The Magdetum are a species that evolved in the atmosphere of the gas giant Mageltai in the Borodin system. They originated from an asteroid that plummeted through the atmosphere and struck the core of the planet. The species evolved over the years from bacteria that had survived inside the asteroid, and acheived sentience around the year 1018 BCE.

They became prosperous, annihilated most disease, formed a grand democratic society, and became quite technologically advanced. However, they could not leave their atmosphere. It was comprised almost entirely of Hydrogen. They could only light fires without causing explosions inside sealed rooms, so they could not launch fuel-based rockets into orbit, and because of the atmospheric composition, research into leaving the planet was considered the realm of the naive and mad.

They remained in their atmosphere for over eight thousnad years, until 9973, when a lost colony fleet of the Confederacy of Borealis arrived in system and set up camp. The races made contact over long range communications that year, and in 9975 representatives of the Magdetum and the Alech Dominion, the fledgling nation formed by the colony fleet, met for the first time in the outer atmosphere of the planet.

The Dominion, after extensive diplomatic meetings, gifted the Magdetum with the necessary technology to build railguns and spaceworthy ships, and this was the cement for the long alliance between the Magdetum and the Dominion. The Dominion gave their species a newfound drive to discover and create, to explore the void, and gave them a chance to outlive their homeworld. For that the Magdetum are ever grateful. They have full citizenship status in the Dominion, and though few saw action in the Screk War, those special forces that fought alongside their allies made a name for themselves, and the Magdetum have served the Dominion with honor for millenia.


The Magdetum naturally harvest water and food from the atmosphere of a planet, and can choose to filter and collect certain gases inside their bodies. They are three meters in length and about a quarter meter in height, with mostly translucent bodies. They are thin beings, with flat bodies and heads. They possess four six fingered arms, but these are limited in range of motion as they are connected to the creatures' large wings. The species possess legs, but they are short and have limited range of motion because they are primarily a flying species. Magdetum that spend a lot of time on the ground will often own bionic suits to assist in movement or undergo surgery to gain more gainly legs. Living inside of gas giants makes them fairly safe from a conventional military invasion, but Dominion propaganda and the species' wanderlust still drive many to join the military. Though the Dominion now has the technology necessary for species not born in a gas giant to live there, the Magdetum still handle much gas harvesting and mining of gas giant cores. They are comfortable there, and often a Magdetum colony is just much easier to establish than one of any other species not native to gas giants on these worlds.

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