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"Hey, Hey! You see this jacket? I earned it during The Battle of Emolya, I didn't earn it just so YOU could put your paws all over it!" --Liam Arrbotch after his jacket was touched, 58,122 CE


Liam Corrino Arrbotch (born December 14, 44,813 CE) was an Alenean politician who was the very first Governor of Alenea and Prime Minister of the Heilotans System. He was a member member of the Republican Party, he served as Brigadier General for the 831st division of the Free Nation of Peria under President Tevid where he served during The Battle of Emolya, and represented Peria in the Democratic Nations of Nilus Senate 44,934 CE to 44,955 CE. His most notable achievement includes the discovery of the elegant Asamum Nebula, and its interior cluster.

In 98,211CE, Liam Arrbotch lost his life to an Apati during the Final Sin of the Guild. Stabbed in the chest, his loss of life was a devastating blow to the people of Nilus, he was loved by many across the universe, recognized instantly as "a friendly face wearing the greatest jacket in the universe." Tens of thousands attended his funeral, while billions watched virtually.

Early Life

Liam was born into a low-income family in Tesmon, Perias' Jewel. He graduated from Perias' University of Arts in 44,833 CE and began to work as a technical engineer for the recently founded Intergalactic Tourist Association. In 44,841 CE, Liam moved to Via Aylathiya, where he found work as a historian and made several major findings.. From 44,848 CE to 44,852 CE, Liam served as president of Tumirek Materials, during which time he worked to root out alleged socialist influence within it. In the 44,900s, he moved to a career involving more travel, and was hired as a Surveyor.

Discovering the Asamum Nebula

Liam Arrbotch, along with four other members of the Surveying team, and the crew hired by the team, were tasked with examining Nebulae near the Thursa Commonpeople. Where the four had scanned a habitable world inside a large diffuse nebula near the StoIc Union, and with given permission from authorities, had found a mountainous planet. The four members Liam Arrbotch, Remier Cree, Hessa Lott, and Sheldon Morie agreed to call it Alenea, who humorously misheard Liam Arrbotch when he suggested they name it Olbron, the name of his grandfather. Liam quoted:

"I had promised my grandfather I would name something after him...oh well..."

Founding of Alenea

Shortly after the founding of Alenea, Liam had started proposing that they convert the world in an Ecumenopolis, so that the population would not be squeezed between its mountainous terrain. After three months of proposing ways, it could be done, until it was decided to "raise" the city itself until mountains were not a problem. Within the next few thousand years the City of Blue was constructed and creating The Underworld as a result.

Alenean Life