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The Lypan Technocracy is the most powerful nation in the Apsila lobe of Pathopsila, controlling the vast majority of it. It is known for its extremely rapid expansion and utilization of the sparse resources of the galaxy. Currently, the capital of the Technocracy is the homeworld of its founding species, Lypania, which is located near the edge of the galaxy. It is the administrative and cultural center of the nation, although it does not have a comparatively high population.

Although founded on idealism, the Technocracy rapidly descended into infighting, causing the nation as a whole to cease to exist altogether multiple times. To this day, the Technocracy still has independent enclaves within it left over from the civil war. The nation today is in an uneasy peace between its member states, and no one knows when war will next break out. However, some parts of the nation are quite prosperous, allowing for leaps and bounds in technological development.

The population is also quite large, at approximately 1 quintillion individuals, with the highest concentration in the region around the Clae System. Interestingly, there is a very low species diversity in the Technocracy, due to the Apsila Galaxy's near-sterility. The more remote areas, despite holding approximately 94% of the area, still contain only 20% of the population.

Notable Locations

PlanetIcon.png Lypania PlanetIcon.png
MegastructureIcon.png Sethri MegastructureIcon.png
Shell, Clae Stellar Neighborhood
Core, Sethri Sector
5.6 trillion
41 quadrillion
Unique Attributes:


The Lypan Technocracy's government is relatively simple: It is divided into several arbitrary regions, each of which gets representatives proportional to their population. These representatives collectively vote on issues and stuff. Unlike many nations, the Lypan Technocracy does not have a position like a prime minister or president within its government.

The Judicial branch of the technocracy consists of a series of people chosen via several criteria, including their grade average in law school and cases in lower courts. Things like lawsuits go before the court and they vote on them.


The Lypan Technocracy is located across the absurdly small Apsila Galaxy. The country is divided into 22 districts with the most populous Clae District towards the edges of the galaxy, containing the capital Lypania. The least populated Gharo District is located on the opposite side of the galaxy with only 43 billion people.

The less populated regions of the Technocracy contain many unique archaeological sites due to the country's location atop the former Kelnor Empire. Notable places include the reconstructed Sethri Dyson Swarm, the Lirias Structure near the central black hole, and more modern things like Lypania, the Kralan Colonies, and some other stuff.

The Lypan Technocracy, despite controlling 91% of the entire Apsila Galaxy, borders a total of five other independent nations, most of which it completely surrounds. These are mostly remnants from the Third Civil War.

Brief History


First Civil War

Reprieve & Second Civil War

The Long Peace

Third Civil War

Modern Times