Liphro is the second temperate temperate terra planet located in the Via Sagittaria Galaxy and settled by the Morningstar Colonization Mission.


Discovered in 82901 CE, this planet was found to be a near perfect match for humans. It was discovered after a scout ship followed an interstellar asteroid into its star system. It was named after the Xeno word for war.


Liphro from close orbit.

Liphro has had a similar history to Ishtar. It orbits the main star in a binary system. Around five billion years ago, it formed, as most planets do, from the interplanetary dust. Within that time it captured a few asteroids, which formed a temporary ring system. As it evidenced by the darker band on the equatorial regions of the planet, these asteroids eventually fell.

2 billion years ago, life formed in the landlocked oceans, spreading out onto the land. They had six legs when fully evolved and ever since, the lifeforms of Liphro have been of the six legged variety.

The planet has had its share of extinction events, and had it not been for the arrival of Humans. The discovery that the planet was about to experience an extinction level event caused quite a stir within the colonization mission and a plan was quickly set in place to divert the asteroid so that it would avoid Liphro altogether.

Liphro from the surface.

When scanned by the probe, it was found that the oxygen content was too high for humans, so carefully controlled terraforming was set in motion. More atmospheric pressure was added, as was more nitrogen. The carbon dioxide was scrubbed from the planet and eventually the planet was colonized in 82981


Map of Liphro, as scanned by the Morningstar Colonization Mission.

Currently the population of Liphro is just under 900 million thanks in part to the majority of the inhabitants not procreating much. The population is spread out across the vast green landscape.

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