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The Lumu are a sapient species from the Nyrin Galaxy, they are highly intelligent and are known to have resolved conflict with nations in Aylothn, they have influence in nations in almost every galaxy in the Local Universe, Including mostly Florathel Galaxy and the Lewis Galaxy


Nation Flag Location Kardeshev
Free Nation of Peria
Northern Outer Core 2.03
Caoticol Corporation
Caoticol Corp.png
Near Lewis Core - Lewis Galaxy ???


The Lumu appear as longer necked beings, with tall humanoid features. Their eyes, mouth and facial features give them a friendly appearance, a rather fitting appearance considering their behavior. Their eyes have no visible pupils, but otherwise see normally. The Lumu appear in Blue and Green skin colors. They have long legs and arms, combined with their skinny torso, they appear slender.

Digestive System

The Lumu have two stomachs, one to digest plant waste and the other for acids

Vascular System

The Lumu have a single heart that have an average of 73 Bpm, like most carbon based species, the heart is located in the chest


The Lumu are known to be very peaceful, and almost never engage in combat, they are driven by ambitions, not grudges, so their fleet of starships is rarely militaristic.



The Lumu language is known as "Thein" and uses non-symbolic lettering. In history, Thein was a traditional language, and is not used very often. The Lumu usually prefer a Lacrimosan Common instead, while Thein is used in traditional scenarios.

Basic Thein Terms

"⍑ᒷꖎꖎ𝙹" Hello

"⍑𝙹∴ ᔑ∷ᒷ ||𝙹⚍" How are you?

"⍑𝙹∴ ↸𝙹 ||𝙹⚍ ⊣ᒷℸ ̣  ℸ ̣ 𝙹..." How do you get to...?

"⊣𝙹𝙹↸ʖ||ᒷ" Goodbye


The timeline of the Lumu's history