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"Lios Corporation, Connecting you with the stars" - Slogan of the Company, seen in it's transport advertisements.

The Lios Corporation is one of the biggest megacorporations of the Empire of Mankind. It is dedicated to Shipbuilding, Engineering and Transportation, although it has diversified into High-tech and military industries.It's the main cargo company basing itself on transportation of passengers and goods from different planets and Galaxies all over Herschel Space and beyond. They operate all over Herschel Space and other areas of the known universe.

The Main activity however is shipbuilding with massive shipyards in the Iskadi Galaxy. Most notably in the planet Arkaia and some key elements of the production line in Odrunn. However, Astrion is its place of origin and where the Corporation's Headquarters are located.

Founding and History

It was founded by several families and soon started to attract new investors, becoming a share market company. By law, a 5% of the companies shares had to be sold to nobility, while the rest were sold to the public. The Estrada Family is the biggest Shareholder (owning 27% of the entire company). This Family of Billionaires is among the richest non-noble families in the Empire. However, due to their wealth, some of its members have married into the nobility. Most notably with the Dalvan Family which owns 16% of the Company's shares, including most of the 5% reserved for Nobility. Julia Dalvan, founder of the House Dalvan and granted nobility by Hannakon I Tarnos to perpetuity, was actually one of the cofounders of the Company.

The Company arose in the early stages of colonization of Astrion. Firstly, as a local transportation company and manufacturing of interplanetary spacecraft for minor travels inside Astrion. It had also help constructing some high-speed trains and railroads, associating itself with Uri Industries, another important company.

New Spacecrafts began to be build and the company invested heavily in High-tech and research, paying off later with new innovative spacecrafts that were a massive burst in the company's importance and relevance. Soon after, the company began as well investing into Transportation of goods and passengers, becoming one of the main companies in the known universe for that.

Its subsidiary, known as Lios Airlines, is the main company in charge of transporting passengers from one planet to another. Its based on service and comfort of its clients and since they use the Wormhole gates set up by the government, it has to collaborate financially for maintenance of the gates.

It has been collaborating actively with the Empire on its military activities and research. It has designed several new military prototypes, being the most famous the Titan Spacecrafts (massive military ships).

Most Known Products

Lios Imperatus

The Most known products of the Lios Corporation are the "Lios Imperatus" the largest and most famous ships, which serve as the main spacecraft for transportation of civilian passengers. It is actually an important exporting good. The are several class of Lios Imperatus, of different sizes and capacities. Some Lios Imperatus are made with luxurious purposes for the wealthy as personal spacecrafts, like the "Lios Imperatus, Ogen Class".

Lios Cargo

Are the main spacecrafts set to transport many and various products all over the Galaxies. Some are adapted to transport inanimate objects, others are specialized for transportation of delicate objects, others for scientifical material, living fauna and flora, slaves etc.. The "Lios Cargo Eslin" is the main transportation ship of Slaves and living beings, combining some of the design used for the Lios Imperatus. Other famous products are the "Lios Cargo Traco", which serve as spacecraft for transportation of goods of medium to small size (from even simple technological devices to mobiliary or clothing) and are the most common used ship for transporting products.

Lios Titan Warship

Another Important production is the Lios Titan Warship. A massive spacecraft who serves for deploying massive armies and aircrafts in assaulting and sieging a planet. This massive warships are as big as a some small or tiny planetary moons. They can hold up to a 1 or 2 billion personnel inside, most of whom serve in the military or scientific fields although some are in charge of local maintenance. They not only have to transport the massive amount of the military warmachine but also provide services for those onboard. Usually equipped with the lattest military equipment, they have proved to be very successful in war.

Lios Goliath Spacecraft

It's the biggest product the Lios corporation manufactures nowadays. Its among the largest ships in the local universe. They are mostly used to carry armies and several war ships through wormholes all at once or through the vast emptyness or void. It is usually completely substainable by itself and is unable to land on a planet, due to it's massive size. The Goliath, known as the "Lios Goliath", is able to carry as much as ten or more Titan warships, a hundred cargo ships or colonyships, thousands of smaller spacecraft and as many as 10 billion souls. Some called them floating cities, as they truly are. This ships sometimes serve for construction purposes and serve to act as a holding post to build a titan ship. They also serve to help in Ringworld building and construction or as a floating military station. Few of this ships are constructed and the Empire has no more than dozen of them.

The Aura Colonyship

Alongside coordination and cooperation with the Government, the Lios Corporation has participated actively in the research and building of the Aura Colonyships, the most advanced colony ships to exists in known space to date. They have been built in order to be re-utilized if needed for the building of the initial colony. They are equipped with advanced IAs and complete recycling capabilities, as well as domes and other key departments. The Aura can maintained people into hibernation for even centuries.

Lios Corporation headquarters on planet Astrion.

Engineering and Civil Production

The Lios Corporation maintains a great amount of research budget into scattered laboratories to research into new Engineering methods and building techniques. It has been active in promoting education of talented new Engineers to be hired afterwards to work in the company. High tech research is mostly based around Engineering of Ships and Civil construction

Although small, the company has collaborated actively with Uri Industries to build local planetary infrastructure, such as spacecraft ports, trains, railroads, stations and gates. Wormhole gates are however property of the Government and the company has to pay a tax to use them. This tax is usually included in the cost of the Passenger tickets.

Military Production

Other than just building spacecrafts and supply the government with them, the Lios Corporation has actively participated into building weapons and other important military equipment. They have as well opened research centers and developed several military high-tech products.

Ringworld Products

The Company has collaborated with the government selling materials and products needed for ringworld construction and installation. They have as well sold engineering technology and research needed for the construction of this massive structures, investing millions of Imperial Marks into this projects. The company is actually expanding its business into this area of megaconstruction.