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"The World of Science and Robotics, it is known as one of the Planets of Knowledge. It is one of the only places in the Empire where large amounts of Robots and sophisticated IAs can be found, but it's most famously known for its medical and genetic skills on producing clear lineages and cure most Human diseases". - Senator Maes Prim

Lipna is a *Terran World a terrestrial terra, located in the Binary Kulumuri System, orbiting a Yellow Dwarf Star, in the Lewis Galaxy and deep into Herschel Space. It is known for being the Medical Center of the Empire of Mankind to which it belongs to.

The Planet is a center for technology and Scientific Research. Most of the science facilities are located here. The robotic industry is also located here, with some of the most sophisticated IA and droids designed and even created in the Planet. High end and luxury domestic IAs, robots and droids are made here, although robotics has always be a very underdeveloped sector due to fear of the general population to Artificial Intelligences. Lipna, alongside Alma, is in charge of securing the Genetic Lines of the Emperor, caring for them and cleaning it from modifications or malicious alterations. Although while Alma focus more on the Emperor and the Tarnos Dynasty Genetic Line, Lipna offers genetic alterations and treatment to the general population as well as the wealthy and the Nobility.

This World is the birthplace and the center of the Nanobiotechnology based industry, in which nanotechnology has been applied to medical sciences.

The University of Physics is the most important in the Empire, as well as the University of Robotics and Nanotechnology and the University of Medicine, Biology and Xenobiology. It has also a University of Engineering, but this one is less important and ranks below the one in Haldar.


The Planet was settled during the Republic of Elpida, and was colonized by settlers from Mitra and to a lesser extend, from Pax. Later some small immigration from Astrion, Elpida and Haldar took place.

The Planet was loyal to the Empire, for most of its history, although during the War of the Two Emperors, it was one of the Planets who suffered the Most. Some large battles and destruction took place in the Planet.

During the War against the Union, Lipna served as a based for attacks on Union space.


There are 7 continents, although 4 of them could be considered subcontinents of a Larger one.

  • Carchar: This is the largest continent in the Planet and is sparsely populated. Most of the population is located towards the shores, mostly the ones in the Milkaia Ocean. The further you go north, the least populated it is. Most of the activities in this continent are related to industries, mineral extraction, chemicals, and some spying and other secret military activities in the far north. The biggest military center is located towards the Keialo Lagoon. Fauna and Flora are very diverse and large reserves exist to preserve native life.
  • Elgadan: Its the third largest continent. It has some important population towards the shores, and large agricultural terrain in the center. Its known for being the largest food producer of Lipna. The Inner lagoons served as water pools for crops, since they are made of drinking clean water.
  • Dissal: The smallest of all the continents, it is the fourth least populated but the most densely one, with large cities.
  • Toroz: Its the Second in terms of Population. It holds some important centers for the Robotic Industry, that are shared with Neldun.
  • Algaran: Its the third most populated and has some important Universities in the Planet.
  • Neldun: It's the most populated and oldest of all the continents. It was here that the first settlers arrived and colonized Lipna. The Shores have several large cities, including the Planets Capital, Lomaira.
  • Mudaura: Its the second largest continent and the least populated. Just as Carchar, it is of a cold nature and its sparsely populated.
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Lipna inhabitants love the Imperial classical style, dressing in white robes and decorating most of their planet with Silver. They, as their brothers on Alma, are very technologically driven. They are very known for their genetical and robotic skills.

Lipnans, are tough how to make their own technological devices and from an early age. It is expected that they reach high levels of computing and robotic knowledge by adolescence. Those that cant cope up with Robotics, usually turn into Physics and Engineering or either the Medical Sector and Medical research as well as Biology, Physiology, Physiopathology and Xenobiology. Anyone who desired to pursue an artistic or more Social Science driven profession is forced to move out of the Planet, since most jobs are related to those scientific Branches.