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"The large and beautiful Savannas of Maikomai are a wonderful landscape to admire. It's large fauna is a tourist attraction within the System. However, Maikomai is mostly known for its textile industry, coming from the Yapanak threes. Its people are usually considered elegant and kind, sometimes aislationist, as they live far from the Big Five Worlds of the Zeurel System." - High Priestess, Annik Marrash

Maikomai is a temperate terra of the Union, located in the Zeurel System orbiting Zeurel A, a White Star, inside the Lewis Galaxy. It is inside Herschel Space. The Planet is the first world in the Zeurel A system and is the only habitable one.

Its climate is mostly a large savanna, with some desertic areas and warm forests in the Northern and Southern latitudes. It has no oceans but large lagoons and rivers. No large poles exist. The economy of the planet is based mostly on processing all resources from the planet to build up mechanical machinery and pieces, chemicals, and textiles.

The planet has many different orders established in it. Including the Order of the Arkons, the Arkonian Technocracts, the Irekian Technocrat and the Sisterhood of Kryso.


The Planet was colonized in the year 36 092 CE by colonist of Saikan, and to a lesser extend from the other Big Five Worlds of the system, such as Neldum or Arkon. This is the reason why so Maikomai has retained such a Saikanian Culture. Most of their cultural aspects are very much alike to Saikan, even the climate (although Maikomai has a much better benign climatology).

In the year 45 202 CE, the Planet was assaulted by Imperial Soldiers. The entire planet was occupied easily after the battle in the orbit of Gas giant of Zeurel A and the battle of Teimen, a city within the Vanissar plains.

Due to the war and the occupation, some of the citizens were wiped out of their gift parasite and the few of those who survived the process were enslaved. Most however were kept in the planet working for the Imperial occupatants. Thanks to Maikomai, the Imperial could attack Zeurel B after a failed attempt. Nevertheless, they were defeated and in 45 354 CE Maikomai was finally liberated.

A Guerrilla warfare however endured in the planet. The total amount of deaths accounts for 900 million. Around 100 million people were stripped out of the parasite, with the 1 million surviving the process immediately enslaved and shipped to Imperial territory to be sell as commodities. Around 13 million people left the planet as refugees and settled the world of Arsikon. Out of this 13 million, as much as around 2 to 3 million left for the Akai Nebulae, that would later found the Intergalactic Federation (at the time known as the Lewis Federation)

In 47 322 CE permission was granted for a small community of citizens from the Empire of Mankind to create a trading neighborhood to gain profit from the textile exports to the empire. However Imperial citizens are not citizens of the Union, just residents and make up 0.01% of the Planets population (3 million people). They live concentrated in comercial neighborhoods in the main planetary cities.


Maikomai has no large moons, only two rocky small moons known as KS-Lurasa and KS-Rola. One has a military-mining base of 1.7 million inhabitants while the other has also one, of 1 million inhabitants.

The Planet has no continents per se, since it has no oceans, and just several lagoons.

  • The Retola Desert

Its a large equatorial desert, known for its aridity, it has very high temperatures, due to its proximity to the sun. The largest city is Duluka. Its total population is 1 Billion

  • The Vanissar Savanna

It's the largest savanna in the planet, located in the northern hemisphere of the planet and on the northern side of the Retola Desert. it is known for having the largest amount of fauna with big herds ruminating on its yellowish high grass. It's also home to some large concentration of humans and holds some of the largest cities. However, the interior is a large protected reserve for the fauna. The cities here are based on the Yapanak Three cultivation, and its extraction to produce textiles exported all over the Lewis Nations and beyond. That's why it has a very small foreign trade neighborhood with traders from other Lewis Nations and ever beyond. Its largest city is Imedra. The total population of the region is 11 Billion.

The Vanissar Savanna

  • The Ikilian Savanna

Its a smaller savanna to the south of the Planet, on the other side of the Retola Desert. It has large fauna as well, but has a higher human density and most of it has been used for agricultural processes. Most of the food is used for locals and the rest of the Zeurel A system. It is irrigated by "ice extraction" from the moons and satellites of the rest of the Zeurel System. Its largest city is Yalotan. The total population of the region is 8 Billion.

  • The Zomon Forest

City of Reima

Its a large wild region but with large cities. It has been known for its mining activities. Most of it is based on the wood industry, the mining process of most of the minerals in Maikomai and the Chemical industry. Manufacturing, services such as tourism and entertainment also play a small part in the region's economy. The largest city is Fegol. Its total population is 4 Billion

  • The Laukondan Forest

Its a large and beautiful forest, with a high human density, holding large cities. It is the center of the manufacturing industry in the planet. It is based on producing goods and services such as insurance and financial aids. It is also a very beautiful spot for tourism (local and from other planets). The biggest city is Reima. Its total population is 6 Billion.

Culture and Society

Society of Maikomai is pretty much idyllic, usually based on production of goods for inhabitants of the rest of Zeurel A, who use Maikomai as their main supplying planet of goods they cant produce in large quantities. The income got from the local exported production is used to buy minerals and resources (and some goods) from the rest of the worlds of Zeurel A.

The Culture is very peculiar. Its inhabitants usually wear large togas of yellow, beige, brown, orange, purple or red colors. This Toga style has been inherited by the heavy influence of the Saikanians in their culture, as Maikomai was settled by Saikanians in the early periods. Alongside the Toga, they have inherited many other Saikanian habits, influencing greatly the Maikomaian culture itself.

According to tradition, it is very much considered as a sign of good luck to wear a necklace made of the hard skin of a Tarmun with them when out of the planet, to remind them of home. It is not uncommon that some make a pilgrimage once in a lifetime to Saikan, as they consider it sacred.


Most of the food in the planet is based heavily on meat, most notably raised in the Savannas. Also special vegetables such as the sour Tiritik is heavily used in many sauces and as a base dish in itself. Fish or seafood are rather rare. Mushrooms such as the Yulim are also very used in Maikomaian cuisine as a nutritious dish served in many forms.

Fauna and Flora


  • The Tarmun

Its a large animal roaming the Savanna Plains of Maikomai. It has been noted for his hard and protective crust, as well as being of a yellowish color. They are very common and are the basic prey of many predators. Its meat is really much appreciated in the cuisine of Maikomai and is known for its healthy qualities.

  • The Holak

They are Gasy animals, with large tentacles floating in the savannas of Maikomai. They are predators but hunt on small prey and usually live alongside the Tarmun. They have large gasy bodies and they usually puts its head on the floor to eat all sort of minerals directly from the ground, while at the same time they use their tentacles to hunt small preys and eat them with their second mouth on the upper body. Its biology is quite curious, and the animal inflates itself while on ground and can't move until its dehinflated. Once empty of Gas, it can easly fly away to other feeding grounds. While on ground they are somehow more vulnerable to attacks, most notably of the Zelkadak.

  • The Zelkadak

Its a very large and dangerous predator. Consider the Apex predator of Maikomai, it is unusually big. Inhabited areas nearby the living areas of this animal have to be constantly watched to keep this predators away from inhabited settlements. It is 20 meters long without the tale and 7 meters tall. If counting the tale, it is above 40 meters, as the tale is more than twice the size of the actual body. It has massive shaws and although slow, it can move a vast distance in few feet giving the advantage to the Zelkadak. It has to be noted that it also eats flora on a regular base to supplement its diet, making it an omnivore.