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Loki is a oceanic world, home of the Physishius. It is the capital of the United Nations of Loki, a nation residing in the Zalanthium Galaxy.


Loki is a temperate oceanic world, covered in an entire global ocean many kilometres deep. It is very small, having only the mass of a small gas giant moon, which is what it is. The Physishius, the native intelligence of the planet, are incredibly big, owing to the small size of the moon.


Loki is the universally accepted name for the moon, although the Physishius originally called it 'A'moko'. After the species spread out into the universe, due to their temperamentality, it was named after the one of the Human gods of chaos. The Physishius do not seem to mind this, and the use of A'moko has dropped dramatically.


Loki is separated into three different regions; The Southern Waters, Equatorial Storms, and Northern Waves.


The Southern Waters

The Southern Waters are located at the bottom of the moon. These waters are characterised by calm seas, temperate waters, and generally habitable areas.

Equatorial Storms

Around the equator, storms happen very often. Many hurricanes buffet these seas every year. The waters here are warm, almost to the point of uninhabitability for the life on the moon.

Northern Waves

The Northern Waves are constantly facing Servim, and have very large waves, often being larger than hundreds of metres. These are the most uninhabitable place on the moon.



S'olaa is the Physishius names for a sub-oceanic sinkhole, reaching many kilometres below the sea floor. At the bottom of the sinkhole, pressures are so great the the water freezes into ice, even being at temperatures exceeding hundreds of degrees.


Blinna is a sub-oceanic volcano range. They are incredibly active, powered constantly by the push and pull of Servim. They host a incredible array of life, even in pressures exceeding thousands of atmospheres.


Aestra is the capital of the planet, and the first major Physishius city. It is located on a outcropping of rock, and is the size ad shape of a mountain range. Due to the low gravity, and the fact that in water gravity is lessened, it is huge, and can support millions of Physishius (they are around a hundred metres in length, so it is an achievement).


Uuliama is a large crevice, with very hot water erupting out of it 24/7. It stretches around the north pole of the moon, and is speculated to have formed due to tidal-heating and pushing. It is a haven for life, in the otherwise barren seascape of the Northern Waves.

Project Nuli'ama



Axxaami is a large mountain, seemingly impossible. There is no volcanic activity nearby, and there is no tectonic plates underneath it. We may never know why it is there.


Bn'olis is a brine sea, situated in the southern hemisphere. It is like a sea underneath a sea, being heavier that normal water because it is so full of salt. It is the home of thousands of plants, each has evolved to live off a specific mix of salt and water.


Eilos is a large sub-oceanic impact crater, with the basin filled with a lake of brine water from the Bn'olis brine system. It formed two billion years ago, with a minor moon of Servim colliding with Loki.


Smiisa is another major population centre, located at the very South Pole. It houses less than a million inhabitants, but is considered the second-most populous city on the planet.


Pouual is the name for the corpse of a gigantic creature, named 'De'liouc' ('Death of a Maker', in Physishius tongue), which died approximately two million years ago. It is over a ten kilometres in length, and is visible from orbit. It lies in a area of the planet that is only a few kilometres beneath the surface, so it could form an island if the sea level dropped.


Cerevus is the name for the cave system that riddles the moon, sometimes enabling people to travel straight through the moon. It houses many lifeforms that are uncategorised, and undiscovered, but are unlikely to be ever, due to their extensity and danger.


Loki is hot, humid, and stormy. It has many tropical cyclones, and storms are more common than clear skies. It rains every other day. This enables a vast amount of avian life to thrive in its clouds, but they are all unicellular.


All life on Loki is based on Arsenic, making it poisonous for any carbon-based life to even breath here, let alone eat something.


Hu'lius Whale

A picture of the average Hu'lius Whale

The Hu'lius Whale is a flabby, fish like creature that can grow to be thousands of metres in length. They are peaceful, and gain their nutrients by filtering it out of the water around them. However, for smaller creatures, they can accidentally swallow you. Do not be alarmed if this happens to you, as it takes only a few minutes to pass the water through, without all nutrients. Macro-scale objects get deposited, in this creatures form of faeces.

Erudica Water Monkey

Erudica Water Monkeys are one of the most small creatures in the Lokian Oceans. That said, they can grow to tens of metres in length, way bigger than other aquatic creatures on other planets. They have a very rudimentary intelligence, which is mostly spent running and escaping from the Wave Rider.

Wave Rider

The Wave Riders are large, shark-like organisms that ride waves in the Northern Hemisphere. They mainly prey on Erudica Water Monkeys, but have been known to attack Hu'lius Whales if their numbers are large enough.

N'u'lissa Tide-Harnesser

These are a curious form of life - they harvest their energy from the extreme tides coming off Servim. They float at the North Pole, constantly harnessing the energy off the tides by reaching their kilometre-long bodies from the bottom of the ocean, where there is no tide, to the top, where the water moves kilometres in the air every day.


Johanneson's Fern

Johanneson's Fern is a Fern, discovered and categorised by William Johanneson, a human, that lives at the bottom of the global ocean. It harnesses its energy from the currents and sun.

Celivom-Fumi Tree


Physishius' Life

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