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11,466 BCE - Today
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The Lowyzol Federation (LZF) is an economic federation consisting of influence over 8.4 billion star systems and extended major influence over Aylothn and Peleunsk. With its level of influence, the LZF is one of the most prominent member nations in the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations. It also exists as one of the most populous member nations. The first capital of the Lowyzol Federation is Wa-Strionarh, a massive Matryoshka Brain megastructure that is near the center of Peleunsk. The second capital is Lorokira, the home world of the Zythyns and the former center of the LZF.

Rising from the core of Peleunsk at 28,372 BCE, the Lowyzol Federation rapidly expanded after revolting against Sedrua in Peleunsk. Peace wouldn't last long after that, as civil conflicts almost caused the end of the nation. Eventually, through slow colonization and reuse of the Intergalactic Gateway Network, the Lowyzol Federation administered the foundation of the Commonwealth, followed by admission into the Intergalactic Council. With an age of great prosperity, corporatism came to a rise and a period of corporate-related strife plagued the Commonwealth as its second-most major war. In time, the Lowyzol Federation came into its current form shortly after the War of the Ancients, now influencing copious amounts of star systems in its area. Currently, the Lowyzol Federation acts as a major player in the terms of the Commonwealth, and has a great influence over the Intergalactic Council.

The Lowyzol Federation is founded on a system of intellectual and expressional freedom, with the enactment of countless laws and improvements paving the way for high citizen's rights and equality in many fields. Ever since the Commonwealth's Eclipse, the Lowyzol Federation has also pushed back against the old ideals of mass corporatism and plutocracy, tending towards a free, fair, and ideal republic. This has ushered in high development, and has created massive satisfaction in the citizens of most Commonwealth living spaces.

Since the Commonwealth's Eclipse, the Lowyzol Federation has accepted a vast array of political parties and ideologies, which have crept their way into the high government of the Lowyzol Federation and the Commonwealth. Surrounding nations at the time of political admission also influenced the Lowyzol Federation to act on its old party systems, which fully opened it up to the previously mentioned political freedom. As per usual, parties have tugged back and forth across the Lowyzol Federation, ending in a more industrialist and technological outlook at the end of the War of the Ancients. Internal and external conflicts can also effect political influence inside the Commonwealth, but a deep system of checks and balances have prevented large-scale corruption for the most part.

Founding Species

The Lowyzol Federation was founded by a species known as the Zythyns, which are located on the planet of Lorokira. While many sapient species do exist in the borders of the Lowyzol Federation, none have come close to the dominance that Zythyns have brought to Peleunsk. Ever since the advent of interstellar travel, Zythyns have always expanded and developed deeply on their domains, which have since stretched all across Peleunsk, which also bleed into the galaxy of Aylothn. Zythyns are also one of the most major species in the Commonwealth, as they are one of the founding species among the Commonwealth's creation.

As a more defensive and forward-thinking species, Zythyns have given the Commonwealth much credit for its existence. Zythyns also appear to be a major reason for the Commonwealth's economic abilities, as the Lowyzol Federation is one of the most economically influential member nations. Various government programs which were created by Zythyns have also become much larger, soaking into the Commonwealth's development itself.


The capitals of the Lowyzol Federation is Lorokira and Wa-Strionarh, which happen to be the prime symbolic economic capitals for the Commonwealth respectively. Lorokira is the center for all Zythyns, and has been since their evolution and uplifting by Sydiah's Architects. Lorokira is located in the Saykya System, which has transformed into a large area of industry, economy, and a high level of housing since the Commonwealth's Eclipse. The Lowyzol Federation has taken a great pride in the development of Lorokira, since it has transformed into a planet for the people, as well as a hub for major industry. Other planets in the area around Lorokira have also benefitted from its existence, becoming varying hubs in their own right.

On the other hand, Wa-Strionarh is the most notable capital for industry, commerce, economy, and government activity. It overshadows Lorokira in terms of production, population, and overall importance to that of the Lowyzol Federation. However, both worlds are seen in an equal light, as Lorokira holds a very high symbolic and historical value. Wa-Strionarh is more seen as a current or recent capital, since its development still continues today in the form of artificial structures.

In the advanced cities of Wa-Strionarh, there exist many important buildings and constructs, valuable to the integrity and history of the Commonwealth. From ancient historical sites, government buildings, and modern-day wonders, Wa-Strionarh appears to hold it all. One of the most prominent buildings on Wa-Strionarh is one of the many central buildings for the Intergalactic Council, which has provided a useful space for the meeting of government officials.

With Wa-Strionarh's economic influence on other worlds, a large 'net' of important worlds in the Lowyzol Federation have been admitted to Commonwealth Core Worlds, which is a system of influential planets inside Commonwealth borders. The successful urban and economic development, as well as the previously mentioned industry, has made the LZF home to many notable worlds. They appear in a very high density, beating most other Commonwealth member nations as a hub of economic activity.


The Lowyzol Federation has some of the most technologically advanced starfleets in the Commonwealth. This is considering that the Lowyzol Federation is the center of technology. The vast economy and profits that the Lowyzol Federation has created over its modern-day presence has also allowed the government to spec into its deep military funding. However, even with its high technological value, the Lowyzol Federation is not the strongest nation in the Commonwealth. This derives from the defensive nature of the government of the Lowyzol Federation, combined with the needlessness of conflict as of 100000 CE. However, the rather large spending in its military is usually directed to sending resources securely across the intergalactic voids, as well as protection of valuable planets and the upkeep of various important constructs.

The military of the Lowyzol Federation, as well as branches of the government, have also conducted numerous missions to gain insight about events which could concern the Lowyzol Federation. They have also set up many defense systems and safehouses inside Peleunsk, which makes it one of the most heavily defended areas inside the Commonwealth. The Lowyzol Federation's military, with its high capabilities, has also pitched in on the creation of Hindsight, which has since become the Commonwealth's most intricate military facet since the War of the Ancients.

With much of its funding going into the manufacturing of military objects and parts, the Lowyzol Federation has singlehandedly exported a large percentage of the concurrent military surplus. The Lowyzol Federation usually exports its technology to other member nations, but there are many instances (especially during the War of the Ancients) of the Lowyzol Federation giving technology to nations outside of the Commonwealth. During periods of heightened conflict for example, the Lowyzol Federation has often given their technology to nations like the United Federation of Star Systems in the Confederacy of Borealis.


(History prior to this will be created.)

As the Lowyzol Federation was on the verge of splitting from internal strife, the government created a plan which involved unity with a common goal. Observing distant but successful nations in Aylothn, the Lowyzol Federation decided to embark on a trail of diplomacy, soon creating an alliance with the nations of Aylothn. One of these nations, the Economic States of Nerichi, saw the Lowyzol Federation with great potential, and eventually accepted them into deeper affairs. Intergalactic Gateways previously discovered by the Lowyzol Federation made this event possible, soon culminating into an era of trade and growth for the Lowyzol Federation.

Eventually with time and effort, the Lowyzol Federation and its allies formed the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations, which promised to benefit all nations in the areas of Aylothn and Peleunsk. However, something with great distain was soon to rise, which was plutocracy and corporatism inside the Lowyzol Federation. While it remained mostly hidden to surrounding Commonwealth member-nations, the undergrowth of slow-breeding corruption would soon show itself completely.

In the years warming up to the Commonwealth's Eclipse, the Lowyzol Federation slowly transformed from a small republic to a boasting industrial powerhouse, fueled by the resources from gathering and trade. Eventually, megacorporations came to influence the government and usher in more resource gathering, soon becoming major in the league of the Commonwealth. From the other nations looking from the outside, corporations of such a size appeared to be a threat to the Commonwealth, and as a result many sanctions were placed against the Lowyzol Federation.

The Lowyzol Federation, not having any of the Commonwealth's splitting ideals, decided to leave the Commonwealth to focus on itself, entering an age of isolationism and corporatism. This led down a dark period for the Lowyzol Federation, in which the government was being essentially puppeted by the rich under the people's noses. A large military and defense force, built by the massive corporations of the Lowyzol Federation, was then established to confirm a deep form of defense inside all of Peleunsk.

What followed is known as the Commonwealth's Eclipse, an event which shook the balance of power in the regions of Aylothn and Peleunsk. After corporatism went into a high period in the 41000s, the nations of the Commonwealth saw it more as a threat than ever. Not wanting to see themselves fall to corporations and corruption, the Commonwealth decided to re-embark on the Lowyzol Federation, but in the form of neutralization and warfare.

Travelling vast distances with previously created Wormholes, the Commonwealth stationed their military on the edge of Aylothn, seeking to travel to Peleunsk and begin a slow invasion of the Lowyzol Federation. Intended to act more or less as a show of force, the Commonwealth started a state of small-scale conflict against corporate and automated forces. This happened to be a fatal mistake for the Commonwealth member nations, as the Lowyzol Federation took this with great offense against their systems. Eventually, tensions rose to the point of breakage, and the defense/offense systems of the Lowyzol Federation completely activated, starting a needless total war.

With the Lowyzol Federation returning fire to the Commonwealth at full force, they soon realized that the Lowyzol Federation was willing to go to any end to protect their corporations. Essentially controlled by corporations at that point, the Lowyzol Federation re-activated the Intergalactic Gateways in Peleunsk, immediately starting a full-scale invasion of the Commonwealth. The war boiled over multiple times, with cruel invasions being targeted against Commonwealth nations.

However, not all was silent. On many major planets of the Lowyzol Federation, protests began to stir into riots and bouts of anarchy, from citizens who realized the truth about the Lowyzol Federation's real government and corporations. With two massive fronts, one in Aylothn and one inside the nation itself, the Lowyzol Federation crumbled, and the Commonwealth sought to regain ties to the nations now in its place. These nations also re-united in time, and the Lowyzol Federation was whole once more.

After the Commonwealth's Eclipse, it was unsure if the nations of Aylothn could trust the Lowyzol Federation once more. However, after seeing the unity and re-activation of Commonwealth ideals in the Lowyzol Federation, they were admitted right back inside the Commonwealth, as a chance of retribution for the Lowyzol Federation's mistakes. Allied tied to each other once more, and expansion was on the minds of all nations inside the Commonwealth.

Through more millennia of colonization, claiming, diplomacy, and retribution, the Lowyzol Federation became respected again. In particular, the Ochya-Baros Federation of Eqeyun saw the grit of the Lowyzol Federation and decided to create the Eqeyun-Peleunsk Trade Line, which not only cemented trade from both galaxies, but it also created an enterprise of travel between both galaxies. This influenced the speed of development and colonization in Eqeyun, and ushered in an period of mass travel from all over the Commonwealth. Claims to distant territories were connected by secure wormhole lanes and with the growing military, making the Commonwealth much larger for the foreseeable future.

By the time of late-stage intergalactic claims and internal development, the Lowyzol Federation remained as a small but powerful nation, still full of potential and promise. Reconstruction from old past ways was also complete in the periods before this, which launched the development of the Lowyzol Federation further. With time, the Lowyzol Federation and varying member nations of the Commonwealth improved with travel, population growth, and even the military became one to match with the Confederacy of Borealis. It was at this point in which everything appeared to be tranquil with the Lowyzol Federation.

This period of bliss and virtual success inside the Lowyzol Federation did not last long however, since the Quintet Payotari Association and the Confederacy were bringing up tensions with each other. The Confederacy of Borealis antagonized the Quintet Payotari Association while the greater Commonwealth sided with their long time allies. The Lowyzol Federation, and by an extent the entire Commonwealth, was afraid of deeper conflict, and as a result they closed off any future plans for contact. Any interactions with the QPA would also be carried you peacefully, and with as little as aggression as possible. Officials in the Lowyzol Federation also ignored the QPA, yet conducted many meetings with other Commonwealth member nations do discuss of any future plans with them.

However, everything fell apart once the War of the Ancients was declared on November 18th, 88072 CE. The Quintet Payotari Association, already showing its hateful and enigmatic forces, used all of its tricks to go against the Confederacy. The Commonwealth was afraid of the QPA's surprising power against the Confederacy, and kept out of the war, instead lending the Confederacy materials to help with their front. Even with this, the QPA and POLIKY managed to thwart the Confederacy at every turn,

With enough time though, the Confederacy was getting seriously threatened by the Quintet Payotari Association, and only after a couple centuries, the Commonwealth joined in on the battle. The Lowyzol Federation, refusing to fight a distant and mysterious threat, decided to aid the Ochya-Baros Federation of Eqeyun, the nation at the highest risk of attack by the QPA. After a few years of covert government operations, [Hindsight]] was created in order to neutralize any forces by the QPA and POLIKY. Things started out very roughly, with the QPA flattening any forces from the Commonwealth. However, with a brute learning algorithm and heavy funding, Hindsight became much more logical and entered a state of gridlock with the Quintet Payotari Association.

Eventually, Hindsight learned how to beat POLIKY with its tactics, and extra funding to the Commonwealth military and technology heightened the effect. It was then that the Lowyzol Federation became even more respected, credited alongside the Ochya-Baros Federation of Eqeyun for the creation of Hindsight. The war first ended with a ceasefire, and peace negotiations were decided not too long after.

As of the modern day, the Lowyzol Federation is experiencing a gradual but notable rise in economy, relations, and population growth. However, Sedrua has risen tensions in the Commonwealth, to another distant threat named The Administrator. While the Lowyzol Federation is trying to keep the peace in this recent event, it is now known whether they will prevail in its mission. Hostile remarks towards the Lowyzol Federation and the Commonwealth have also made the situation appear hopeless for any kind of diplomacy. As a result, defenses and military spending has shot up a little in the recent months. Despite this, it is evident that the Lowyzol Federation will continue to be a major player in the future of being the Commonwealth.