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The Lewisian Calendar is a system of time measurement, based on the arrival of the Twelve Colony Ships of the Forefathers into the Lewis Galaxy scaping the devastation of the Great Empyreal Crusade . This event is of great importance to the Lewis Nations at it marks the beginning of their civilizations. The Landing Date, the day the colony ships arrived into Elpida and effectively landed, was set as the turning point. Thus this year and day is consider the year 0 of the Calendar.

The Landing date, or the year O LD corresponds to May 6th 20,166 of the Common Era. The years and months are the same as the common calendar, the only deviation is its starting point. This is the main used calendar in the Lewis Nations and thus Herschel Space. However, it is used alongside the standard calendar, most notably for official purposes. The use of this calendar is widely spread and common among all Lewisians no matter the Nation they come from, It is sometimes even used by some of the Alien races living within the Lewis Nations.

All events happening after the Landing Day ( 0 LD) are marked as BLD (Before Landing Date) while the events happening after it are marked as ALD (After Landing Date).

Important Dates

The Landing Date: is a common holiday and festivity all over the Lewis Nations. It is common for all Humans to gather together and celebrate with family with a big dinner. Special and traditional foods are cooked and by the end of the day, they exchange gifts with each other. This festivity is the only "free day" slaves have, as no slave work is allowed during the day, being a day of sharing. The streets covered with celebrations and parades as well commemorating the forefathers.

Current Date: 79 834 ADL (100 000 CE)

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