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382 BCE - Today



The Lowzyol Federation (LZF) is an economic federation consisting of influence over 2.598 billion (2,598,031,080) star systems and extended major influence over four galaxies. With its total level of influence, it is one of the more prominent member nations in the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations, and is also one of the most populous nations in the Commonwealth. This has given the nation a renowned level of population density when compared to other nations, as well. The national capital of the Lowzyol Federation is Lowrokira, a bustling economic and engineering powerhouse, which also functions as the most populated planet in the Lowzyol Federation.

Rising from the core of the Peleunsk Galaxy in the 380s BCE, the Lowzyol Federation rapidly expanded with a bout gritty warfare in the Peleunsk Galaxy. Eventually, through slow colonization and discovery of the Intergalactic Gateway Network, the Lowzyol Federation administered the foundation of the Commonwealth, followed by admission into the Intergalactic Council. With an age of relative prosperity, corporatism came to a rise and a session of corporate-related strife plagued the Commonwealth as its second-most major war. In time, the Lowzyol Federation came into its current form shortly after the War of the Ancients, now influencing copious amounts of star systems in other galactic regions. Currently, the Lowzyol Federation acts as a major player in the terms of the Commonwealth, and has a great influence over the Intergalactic Council.

The Lowzyol Federation is founded on a system of intellectual and expressional freedom, with the enactment of countless laws and improvements paving the way for high citizen's rights and equality in many fields. Ever since the Commonwealth's Eclipse, the Lowzyol Federation has also pushed back against the old ideals of mass corporatism and plutocracy, tending towards a free, fair, and ideal republic. This has ushered in high development, and has created massive satisfaction in the citizens of most Commonwealth living spaces.

Since the Commonwealth's Eclipse, the Lowzyol Federation has accepted a vast array of political parties and ideologies, which have crept their way into the high government of the Lowzyol Federation and the Commonwealth. Surrounding nations at the time of political admission also influenced the Lowzyol Federation to act on its old party systems, which fully opened it up to the previously mentioned political freedom. As per usual, parties have tugged back and forth across the Lowzyol Federation, ending in a more industrialist and technological outlook at the end of the War of the Ancients. Internal and external conflicts can also effect political influence inside the Commonwealth, but a deep system of checks and balances have prevented large-scale corruption for the most part.

Founding Species

The Lowzyol Federation was founded by a species known as the Zythyns, which are located on the planet of Lowrokira. While many sapient species do exist in the borders of the Lowzyol Federation, none have come close to the dominance that Zythyns have brought to the Peleunsk galaxy. Ever since the advent of interstellar travel, Zythyns have always expanded and developed deeply on their domains, which have since stretched all across Peleunsk, which also bleed into the galaxy of Aylothn. Zythyns are also one of the most major species in the Commonwealth, as they are one of the founding species among the Commonwealth's creation.

As a more defensive and forward-thinking species, Zythyns have given the Commonwealth much credit for its existence. Zythyns also appear to be a major reason for the Commonwealth's economic abilities, as the Lowzyol Federation is one of the most economically influential member nations. Various government programs which were created by Zythyns have also become much larger, soaking into the Commonwealth's development itself.


The capital of the Lowzyol Federation is Lowrokira, which happens to be the prime economic capital for the Commonwealth. Lowrokira is also the center for all Zythyns, and has been since the creation of technology on the surface. Lowrokira is also located in the Saykya System, which has transformed into a central area of industry, economy, and a high level of housing since the Commonwealth's Eclipse. The Lowzyol Federation has taken a great pride in the development of Lowrokira, since it has transformed into a planet for the people, as well as a hub for major industry. Other planets in the area around Lowrokira have also benefitted from its existence, becoming varying hubs in their own right.

In the advanced cities of Lowrokira, there exist many important buildings and constructs, valuable to the integrity and history of the Commonwealth. From ancient historical sites, government buildings, and modern-day wonders, Lowrokira appears to hold it all. One of the most prominent buildings on Lowrokira is one of the many central buildings for the Intergalactic Council, which has provided an intricate space for the meeting of government officials. Buildings like these reside on Toqapkal City, which is the most massive urban complex on Lowrokira by far. As a result of the heavy urban area and governmental importance, Lowrokira holds the place of most government activity out of all major planets in the Commonwealth.

With Lowrokira's economic influence on other planets, a large 'net' of important worlds in the Lowzyol Federation have been admitted to Commonwealth Core Worlds, which is a system of influential planets inside Commonwealth borders. The successful urban and economic development, as well as the previously mentioned industry, has made the LZF home to many Commonwealth Core Worlds. They appear in a very high density, overshadowing other Commonwealth member nations as a hub of economic and industrial planets with high commercial value.


The Lowzyol Federation has some of the most technologically advanced starfleets in the Commonwealth. This is considering that the Lowzyol Federation is the center of technology. The vast economy and profits that the Lowzyol Federation has created over its modern-day presence has also allowed the government to spec into its deep military funding. However, even with its high technological value, the Lowzyol Federation is not the strongest nation in the Commonwealth. This derives from the defensive nature of the government of the Lowzyol Federation, combined with the needlessness of conflict as of 100000 CE. However, the rather large spending in its military is usually directed to sending resources securely across the intergalactic voids, as well as protection of valuable planets and the upkeep of various important constructs.

The military of the Lowzyol Federation, as well as branches of the government, have also conducted numerous missions to gain insight about events which could concern the Lowzyol Federation. They have also set up many defense systems and safehouses inside the Peleunsk galaxy, which makes it one of the most heavily defended areas inside the Commonwealth. The Lowzyol Federation's military, with its high capabilities, has also pitched in on the creation of [Hindsight]], which has since become the Commonwealth's most intricate military facet since the War of the Ancients.

With much of its funding going into the manufacturing of military objects and parts, the Lowzyol Federation has singlehandedly exported a large percentage of the concurrent military surplus. The Lowzyol Federation usually exports its technology to other member nations, but there are many instances (especially during the War of the Ancients) of the Lowzyol Federation giving technology to nations outside of the Commonwealth. During periods of heightened conflict for example, the Lowzyol Federation has often given their technology to nations like the United Federation of Star Systems in the Confederacy of Borealis.

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