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The Lordship of Nuur is one of the two nations of the Nuurians, located in Kevenam. It is the second most populated of the two Nuurian nations but the most technologically advance. Its capital is the world of Nuur, one (if not the first) of the early colonies created by the Nuurians. It rejected the traditions and embrace technological advances in science and revolutionary movements in society creating a pact, signed in Nuur and officially making it the de facto capital of the Lordship.

As oppose to those in the Nuurian Federation, they are a way more technocratic society and rule is given to those more capable in terms of knowledge in their field of expertise, that act with total power over their followers who put their trust and wellbeing into their hands. Power is given to those more prepared officially making the Lordship a Directorate.

Rule has been diversified into Space region who have specialize in several determined aspects or ministries of ruling. Through a complex system of elelction, they are commanded by the so called Lord Ruler or "Nikluu Ehakle"


The Lorship of Nuur is a nation located in Kevenam, divided on many space regions based on the ideals of progression and scientific advancement in spite of the will of its people which is often sacrificed. It is an aggresive meritocracy in the form of a Scientific Directorate. It is consider vastly more advance that their long time enemy, the Nuurians Federation. After achieving contact with the Hwila they became actual allies (although still cautious of each other).


Their history began with the great chismed that overtook the Nuurians at the beginning of their existence. They divided themselves in 2 ways, the traditionalists and the Lorship, another named as technicians. The first one wanted to keep up tradition and rejected AI, robotics and other "unholly" stuff, while the lorship always wanted to take that burden away as they were atheistic. All of the traditionalist centered around Anuur while the Lorship centered around Nuur, one (if not the first) of the early Nuurian colonies.

Government and Population

Space Region Ministries

The government and population are divided into space regions based on ministerial governance. Thus the ministry dedicated to education has been given a share of the colonized Lorship space and has specialized it into education excellence. Thus each ministry bases their economy on one of the several ministries it is ruled by, maximizing efficiency and trade among the different regions to exchanging their different knowledge or migrating from one to another point freely.

  • Nuur Space Region

The capital space, it hold the planet of Nuur where it all arose and that holds the "Center of Guidance", where all the ministries reunite. It is also home to the Lord Ruler, known as "Nikluu Ehakle" usually chosen through a complex system. It is by far the most important and one of the most populated Spaces in the whole nation. The Pact of Nuur gave rise to the nation. Nuur was one of the first colonies to be founded by the Nuurians and thus holds a special place among Nuurians. Those in the Nuurian Federation just think Nuur needs to convert and embrace the traditions, leaving behind it technological drive.

  • Anklu Space Region

Home to the Preservation Ministry. With its regional capital of Anklu. Its the place where most of the ancient Nuurian knowledge is preserved and storage for the generations to come or even to preserve it from the event of a mass extinction or fall of the Nuurians states into anarchy. The Preservation Ministry rules one of the least populated regions and definitely one of the smallest in size.

  • Feer'sku Space Region

Govern by the Science and Technology Ministry, who's seat is on planet Ferku. The capital planet gives rise to the entire space area as it was as well the center of colonization of this region. The Feer'shu space is one of the most crucial and important with much of their research in many fields of expertise taking place within the worlds of the region. This space is heavily guarded and protected and is close by to the "Nuur Space Region"

  • Lokanu Space Region

Home to the Economics Ministry, named after the Lokanu world. A center of commerce within the entire Lorship. One of the largest space regions, it is focus on banking, trading, stock exchange, financial assets of any kind, manufacturing and transportation. It is located very close to the center of the Lorship and is heavily populated.

  • Mikuuklu Space Region

Home to the Society Ministry. They take care on all appliances on social welfare of the inhabitants, from arquitecture, entertainement and leisure, tourism, sociology, health policies and other administration bodies and feeding the population.

  • Talkuuk Space Region

Its the seat of the Education Ministry. Its the center of most of the major learning centers in the Lordship as well as much of the craftmanship and manufacturing of highly specialized products. This space region works closely with the Feer'shu Space Region.

  • Saanu Space Region

Home to the Colonization and Exploration Ministry seat. Set to direct most of the colonization process, all small outpost and colonies are directly managed through the Saanu Space Region.