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"The Starfleet as we know it is thanks to the hard-working people and the incredible work done at those iconic shipyards. Truly one of the 7 wonders of the Jewel Cluster" - Admiral Beston


Magnillion, also known as Magnillia, is a terrestrial planet located in the Magnillion Sector of the Jewel Cluster, In the Eulciar Galaxy in Amoeni Space. The planet is very well known for its giant Orbital Ring that contains the famed Magnillion Shipyards, and is the headquarters of the Magnillion Shipbuilding Corporation, one of the most well-known Starship producers in the region.

Magnillion is about 14,600 Kilometers, with its terrain comprising mostly of plains, beaches, forest and urban sprawl. Despite its large concentration of cities, the planet's atmosphere is largely free of pollution. It is very close to Havonis and Greater Pamoa.

Early History

Magnillion was discovered by human colonists (Mostly Farmers) from an unknown destroyed world around 89,000 CE, and largely stayed out of Galactic affairs until 90,010 CE, when Volvoran spies caused a massive famine, leading to massive reforms. The Magnillion Defense Force was founded around 90,015 CE, using purchased ships from the Volkanian Planetary Republic (an old republic that would collapse about 10 years later). The planet's economy changed from Agriculture to Manufacturing, and thus many companies were created, one being the now massive MSBC, initially producing Starship Parts.

The Orbital Shipyards

To increase Efficiency, and to keep the atmosphere clean, Magnillion's Government made a plan to build a massive orbital space station that would circle the entire planet around 90,600 CE, and construction began in 98,602 CE. Construction would last for about 35 years, and the Shipyards opened in 90,638 CE. The Magnillion Shipbuilding Corporation, then the state-of-the-art Magnillion Mk1 Starfighter for the Defense Forces, moved their headquarters to the shipyards, and began to get contracts from all over the sector to make larger vessels, such as the first models of Metropolises, ordered by the Volkania Remnant, and Colony ships by the Chelivian Central Government.

FFSA Founding Member

Until the Federation's founding in 90,900 CE, Magnillion's population was doing its own thing, making ships for its closest allies, such as Havonis. The Magnillion Sector was largely at peace, with most systems in close cooperation, taking on the then much larger Northern Alliance. An unfortunate event at a Gas Gaint lead to the Magnillion and Volkania Sectors to unite and fight as one Entity, with Magnillion joining as one of its first members in 90,990 CE.

The shipyards received overwhelming military contracts from the newly founded Federation, in effect causing an economic boom that would last for over 50 years.

Modern Day

Magnillion remains a close supporter to the Federation, with many well-known people getting into prestigious government positions, such as Chancellor. The shipyards continue to be used today and making ships that are now seen all over the Cluster, even making it outside.