Lyria is an oceanic planet in the Tranquility system, in the Cosmoria Galaxy. It is controlled by the UNC.


Lyria was named and discovered by an exploration team that tried to find a sustainable oceanic planet near Aziel for humans on live on. Despite being oceanic, it has a few islands, and a diverse oasis of life called The Hethoria Volcano. Lyria has the perfect factors for human colonization.

Nowadays, the planet has a small population of 6 billion, most in artificial islands, but there are a some deep sea cities too.


As bacteria evolved near underwater hydrothermal vents, they fed on particles spewed from the hydrothermal vents, some evolved into larger lifeforms, which fed on the bacteria, and of course even bigger lifeforms evolved, eating many smaller fish, and planktons.

Most of the life is concentrated in the deep oceans, however some can be found in more shallower waters. 90% of the life in the deep sea of Lyria is carnivorous, and deadly, however the smallest species eat underwater planktons.

Energy is the most valuable thing in the deep sea of Lyria, and any accidental loss of it is devastating. Most of the life down there is motionless, only moving when attacking its prey, or escaping from the predators.

Over half of the discovered species reside around The Hethoria Volcano, a diverse oasis of life on top of a dormant aquatic volcano


The crushing seabed of Lyria is mostly made out of rock formations, different metal deposits, and thermal vents. No plant life exists here due to there being no sunlight at all. The seabed contains many trenches, mountains, and aquatic volcanos. The average seabed depth is around 50 km, and no species have ever been recorded so deep, except for small plankton and bacteria.

The Hethoria Volcano

This area is the crater of a huge, long-dormant undersea volcano approximately 25 kilometers in height and varies from 12.5 to 14.5 kilometers in diameter. After the volcano became dormant the crater was filled in by sediments and the once volatile volcano became the center of a diverse and thriving ecosystem. The Hethoria Volcano is filled with many diverse biomes, ranging from deep kelp forests, to shallow coral reefs.

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