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Mageltai is the homeworld of the Magdetum, a species that evolved inside the atmosphere of the gas giant after a rogue asteroid carrying life crashed into the planet. It is a small, cool gas giant with a ring system.

Mageltai is the central nexus of the Magdetum species across the galaxy. As such, with the rise of the Magdetum species and the Alech Dominion it is a part of, it has become massively populated and developed. There are layers of beatiful flying cities climbing upon each other in a perfectly arrayed pattern of gleaming spires stabbing ever closer to the void. Rays of light shine ever lower in geometric shapes Mageltai is a paradisical world, reaping all the benefits of being the homeworld of a galaxy spanning species. Some of the rarest technology and resources in Ouranir are sold here for some of the fairest prices you can find. The prosperity is such that great profits are rarely chased, in part due to Mageltai's socialist policies, unconventional within the Dominion.

Though officially listed as an ecumenopolis, Mageltai is also a good fortress world, due to its unfamilar architecture, layers upon layers of structures, and dense population. In days past Magdetum produced ships and exported raw minerals and gases, but nowadays it's only major exports are population, research, and money.

Points of Interest

The Core

Deep beneath the stacked layers of city upon city, there sits the original core of Mageltai, the site of the first cities of the Magdetum. This core, too, has been excavated and filled with city. Here sit many of the oldest and most famous buildings and locations in Magdetum history.

Mageltai Crater

Mageltai, in the language of the Magdetum, quite literally means the people's first home. Thus, the crater of the same name is the crater where the asteroid that bore them here crashed down long ago. It is one of the very few places on the entire planetary core that has no buildings on its surface save the pillars necessary to hold up the layers and layers of city. The one exception is a massive museum at the center of the crater, a silver and marble construct rising far above the rest of the landscape that houses what is left of the ancient space rock that brought them here. This is one of the most visited places on the planet, as almost all Magdetum wish to visit it at least once in their life.

The First City

Roughly translated from Magtumgat, The First City is the capital of Magdetum, sitting in the core's second largest crater. It is a sight to behold, a mixture of restored ancient stone and buildings of every architectural period. It houses the palaces of ancient emperors and the cpatiol buildings of the democracy that came after. It's a melting pot of Magdetum from every culture and planet from around the galaxy.

The Scar

On the outermost layer of the Magdetum's towering cities sits a singular scarred spire. Approaching it, you would see little outside indication of why it is there. It looks ancient enough to have been around since this piece of the city was floating high above Mageltai's surface, yet all the structures around it are visibly polished, gleaming and new. Once you finally reached it, you would find a singular giant plaque describing it as The Scar. This tower stands with its battle damage still intact from the time of The Screk War. The plaque tells the story of the final battle of the war. During this fight, several Screk and Dominion ships fell from the sky above Mageltai and crashed into the flying cities, and more Screk sent down landing craft to attack the city. Many sections of the city were entirely destroyed and fell to the planet's surface, causing mass destruction and heavy casualties. The Scar is a reminder of the danger of the galaxy and how complacence can lead to the fall of empires.