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Lisa Martinez is one of the Leading Explorers and Scientific minds of the United Alliance. She is the director and the head of the Exploration Institute of that nation. She is famous for making the Universe Archives for the U.A, as well as for leading exploration and settlement expeditions. She is in charge of marking and creating a useful index for all the Planets inside U.A space.


Lisa was born in Plegaria, a Planet in Iskadi. She was soon spotted as a higher than average mind and a source of talent and sent to the Most advanced education centers of Plegaria to be specially trained and have the best education possible in her early years having to move from a small town to a big city one with her entire family. There, she seemed to show a glance of out of normal intelligence with an above-normal IQ. Due to her explendid results, she earned a scholarship to study in Kreon's most prestigious University..

After graduation she was hired by the state services to work for them, being in charge of her own vessel and put in charge of exploring candidates for future planets for colonization by the U.A. She then was promoted as Head of the Exploring Institute.

Not much time later, she was given the task of making an archives collecting information and gathering it into one single Index about the planets of the U.A, for which her travels to all corners of UA space were completely finance by the state.


Lisa has three children. Two of them live in Kreon while her older one lives and studies currently in Boreas University.