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“Standing as a bold economic and industrial powerhouse for millennia, Lorokira has remained in the Universe as a testament to time. As history came and went, Lorokira was there. As vast changes in the interstellar climate arose and grew, Lorokira was there. As the CUEN faced near extinction, Lorokira was there, and even thrived... During its most troublesome hardships to its most opulent eras, Lorokira has just stood, silent and peaceful.”

-Donatus Shuker, President of the Boreal Federacy.

Lorokira is the fourth planet in the Saykya System, and is the capital planet of Lowyzol and the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations. Lorokira is one of the most illustrious planets in the Local Universe, as it is the most important economic and industrial center in all of the CUEN. Currently, Lorokira is the most powerful member of Lowyzol Core Worlds, and is also the top member of the Commonwealth Interstellar Council of Worlds. In the CICW, Lorokira makes countless decisions, and its representative is extremely powerful inside the CUEN itself.

Lorokira is of utmost importance to the Commonwealth, which is a result from its extremely high revenue, historic symbolism, economic production, and booming industries. A myriad of opulent business centers exist on the lands of Lorokira, which dot the ancient cityscapes. Innumerable by most standards, Lorokira safeguards the treasures of the planet through honed government forces, as well as privatized corporate mercenaries.

Economic Impact

Lorokira is renowned for its endless economic potential, which is constantly expressed by its enormous specializations in imports and exports. Countless objects go through the Lorokiran trade line every day, which generates much of the planet’s needed revenue. As a result of its almost infinite earnings, life on the surface of Lorokira is pristine and highly developed, with minimal hardships ever happening.

Perfect economic status is not only obtained by imports and exports, but also by massive corporations on the surface and area around Lorokira. Many interstellar businesses have started on Lorokira, with their massive headquarters being the complete center for all of their financing and trade between systems. The sheer impact of some corporations has even extended to other nations, like the United Federation of Star Systems or Eqeyuana.

Takanashi Antimatter

Takanashi Antimatter has a much more serious approach to Lorokira, constantly funneling advanced military technology and energy in the form of antimatter to the planet. So far, Takanashi Antimatter claims much of the power grid on Lorokira’s surface, all controlled by the high quality reserves of antimatter that this megacorporation gives. Takanashi Antimatter, being a rather suspicious but beneficial corporation, has been forced to follow CUEN national guidelines on treatment and quality, which has generated the Takanashi Antimatter CUEN Branch.

While they did not construct it, Takanashi Antimatter upholds and powers the massive planetary megastructure of Brungginkter Molopszia, which protects much of the planet from hostile attacks, and keeps a heavy sense of power and solidarity on the surface. Takanashi Antimatter even lent the CUEN their high quality policing drones, which are sometimes active in the more crime-ridden areas of Lorokira as a whole.

Quintet Payotari Association

The Quintet Payotari Association, shortly after the War of the Ancients, promised to make good with the nations of the Local Universe. After millennia of coaxing and pleading, the QPA has gained a solid foothold in the Lorokiran economy, constantly supplying the planet with advanced military weaponry, defense technologies, and more advanced computers. This has in turn helped the CUEN branches of Takanashi Antimatter, which use this to their advantage.

As of 100000 CE, The QPA has promised protection for the CUEN, offering new and innovative technologies to them. These have stretched to Lorokira, giving the cities a minor boost in checking for malicious imports, as well as major improvements to policing technology and effectiveness. Crime rate has slightly dropped as a direct result of QPA intervention.


The industrial impact of Zythyn industries is very phenomenal, as countless products from every last corner of the planet are created constantly. From extensive mining corporations to its furiously speedy product companies, Lorokira has been kept high as a marvelous industrial powerhouse. As many products are produced in clean and efficient factories, there is minimal environmental impact. All mining under the Lorokiran surface has also ceased, as it has been replaced with asteroid mining and Star Lifting many millennia ago. Since the ancient days of the crude Lorokiran industry, it has all evolved to become one of the most clean and streamlined systems of production, spanning over thousands of major companies.

Thanzippe & Co

Thanzippe & Co is one of the biggest corporations in the CUEN, stemming from a large headquarters in Lorokira. Thanzippe & Co has helped Lorokira by being the one of the top manufacturers for countless products, from cleaning services, to clothing, and construction material. Resulting from its broad selections of products, Thanzippe & Co is also the highest manufacturer anywhere in the Local Universe, rivaling that of other large conglomerates in the fields of electronic sales.

Being native to the areas of Lorokira, Thanzippe & Co has kept a very solid foothold. Being the center for most entertainment and streaming centers, and holding its diverse markets of everyday items, Thanzippe & Co is by far the most widespread corporation on the surface of Lorokira. However, Thanzippe & Co is still outproduced by a large mining company named Peleunsk Interstellar Strip Mining. These two corporations have grown cordial to each other, with one supplying the other useful materials for expansion into other regions of business.

Xolniucarro Agricultural Productions

Xolniucarro Agricultural Productions is the largest agricultural corporation in Lowrokria, and operates in countless cities across the globe. With headquarters all around the Saykya System, Xolniucarro Agricultural Productions has produced countless common and exotic consumables, which feeds all of the populous on Lorokira. Xolniucarro Agricultural Productions has its most advanced factories and fields in the plains of Vubluagrath, where megastructural farming complexes pierce the skies and dig far underground. Many smaller complexes exist in Toqapkal City, near the commercial center of the city.

Being the primary food source for almost all people on Lorokira, Xolniucarro Agricultural Productions is the richest corporation on the surface. It is also one of the oldest corporations ever to exist, being around 800 years old. The center of Xolniucarro Agricultural Productions is also famed for its past in agriculture, making tourism increase for the area since this corporation's founding.

Peleunsk Interstellar Strip Mining

Peleunsk Interstellar Strip Mining is a very major corporation in Peleunsk, supplying many businesses with cheap and processed ores and materials. Originating in Sector Toihiri of Sol omakusubak City in the ancient days, they have since grown and prospered to be a staggering entity. Peleunsk Interstellar Strip Mining has also singlehandedly made their entire continent much richer, just from their influence and origin alone.

Trading with high-class corporations like Thanzippe & Co, Peleunsk Interstellar Strip Mining has gained a very positive reputation in the community of business and companies. These partnerships with other companies also makes Peleunsk Interstellar Strip Mining a very profitable company, with trade being increasingly more common with other corporations. Peleunsk Interstellar Strip Mining has a fleet of thousands of ships, all dedicated to the transportation of ores, materials and other resources. They have mining stations in several star systems, including their head office in the Saykya System.

Defense Systems

"Brungginkter Molopszia", placed strategically above Toqapkal City. This is the largest feature on all of Lorokira.

Lorokira has a large array of advanced weapons and defense systems, mainly funded by the Lorokiran government. A small portion of planetary defense originates from corporations, seeking to protect their economically valuable areas. The defense system of Lorokira has been noted to be some of the most fierce networks in the Local Universe, with countless contributions and fail safes. Even civilians have given to the defense network, creating their own defense systems and creating an alarming number of effective low strength weapons.

The Lorokiran defense network stretches far from the ground, being heavily prevalent in orbit and even in Lorokira’s moon system. One of Lorokiras moons, Frasilor, has actually been turned into a giant militaristic moon, with massive and advanced weaponry built on its surface. On the ground, where more conventional weapons are used, things like massive laser arrays and railguns are seen floating above the oceans and low populated areas. These innovative weapons have the ability to melt and destroy many things in low Lorokiran orbit, driving away potential invaders. In modern day, these ground arrays are usually used for defending against pirates and rogue groups of hostile people.

Major corporations on the surface of Lorokira have also created a loose but strong section of their own private military, created for the purpose of protecting their valuable assets, and furthermore protecting the planet of Lorokira as a whole. Large and voluntary personnel sectors are also dedicated to protecting these valuable areas, partially being apart of the corporation while still being under jurisdiction of the Lorokira government.

As Lorokira holds close some of the most advanced technologies, these defense systems have kept the planet secure for about 170,000 years. It was not until Commonwealth's Eclipse did they get destroyed, and Lorokira's symbolic sector of Sector Loikaro got destroyed. Since the tragic events from Commonwealth's Eclipse, Lorokira has been untouched, save for rare instances of terrorism, which have been reduced in the years.

With terrorism on a downwards spiral, Lorokira has been noted to be some of the most secure planets in the CUEN. With the CUEN's high activity of government programs, designed to aid the people, crime rate has become very low, and very ethical ways of dealing with criminals are the norm. While other places, such as Poratus of Eqeyuana have lower crime, its simply a result of an intimidating amount of police presence. Unlike most other places with low crime, Lorokira has a smaller-than-average global police force, as it is mostly allocated to Toqapkal City.

Lorokiran Planetary Guard

A group of Human soldiers, pictured on the surface of Lorokira. Humans are innately war-like, and as a result have a high curiosity for joining the Lorokiran Planetary Guard.

The Lorokiran Planetary Guard is a government funded defense system, which is primarily based on the foundation of conscription. The Lorokiran Planetary Guard is known to be very gritty and harsh, training their soldiers with ancient but effective methods. Environmental training, technology training, alien language learning, and spotting malicious packages are just a few of the many things that the Lorokiran Planetary Guard is expected to do. The facilities which are owned by the Lorokiran Planetary Guard are constantly watched, and every trainee to every general is watched constantly.

As the soldiers in the Lorokiran Planetary guard are protecting the heart of trade in the Commonwealth, they are trained vigorously and endlessly. The process of becoming a low-ranked soldier, (Oom-Lakbita) is hard to the point that only a fraction of the people come in achieve this rank. Many more drop out in the processing of ranking up to a middle-ranked solider, (Rizum-Lakbita) and only the most determined soldiers can ascend beyond this rank. High officials and generals of the Lorokiran Planetary Guard have been consistent and trained for many decades, with their high status being clearly earned.

With the Lorokiran Planetary Guard being focused on war-like defense of Lorokira, many of the participants have been Humans. This is a result of their primal instinct for war and protection, while other Humans have a bigger sense of submission and service. Nonetheless, Humans have had a big influence in the Lorokiran Planetary Guard. Humans are also the ones treated the most harshly, as their innate sense of determination overcomes many other training procedures.

Comprising about 97% of the total military around Lorokira, the Lorokiran Planetary Guard is very influential. Much of the corporate forces of Lorokira fall under the Lorokiran Planetary Guard, another reason for its very high influence. Any other kinds of protection are either from foreign corporations, or from civilian networks. The high influence of the Lorokiran Planetary Guard allows them to thwart pirating and terrorism very easily.


The Lorokiran Planetary Guard has a multitude of notable bases on the surface of Lorokira and the Lorokiran System, with a heavy presence on its moon system and similar nearby objects. Much of the Lorokiran Planetary Guard is stationed around this area, controlling countless space stations, trade stations, and overlooking almost all trade which comes in and out of Lorokira. There are also bases on the surface, such as the major ones on the continents of Tolenthesisk and Pelenthesisk. Many other military outposts exist from the rural areas to the urban areas, scattered around the Lorokiran landscape.

With a planetary force which extends beyond the Lorokiran moon system, the Lorokiran Planetary Guard holds the most presence of any military force in its area. The massive amounts of funding from the CUEN has also given the Lorokiran Planetary Guard several branches, such as the Vondyan and Holyupsk Planetary Guard. These branches are very much influenced by the Lorokiran Planetary Guard and the Lorokiran government.

The most dense place with the Lorokiran Planetary Guard is the Brungginkter Molopszia, the largest defense construct on Lorokira. Easily visible from space, Brungginkter Molopszia is clearly the central for all of the Lorokiran Planetary Guard. Brungginkter Molopszia is stationed at the populational and cultural center of Toqapkal City, and the security force has the potential to be very imposing. In space, the most dense area with the Lorokiran Planetary Guard is the Gahl'Vuhr Sehn, a massive wormhole station and checkpoint, which is one of many around Lorokira. This area has the most dense number of pilots, with the lack of any atmospheric drag around the station. Surrounding wormhole stations are also heavily protected and regulated.

Orbital Constructs

Gahl'Vuhr Sehn

An engine district of the Gahl'Vuhr Sehn, which highlights the massive size of the station itself. The main wormhole gates are located in Sector Sehirion, far away from where this picture was taken.

The Gahl'Vuhr Sehn (Translated to "The Great Opening") is a massive and the most renowned wormhole station in orbit around Lorokira. It is the biggest of its class, being able to send and receive thousands of ships per hour. Buzzing with activity, the Gahl'Vuhr Seh is simply colossal, with its endless selection of industry and tourism markets. Unlike many wormhole stations, the Gahl'Vuhr Sehn manages to hold multiple distinct gates, all connecting to important places around Via Aylathiya. There are many engineering and constriction quarters on the Gahl'Vuhr Sehn as well, and even tourist destinations. The station is also a major source of money, being a prime location for docking and trading. Often times, other end points for different wormholes will be interchanged, but this only happens occasionally because of traffic issues.

The Gahl'Vuhr Sehn, being a massive hub for wormhole travel, is understandably popular in its field. With it being very popular around the Local Universe, some have claimed it to be a 'Wonder of the Universe'. This status is held up by the high quality, almost premium wormhole services that the CUEN offers for the Gahl'Vuhr Sehn. These services are also held up by the countless amount of trade that passes through the Gahl'Vuhr Sehn every day. The Gahl'Vuhr Sehn has made a name for itself as a very reliable and safe station to do business with.

The Gahl'Vuhr Sehn is divided into two sectors, of which are named the Sehirion and the Miyabodon Sectors. These are dedicated to many different tasks, such as docking, receiving, trading, and engineering. All of these areas are self-contained and independent from each other. They all have multiple docking bay rings which can hold thousands of ships or containers at a time. There are also sub-sections of these sectors, which perform many of the mentioned tasks above. These sectors also contain a multitude of 'arms', which help with automated construction and maintenance of the station. Deep arrays of computers are also commonplace, which maintain the wormholes.

Sector Sehirion

Sector Sehirion is the most popular and hardworking sector the the Gahl'Vuhr Sehn, since the multitude of wormholes are located here. Connecting to very popular tourist destinations, Sector Sehirion generates much of the station's revenue, and is popular among many travelers. The vast majority of its arms are dedicated to maintenance of structural integrity, and have come to be known as the 'Corridor Arms'. The Corridor Arms also help with computer management and help upkeep the wormhole gateways themselves.

Zhewoinya Ring

A picture of the Zhewoinya Ring, captures shortly after its construction in the 3500s CE. This structure has since gone under numerous changes, which have made it more desirable for habitation and tourism.

The Zhewoinya Ring is the most prominent and notable structure surrounding the area of Lorokira, existing as a network of sectors which form a planetary ringworld. Circling high above the lands of Lorokira, the Zhewoinya Ring has become one of, if not the most prominent feature in the space near Lorokira. The Zhewoinya Ring currently resides as a massive population center and tourism area, with the markets of commerce and industry going to great lengths since its construction.

The environment of the Zhewoinya Ring is very similar to that of Lorokira, as it was originally intended for Zythyns to inhabit. However, as interstellar and interstellar tourism has come to a rise, the Zhewoinya Ring has been repurposed in many sectors, with dense urban jungles and sparser homesteads being scattered about its surface. There used to exist many areas which cater to other species, in controlled and domed environments. Since then, the advent of advanced climate control systems and intricate biotechnology have allowed most major species to live in the Zhewoinya Ring with no troubles.

The construction of the Zhewoinya Ring dates back to the 3500s CE, not only to increase population near Lorokira, but also to affirm the potential of mega-engineering. Ever since, the Zhewoinya Ring has only helped the areas near Lorokira, being used as an outlet for the increasing population and for business. The Zhewoinya Ring has also survived through all crises pertaining to the Commonwealth, pushing through even the Commonwealth's Eclipse after the bombing of Lorokira. In the modern-day, the Zhewoinya Ring still sees additions, not being an enterprise for business and a high quality living space.

Lorokiran Space Elevator

Moon System