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Ubiquitous across space, Lunar Floaters are a species of floater organisms inhabiting the upper clouds of Sari, a calm gaseous world in Palioxis. A delicacy on many worlds, their helium sacks' innermost layer is lined with stripes of juicy and spicy meat, a distinguished culinary dish prevalent across the affluent members of society. Lunar Floaters are frequently hunted for consumption by several gastronomic companies. As an attempt to preserve the species, they have been introduced to hundreds of gas giants similar to the one in which they were born.

Biology & Behavior

Multicellular carbon-based lifeforms, Lunar Floaters differ from the lifeforms of other worlds by their exotic usage of ammonia as their solvent, instead of water. Biologically, they are nothing but balloons gifted with rudimentary sentience. Gradually floating within the clouds of gas giants, Lunar Floaters make use of their sacks of helium, which keep them airborne for their lives. Surprisingly, no individuals of this species decease of old age age, all living up to three months of age. Rather, they reproduce by budding, bursting their fragile helium pouches in the process, a self-destructive lifecycle.

Lunar Floaters possess simple respiration, inhaling hydrogen and exhaling methane. Besides this, they boast a miniscule neural complex capable of primitive thought, as well as several organs dedicated to processing nutrient-rich aerial planktons. Thoughtless beings, their only goal in life is to survive until reproduction. Lunar Floaters spend virtually all of their time mindlessly floating across the vast expanses of clouds. Due to the lack of unique environments as well as geographical barriers within gas giants, they inhabit nearly every region of their homeworld.

With the lack of aerial predators in some worlds to which they have been introduced, several subspecies have emerged. Lacking defense mechanisms as a consequence, one is able to directly interact with several Lunar Floater subspecies without any repercussion. Moreover, on planets with predatorial races, their senses have heightened and their insides have begun producing poison in order to avoid being digested.