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Maes Prim is a member of House Prim, a member of the high nobility of the Empire of Mankind. It is considered to be a erudite and comes from a noble house famous for its thinkers and phylosophers. Most of the house were bred for that sort of scientific and phylosophical approach to life.

He is one of the most ilustrated persons currenty in the empire and his family, in charge of the Imperial archives is the only one entrusted with performing such tasks as preserving imperial knowledge.


Maes Prim was born in Arkanon in the 99 866 CE (79 700 ALD) the son of Thorun Prim and Vera Dalvan, the third of four siblings and the second man in the family. While his brother took the head of the Prim house, he dedicated himself to study law, science, history, etnography and culture to become a scientist , historian and politician of the senate. Due to his abilities he was sent to the explore most of the worlds and planets within the nation, keeping records of them for the Imperial Archives.

Maes Prim is considered to be one of the highest intellectuals currently in the empire and some of his writtings and phylosophies are gathering large amounts of followers. Most of it, spins around rationality of the soul, the inner curiosity of it all and our eternal search. He carefully does not critize the empire at all.

He has been married to Linda Hayalon, of House Hayalon. They have together three kids, two sons, Rogerik Prim and Aldren Prim, as well as a daughter. The daughter, Lara Prim, is already compromise with a lesser son, member of House Lavey, while the older kids are going to married members of House Moratani and House Amadra.

He studied most of his scientific carreer in Lipna before making a quick military service in Astrion and Haldar. He then was sent to live in Elpida and Mitra for a while where he pursuited a career on History and Etnography having large access to the Imperial Archives (which will later be copied and sent to Arkanon). In Elpida, he met his wife Linda which will later give birth to their first born in the capital. Then they moved to Mitra before Maes decided to send Linda to Arkanon, his homeworld, so their son could grow there. Later he joined them and his two other offspring where born.

Maes offspring were born in Arkanon except for his older son, who was born in Elpida while the family was there. However, most were sent with her mother to grow in Arkanon. Maes Prim always considered the education in Arkanon to be the best in the empire and thus wanted them to have the same upbringing of scientific curiosity to life that Arkanon teaches. His daughter then married within the Laveys and went to live abroad. His older son is currently residing still in Arkanon, overseeing and administrating his father states and properties in the planet as well as helping his cousin, the current head of House Prim. The younger son is currently training his Scionic abilities in Okaia.