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The Luunan are a humanoid mixed race born out of the inbreeding between Humans and Nuurians, and they can currently be seen in the Intergalactic Federation, The Nuurian Theocracy and less commonly so in the United Alliance. Some may exist as well in some Unionist worlds.

They were first recorded to appear, and thus considered native to, Jakubar. Here they were born out of Nuurian colonists and Unionist Humans seeking to convert the local inhabitants to the Unionist faith. It was something they succeeded and a pivotal moment in the creation of the Nuurian Theocracy.

However, this mixing also occured in several worlds at a different period and unrelated to Jakubar and the Unionist proselitism. This worlds of the frontier, currently in the Intergalactic Federation, became the origin of many Luunans as the result of inbreeding between Nuurian colonists and Federal colonists. This worlds were later integrated into the Nuurian Canton of the Intergalactic Federation, to which Ikuul is its capital and most important world. Most of the inhabitants of the Canton are either Nuurians or Luunan (and some small groups of Humans).

The Luunan have diverted and still can mix with either Nuurians or Humans, but in most of the worlds they reside, they tend to mix within the other Luunan, creating a homogenously mixed population. So much so that they have devellopped their own culture. This is a mix of Human elements and Nuurian elements in an interesting mix. The Traditionalist faction of the Nuurians, the ones forming the Nuurian Federation, see them with disdain and some mistrust as they do with anything xeno. The Lordship however, sees them with scientific interests but also tends to be cautious around them as they do not know if their allegiance is towards Nuurians or Humans.


Most of the Luunan follow the Nuurian religions, but many also follow the Unionist Religion. Specially in their homeworld of Jakubar. About 31% of the Luunan follow the Unionist religion while 43% follow Nuurian religions and the remaining 26% follow other religions of mankind or no religion whatsoever.


Luunan Magi

There are two subclases of Luunans, the ones who originated from the interbreeding between Unionist Humans and Nuurians and those originating from the Interbreeding between Federal Humans and Nuurians. Both subgroups have different cultures and faiths. While most of the Federal-Nuurian mixed Luunans follow Human and Nuurian faiths, the Unionist-Nuurian mixed Luunan follow mostly the Unionist faith. This is already a huge difference between both groups. However, the difference also arose from cultural mixing of both groups as the first adquire I.F culture, and the second ones, Unionist culture.

Many aspects of Luunan life are derived from customs from both races, human and Nuurian. They are well known to practice human and nuurian religions (in the Interglactic Federation) and have adquire a Federal-Nuurian culture and identity.

However, the other branch of the Luunan arose from the mixing between Unionist and unionist culture and Nuurians, so they have adquire such identity and even language and makes them different culturally than the Luunan inhabiting the Federation.

They are very much seen in multicultural worlds, where their presence is seen with less desfiance by Xeno and Humans alike. Specially in those worlds they may blend very well. This is clearly seen in Kreon, where many live. However, in those worlds with substantial populations, such as those in the Nuurian Canton of the Intergalactic Federation, they are seen equally to Humans and Nuurians while in The Nuurian Theocracy they are seen with good eyes, as the perfect mix between Unionist Humans who brought the Gift Parasyte with them and the Nuur race.

Numbers per Nation

The distribution is as follow: 33% of the Luunan live within the borders of the Nuurian Federation, inside the associate state known as The Nuurian Teocracy (where almost 89% of those living in the Nuurian Federation reside). Another 29% live within the Intergalactic Federation (Inside the Nuurian Canton, in which 55% are Luunan) and about 17% live within the Lordship of Nuur. About 10% live within the United Alliance (inside the Luunan dependency out of Nuurians migrating to Human worlds forming a mix race in which they make 20% of the population of the depency alongside Nuurians and Humans who are present in greater numbers plus the ones present in Kreon), and about 3% within the Union (Mostly within Pro-Xeno controlled worlds in the fringes of Unionist territory). About 2% live in the Republic of Sion, in the XI-Nun zone mostly) and the remaining 5% are scattered across Herschel Space (Most as pirates or bounty-hunters or mercenaries).