the Medusa Galaxy, from the arid planet Izk. They are an insectoid species that has expanded into nearby Galaxies. They are of a Warrior Nature.

  • The Krizik Regime: Its a powerful nation based on a Federation of conquered nations, that are government by a Council of powerful warrior representatives of each planet and each ancient nation of Izk. Slavery is very rare and only for the wealthy, a commodity.
  • The Krizik Stratocracy: Its the most advanced of the Krizik Nations and also the most organized and civilized. They are governed by a council of the top positions of the military. Slavery is ilegal.
  • The Krizik Dominium: It's the most militaristic of the Krizik Nations, very much based in honor. They are ruled by a dictatorship based on one ancient nation that conquered and submit others. Practice slavery.
  • The Krizik Warrior Assembly: Its a minor warrior nation based on Tribes and Honor but more sophisticated and civilized than the Dominium. They are based on a democratic Assembly were all warrior of the nation can speak their minds in the Assembly made by the most honorable for the nation.

The Aldorian Nations: This species is original from the Planet Birnis, a mild-cold planet. The Aldorians are original from the Minotaur Galaxy and have expanded into nearby Galaxies, including the Lewis Galaxy. Similar to Mammalian-like creatures.

  • Aldorian Dominium: Its a pseudo-democracy, that is ruled by a Council of Members. They are the largest Aldorian Nation, and Birnis, the Homeworld of the Aldorians is located here.There culture is Margak and comes directly from the Fandor Continent.
  • Aldorian High Kingdom: Based on the Planet Selen, it was form out of the Teremir Culture of the Aldorians, and its ruled by an Emperor and its nobility. They split from the Teremir Kingdom in Birnis, after a dynastic conflict. The space colonies of settled by the Teremir separated and became the Aldorian High Kingdom.
  • Aldorian Hegemony: Coming from the Palnir region and Culture, they are somehow ruled by a Council of Prince-nobles and based themselves on the Four prophet religion rather than the myriad of gods. It has a high degree of freedom among its citizens, not like the Aldorian High Kingdom.
  • Aldorian League: It's a commercial nation, sometimes functioning as a Megacorporation. Its a peculiar nation, in which a Third of its citizens live in Giant spacecrafts, trading and moving over the stars. The culture of this Nation is Inosh and is original from the Oran Continent of Birnis.
  • Aldorian Assembly of Clans of Clans: Its a nation originated by the Uhara culture of the Aldorians, and is a militaristic nation, that dedicates itself to plundering, sacking, smuggling and commerce with Slaves and others. They also sell themselves into mercenaries.
  • Aldorian Military Junta: Is a Militaristic Nation, governed by a Junta of the top positions of the military. It is based on tradition and is also highly religious. It's rather xenophobic and thinks that the Universe is for the Aldorians and its their duty to clean the universe from other life forms or enslave them.
  • Aldorian Confederacy: Its a Democratic Nation, based on full democracy and liberty, based on the Margak culture in the Fandor continent of Birnis. It was based on the principals of one of the regions of Birnis.
  • Aldorian Shabada: It's a Theocratic and Militaristic Nation, based on religious principles out of the many gods of the Aldorians and with less emphasis on the Four Prophets of the Aldorians.

The Murban Directorate: Its a Alien Nation based on efficiency and effectiveness. All its members give their lives for the state. The Murban are a very communal species. They are governed by a Council of the most well-educated professionals of their species, like scientists and economist. This species comes from an oceanic world. They originated in the Perseus Galaxy and have expanded into the Lewis Galaxy. They are similar to Octopuses or Squids.

The Koors: The Koors are an enslaved species from the Lewis Galaxy, originating on the planet K'stoor, that were less technologically developed when they were found by the Aldorians and conquered by them. 90% of the species lives in slavery, mostly in the Aldorian High Kingdom, the Aldorian Hegemony and in the Aldorian Shabada, and 10% of it lives across many other nations as free citizens, notably the Aldorian Confederacy and the United Alliance. Neikoor (Meaning New K'stoor) is a world in the United Alliance entirely populated by Koor refugees and ex-slaves and its descendants. It's the only world that is completely free and populated by this species. The Koor are a minority in the rest of the worlds that they inhabit.