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Maea is a main sequence M-class star, located far inside the Flower Galaxy in the Cnara System. It is currently the most populous star of the Cnara-Frealee Federation and third most populous star of the United Nations of the Flower Galaxy. There are numerous colonial outposts and stations around the star and on its planetary bodies, including asteroids and moons. Maea has five planets in its influence.


Maea formed around 3.2 billion years ago in a long-since-dissipated nebula. For a few million years after it formed, it had a large disk around it, which formed many protoplanets, including Pyre and Carlea. However, most of the protoplanets collided with each other, fell into the sun, or got ejected from the system, which left only five bodies to remain in its midst.

Out of all the worlds in the system, only Carlea and Azelis (one of the major moons of Sarelle) had all the essential ingredients to initiate the development and evolution of life within the water oceans. While Azelis' life could only stay within its subglacial oceans, Carlea's lifeforms migrated onto land relatively rapidly. The life on Carlea soon evolved to intelligence and founded the Cnara-Frealee Federation with their neighbors in the Frealee System.

Projected future

In roughly 1.5 trillion years, Maea will begin leaving the main sequence and turn into a blue dwarf. As it increases in luminosity, it will heat up Carlea. Eventually without intelligent intervention, its oceans will evaporate and all life on its surface will die. As it nears the end of its life, Maea will expand greatly, then collapse into a white dwarf, its habitable zone shrinking beneath the orbit of Selfar. It will slowly cool as the stars die around it, until it is fully thermalized and floats through the endless night.



Pyre is the first and hottest planet of Maea. It is unique in that it has strange silicon-based life living in its lava oceans, and is therefore one of the most well-studied planets in the system.

Pyre is the third largest planet around the star, being slightly larger than Carlea, and has no moons.


Selfar is the second planet around Maea, and has a very thick atmosphere and strange oceans made mainly of molten sulfur, an uncommon occurrence in the relatively heavy-metal-deprived Flower Core.


Miriel is the second largest planet in the Cnara System. Miriel has one rather boring moon, Farassa, and a thin ring system.


Carlea is the main habitable planet in the Cnara System, and is home to one of the major species in the Cnara-Frealee Federation, the Carleans. Carlea has a relatively thick atmosphere, which allows for a unique large flying intelligent species.


Sarelle is the third largest and coldest planet in the Cnara System. It is a gas giant. and has two moons, one of which has a vast, life-filled undersea ocean.