Mabruk is the fifth planet of the Prince Lir System in the Mid Arm of the Ambrosia Galaxy and serves as the star system's respective capital world. It holds a large population of Haggard who originated from its major moon of Reges Mere following the Red Galaxy Event.


Mabruk is a world that holds a great amount of standing within the Ambrosia Alliance, as it serves as the capital world of the Haggard species, who themselves are held in very high regard amongst the diverse selection of races that make up the aforementioned civilization. As a result, Mabruk stands as a cultural, economic, and social epicenter amongst the colony worlds owned by the Haggard, though in terms cultural significance to Haggard society, its major moon of Reges Mere is held in higher standing.

Due to its importance, Mabruk holds many things exclusive to itself when compared to the rest of the Prince Lir System, such as an extremely large cooperate presence, large local defense force and military occupation, as well as holding the most respective surface colonies out of any celestial body within the star system.

Originally, Mabruk would remain untouched by the Haggard that inhabited Reges Mere, as at the time their leader, King Macer, showed very little interest in expanding his created peoples beyond the respective borders of their new home world. However after being convinced to expand outward from their small pocket of the galaxy, Mabruk would receive massive colonization efforts with the assistance of the wider Ambrosia Alliance government, providing them with the means to survive the rather hostile environment.

Its largest settlement and local capital, Rohood, is rather unique amongst the many different floating colonies located all across its cloud tops, as it is molded directly after the ancient Holden city of the same name that was inhabited the surface of their home world, Tharvus Ruver, but would ultimately burn to dust during the Red Galaxy Event which slew its constructors.


Mabruk's gaseous composition primarily consists of three layers. The first layer is a thick haze of hydrogen clouds, spanning the entire circumference of the planet. These clouds are fairly calm however, gliding along the relatively slow windspeeds produced by the planet's atmosphere, forming elaborate and well defined cloud patterns. Most of the planet's respective surface colonies are located within this region, as it is the most clam and hospitable to the Haggard.

The second layer is much more chaotic, with massive storms erupting all across its helium cloud tops, with large arcs and bolts of helium infused static lighting striking constantly. Along with the storm, windspeeds kick up much higher within this region, causing massive gusts to blow across the massive clouds created by the chemical cocktail. Small colonies are located interspersed across this region, but most choose to avoid the area and prefer to live atop the first layer, leaving small robotic probes who can withstand the conditions to mine up the precious helium clouds and return it to the colonies of the top layer for use.

The third and final layer is where chemical reactions begin to slow, as the massive amounts of weight and pressure created by the two top layers prevents interesting chemical reactions to form. Within this region, temperatures increase exponentially, reaching as high as over six hundred degrees Celsius, due to the crushing pressure. This layer is the largest of the three and extends downward for several millions of cubic kilometers, eventually reaching the planets large, iron rich core. Due to the environment produced here, no formal colonies have been established, and very few robotic missions have been sent beyond observations of the planet's core.


Mabruk is a fairly cold world, experiencing an average temperature of around negative one hundred and fourteen degrees Celsius, making it naturally inhospitable to the Haggard which dominant most of the planet. Along with temperature, Mabruk experiences various hostile weather events such as storms of static electricity, large storms of frozen hydrogen which falls from the sky like hail, and massive hurricanes that span hundreds of thousands of square kilometers.

One of these hurricanes, known as the: "Mabruk Great Storm" is a permeant fixture of the planet, located on the far eastern side of the planet, spanning around a million square kilometers diameter, easily being able to swallow average-sized terrestrial planets whole



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