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Lyria is a temperate aquatic planet under the authority of the Vanheir Unifier in the outer Orion's Hub of Orion. Lyria's climate has been oftentimes noted as tropical, though many regions are overthrown by freezing temperatures near the poles. Lyria's atmosphere, which is purely breathable to Vanheir, is the most major factors in its colonization. Lyria was one of the first worlds colonized by the by the Vanheir Unifier in Orion.

Lyria's seas are littered with innumerable floating cities, which house millions of citizens and spread tens of kilometers in length. Hundreds of aquatic cities have also been constructed in the shallower waters of Lyria, offering heavenly views to the lush seas of the planet. In totality, these settlements are home to more than five billion citizens.

The seas of Lyria are filled to brim with all unique forms of flora and fauna. These species typically tend to live near the epipelagic zone of the ocean, where photosynthesis can be freely achieved by any flora. Only rarely does life actually spread to the deepest of the waters. Species of various tropical corals are most common on Lyria, oftentimes filling the marine horizon.

Lyria has had a rough history of war and atrocity in its first days of colonization. The largest of these wars took effect all over the planet, causing death to follow in the lush seas. It was once divided into many unique factions which were at constant conflict, though these wars have been calmed down for many millennia.

Moon System


The lush world of Avaria seen from orbit

Avaria is a lush moon that is made up of endless deserts of sand and deep blue oceans. Considering its similarities of Lyria, Avaria was also surprisingly easily colonized. Most of its inhabitants reside of vast metropolises forged across its deserts, while a quarter of the population resides in aquatic cities, both above and below the seas. The populace has no need to wear space suits or stay in pressurized structures, since the environment of Avaria is greatly resembling that of the Vanheir home planet.

Avaria is filled to brim with all unique species of flora and fauna, owing to its habitability to carbon-water-based life. Thousands of mammalian and reptilian species freely roam the surface, while most of the moon's species reside in its magnificent blue seas of liquid water. These seas are relatively shallow, stretching only a couple of kilometers below the sea level. Ever sector of these seas is filled with towering kelp and large bioluminescent fish species.



Biology & Ecology


Urban Centers

Above and below the immense oceans of Lyria, many hundreds of thriving and advanced urban centers are spread far and wide. Ever since the ancient days of colonization, they have grown to cover a massive area of Lyria's seas, making the planet a fairly popular tourist destination in its region.

Containing countless economic, industrial, commercial, and entertainment facilities, the urban centers of Lyria are fairly active in tourism, with many millions of tourists from diverse worlds visiting the planet every year. Lyria's magnificent blue seas also make it one of the only places in the Aterna System with a fast growing population. In the far future, Lyria's urban centers are expected to cover roughly ten percent of the planet's surface.