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A Magi, also called a "wizard", "mage", or "sorcerer", is an individual who is capable of harnessing and manipulating the power of the Lux Aeterna (or other planes). These wielders of Thaumaturgy are greatly feared and respected across the universe due to the power they command.



Magi Demographics


Magi in Everyday Life


Magi in Warfare

On the battlefield, a Magi is a terrifying force capable of rending armored vehicles asunder and annihilating scores of infantry with ease.

Magi Power Scaling

NOTE: The scales are from strongest to weakest.

Classical Magi

Classical Magi are ranked on a scale ranging from zero to a hundred. The level at which this is measured is known as the "Ψ" (psi) level. The higher an individual's number, the more powerful a Magi they are, letting them draw upon more energy from the Lux Aeterna. All Magi start out at zero, but as they get older and progress more with their abilities, their number will increase. The scale at which Classical Magi are ranked is as follows:

  • Master: 100-81
  • Expert: 80-61
  • Journeyman: 60-41
  • Apprentice: 40-21
  • Initiate: 20-0

Runic Magi

Runic Magi are ranked on a scale ranging from zero to ten. However, unlike Classical Magi, who draw their power from the Lux Aeterna, Runic Magi draw their power from an individual known as a "patron". The level at which this is measured is known as the "א" (aleph) level. As the Magi improves in skill, they are able to call on more of their patron's power at once, allowing for the use of more powerful abilities. The scale at which Runic Magi are ranked is as follows:

  • Avatar: 10-8.1
  • Prophet: 8-6.1
  • Warlock: 6-4.1
  • Herald: 4-2.1
  • Underling: 2-0

Esoteric Magi

Esoteric Magi are ranked on a scale ranging from zero to one. The level at which this is measured is known as the "ᛗ" (mana) level. As an Esoteric Magi's power increases, they are able to draw out more of their plane's energy without tiring. However, the Magi must be careful not to draw in too much energy, lest they suffer negative side effects. The scale at which Esoteric Magi are ranked is as follows:

  • Transcendent: 1-0.81
  • Enlightened: 0.80-0.61
  • Sage: 0.60-0.41
  • Incantor: 0.40-0.21
  • Neophyte: 0.20-0.01
  • Unenlightened: 0

Invocative Thaumaturgy

Invocative Magi, or Paladins as they are often called, are ranked on a scale ranging from zero to a thousand. The level at which this is measured is known as the "ᚨ" (ansuz) level. The higher a Paladin's ᚨ level, the more power they are able to draw on from their locus. The scale at which Paladins are ranked is as follows:

  • Exarch: 1000-801
  • Justicar: 800-601
  • Templar: 600-401
  • Squire: 400-201
  • Apostle: 200-0

Notable Magi

  • Aeternaborne - TBA
    • Father Zaphenim - TBA
    • Mother Sachitel - TBA
    • Father Rinayo - TBA
    • Father Isayo - TBA
    • Mother Okho - TBA
    • Mother Sydiah - Mother Sydiah is the founder and current ruler of Sedrua. She is one of the oldest living beings in the known universe, and is sixth recorded Angel Aeternaborne after Mother Ohko. Upon entering the material plane, Sydiah had only a few objectives, one of them being to spread Aeternalism across every reach of the Universe. Through her long and tyrannical years of leadership, Sydiah brought herself to a divine level, creating her Architects while expanding how she saw fit. Her subjects were grateful for the worlds and technology she bestowed, viewing her as a figure of benevolence. After disappearing in an Aeterna Cascade, the Wane of Reality and the decline of Sedrua followed. It was only a few centuries ago did Sydiah return, saved by the very children she created. She dethroned Vurilia Jutopati, another one of her children, and punished him for straying far from her path. She sits on an iron throne, accompanied by her fellow Angels upon bringing them back to reality as well.
  • Sydiah's Architects - Sydiah's Architects are a race of synthetic beings created by Mother Sydiah shortly before the founding of Sedrua. She created them in order to spread Sedrua's influence across the stars, each one capable of starting a civilization on their own. They were also gifted with a high degree of Thaumic prowess. Their numbers have drastically lowered since their creation, with only four of them known to still be alive. These people are Vurilia Jutopati, Itrian Yutira, Drizuna Jutopati, and Thonde Yutira. All but two of them are succumbing to their own powers. One of the four, Vurilia, has been trapped in the Aeterna after being punished by Sydiah.
    • Vurilia Jutopati - TBA
    • Itrian Yutira - TBA
    • Drizuna Jutopati - TBA
    • Thonde Yutira - TBA
  • Silverstar - TBA
  • Moonmoon - Moonmoon is the leader of the Theocracy of Silverstar and is perhaps the oldest living human in the universe. Born on Aegyn hundreds of thousands of years ago, Moonmoon has taken it upon himself to spread the will of Silverstar across the cosmos. He has come into conflict with Sydiah in recent years.
  • Aylathiya's Traveler - TBA