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An average Lust Crystal, bearing colors of pink and magenta. They are often mesmerizing in the eyes of travelers who know not its true intentions.

Lust Crystals are large, pink and magenta-colored crystalline objects which first appeared on Zazriel following the invasion of the Prodigious Sin. They were intially created by the Harborers of Lust, since spreading the crystal all across the continent. Lust Crystals are infamous for their effect on Zazriel's landscape and its societies. It undoubtedly aided the Harborers of Sin in their conquest, as it transformed countless people into demonic entities, mostly Secresi. In the years following the appearance of Lust Crystals, Zazriel's locals have learned to steer clear of any pink or otherwise brightly colored crystals, in fear that they are tainted by sinful energy. Sometimes this comes to little avail, as various sojourners and nomads unaware of the crystals become entranced by their appearance, eventually falling into a trance like that of a permanent high. Unbeknownst to these victims, it is the sinful energy in these objects which course through their body and soul, forcing them to succumb and turn into demons.

Scattered across the continent, Lust Crystals were intended to incapacitate and transform people into demons. This worked with great success in the Prodigious Sin's initial invasion, capturing tens of thousands of people and corrupting them. They were quickly avoided from then after, and have been deemed a great threat since the conclusion of the last Red Moon. They are usually present in so-called "Crystal Forests", a type of Tainted Land where Lust Crystals are incredibly common. While they are either weakening or becoming inert, they are still very dangerous to even the most experienced of travelers. It is thought that Lust Crystals became a great factor in the now large-scale practice of chastity all across Zazriel.


Lust Crystals hold a bright, shiny pink or magenta appearance, affiliated to Lust. They have a faint glow, which comes from the sinful energy inside. This energy is able to be transmitted from the crystal to one's body upon contact. It is a specially designed energy, meant to make any curious investigators feel a great wave of ecstasy before their minds are corrupted. Lust Crystals are very durable, being unable to break while they are energized. As such, they are primarily disposed by burial. The only way to truly destroy them is to wait until their sinful energy is depleted. At that point, they are able to be shattered by conventional means.

The effects of the Lust Crystals are profound, as just one can shatter the constitution of most people. If one does as little as touch or scratch a Lust Crystal, they may be pulled into its effects. Particularly large and powerful ones are able to effect people without touching them, and are deemed to be the most dangerous. The effects involve a sort of 'high', similar to how one would experience taking drugs. It is caused by the channeling of sinful energy, which rapidly invades the mind and body upon contact. During this trance, victims are forced to strongly grip said crystal, in turn channeling a large amount of energy and making removal challenging.

This trance is said to have the most profound feeling to anyone that touches it. They are usually overcome with a feeling of insatiable lust and pleasure, affecting their entire body and sending them into a dream-like state. In this state of energy transfer, Lust Crystals have the ability ability to temporarily drain a victim of all negative emotions such as hate, sadness, anger, and jealousy. However, sinful energy may attack at the memory of a victim, giving them extreme amnesia. Once the trance ends, the victim will awaken back to reality, and in most cases, find themselves changed into a Secresi. They also inherit the same lustful drive and power as one. Those who transform are extremely hostile to any non-demon life form, though time can wear away at their newfound drive. Many cases of transformed Secresi turning into good-willed members of society have been noted in recent years.


Lust Crystals are almost solely used for negative applications. The Harborers of Sin continue to use it as a way to transform people into Secresi, increasing their ranks and hopefully de-stabilizing Zazriel. Usurpers and terrorists have used them to their advantage as well, carefully transporting them to various kingdoms. This is usually in the hopes of transforming a noble into a Secresi, in turn de-stabilizing the kingdom involved and causing great amount of damage. Terrorism with Lust Crystals can also lead to collapse, as was observed after the Harborers were staved off by the newly united Verdant Grove.

Other than its infamous use for offensive purposes, Lust Crystals are also associated for their nefariousness. Small versions of Lust Crystals (Usually several cm in length) are often used in brothels or similar establishments. While Lust Crystals (and prostitution centers themselves) are illegal across most of Zazriel, it has not stopped zealous individuals. It is said that these locations featuring Lust Crystals turn a great amount of profit in comparison to those which dont. The Verdant Grove has attempted to crack down on these centers in recent years, though it has been to minimal avail.