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"Creating quality vessels since 90,638!" -Short Motto


The Magnillion Shipbuilding Corporation, also known as the Magnillion Shipyards, and the MSBC, is a giant public shipbuilding corporation created in 90,638 CE by the Magnillion government during the Reform Era. As the name suggest, they are located in Magnillion. They are the main manufacturer of military grade capital ships, starfighters and defensive structures for the Federation of Free Jewel Systems and its Starfleet, as well as making small number of civilian vehicles.

The Company has one subsidiary, and that subsidiary is Lobelia Stardrive, the primary manufacturer of the Magnillion Mk2 and Mk3 Starfighters, as well as other smaller capital ships, such as shuttles. They are headquartered in Lobelia, a former colony of Magnillion with its own, albeit smaller shipyards.

Magnillion Products

Capital Ships

Metropolis-Class: 1,100-meter-long Battlecruiser with medium cannons, high shielding but very weak Abralt hull plating. This however comes at an increase of speed and maneuverability. Originally a Volkanian design. 3 main variants exist.

Immobilizer-Class: 1,000-meter-long Battlecruiser with dozens of heavy cannons, a high power volta cannon capable of disabling even the largest of colony ships or a massive beam cannon capable of destroying entire fleets, and a very strong shield generator, with reinforced Abralt hull plating. Average speed for its size. Originally a Volkanian design. These ships usually serve as a flagship.

Class-50B: 750-meter-long Light Cruiser with dozens of heavy and medium megalasers and a massive projectile cannon. Also contains reinforced Fesmoanium hull plating and fast engines, at the cost of a weak shield generator.

Lobelia Class Cargo Cruiser: 850-meter-long Medium Cruiser with enough cargo capacity to resupply an entire colony for about 5 months. A combat version was planned, but its blueprints were stolen by alliance saboteurs, and retaken by Anarvis Yards, who now has the rights to makke the Havonian Cruiser.

Lobelia StarDrive Products

Magnillion-Class Starfighter Mk.3: One of the main starfighters of the Starfleet armed with 2 laser cannons, 4 light volta cannons, a missile launcher. equipped with standard abralt plates and a Magnillion Shield. One of the main Frontline fighters.

L-D Mk.2 Patroller: The most numerous Starfighter of the Federation Starfleet, as well as many security forces. This ship actually has the exact same appearance as the Lobelian bomber, apart from the bomb bay, instead adding a missile launcher. Armed with 2 laser cannons, 2 light fixed volta cannons, and a turreted volta cannon in the back, this ship is the epidemy of Planetary Defense.

Lobelian Bomber: A bomber being able to carry over 15 bombs into battle to cripple most capital ships. Inspired the Patrol starfighter and are basically like brother and sister. Some variants have a second gunner that controls the turret volta cannon and also act as a bombardier.

A-Class Interceptor: Very small and fast ship with its design resembling an A. Armed with 2 laser cannons. Light Fadrum Plating and Carbo Shields. Cannot take many hits and are thus reserved for the most experienced pilots, but due to their size, it excludes some species from ever flying these.

Magnillion Gunship: A troop transport capable of transporting 8 troops into battle. Armed with 2 laser cannons, a ballistic cannon and a turret laser cannon.

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