Lexys B-IV is an inhabited desertic terra planet in the Lexys System. Located less than 1,500 light-years away from , it is an industrial-mining planet operated by the Lexys Company since the 41st century.

Overview and Early History

The planet has been discovered from a long distance telescope in the late 32nd century by a sky survey focused on its general region from a nearby star sysem. However, it was not fully explored until 3641, when a survey ship passed by and conducted an astro-geological survey in the system. However, due to it being a relatively unremarkable planet, it remained as an empty spot in the map until some investors and locals based on the (minerally exhausted) planet Nestropter joined together into a firm (known as the Nestro Cooperative). This firm focused on "collecting" lifeless, ordinary planets (i.e. planets without particularly impressive mineral resources) by purchasing permits cheaply from the United Federation of Star Systems and strip-mining them for industrial resources.

Lexys B-IV is one such planet, and they began operations to mine base metals such as Iron and Aluminium on the planet, shipping them to major industrial hubs nearer

After a while, the firm began construction of industrial facilities on the planet, allowing them to ship higher-value goods instead of metals. It began supplying ship components and machinery to major shipbuilding worlds.

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