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Lowiras is a tiny irregular galaxy and a distant satellite of Florathel. The galaxy's most interesting physical feature is its incredibly high concentration of interstellar dust, making navigation incredibly difficult and mapping next to impossible. Because of its tiny size, only three contacted species call it home. At only ninteen million stars, it is the second smallest important satellite of Florathel.

Two important species within Lowiras are the Lacertians and the Krazalans, who make up the majority of the galactic population and run the two most powerful states, the Zopoque and the State of Celeas.

Galactic Neighborhood

Lowiras is located incredibly close to Florathel. Despite this, it took an unusually long time to discover from outside itself due to its incredibly low surface brightness. It currently orbits approximately 2 million light-years from The Heart of Providence near the apoapsis of its highly elliptical orbit about the galaxy.


Lowiras is divided into four non-arbitrary regions. These are as follows:

  • Dark Core
  • Dusty Regions
  • Clear Zones
  • Halo

Dark Core

The Dark Core is one of the most dangerous and unknowable regions in the universe. Not a single spacecraft has ever returned from it. Survey probes sent in show severely conflicting readings for the position of the supermassive black hole and several other stars.

The Dark Core is the most dust-choked region of Lowiras, and as such it is near-impossible to glean any information from outside. Due to the conflicting readings and the lack of returning spacecraft, it is impossible to discern anything useful about this region. Some conspiracy theorists speculate that Lowiras Overlords arose from the anomalous space-folding in this region and/or have power over it, and are currently in hiding near the supermassive black hole.

Dusty Regions

The Dusty Regions are aptly named. They are filled with opaque dust, and as such are very difficult to map and traverse. Due to this, they are lawless regions uncontrolled by any nation, and many believe that there are small uncontacted civilizations living deep within them. Once a craft enters the Dusty Regions, they are nearly impossible to find again, and navigation is incredibly difficult due to the infrared-hot dust.

Clear Zones

The Clear Zones are the regions of Lowiras that are mostly free of dust. They are mostly connected to each other, and are the only regions that are fully controlled by the State of Lowiras. They are distributed semi-randomly, but some unconnected sections of the Clear Zones surround high-mass stars that have blown away the dust clouds.

The Clear Zones are home to all the major planets of the galaxy, and are the most populated regions.


The galactic halo of Lowiras is the most spread-out and least dense region of the galaxy. It is loosely controlled by the native civilizations, and nothing much important is located here.