The moon of Malakbel is one of the two moons of Sonoran, the other one being Sakhra. It is located in the Verpletter Dwarf Galaxy, in the Najima System, and is under the control of The Sonoran Union.


Being one of the smaller moons of Sonoran, Malakbel was not considered much in the early days of the Sonoran Union. As the Union expanded throughout it's home system, Malakbel was designated as a mining world for several decades, and held no real weight outside of this.

After a hundred years however, Malakbel became the site of the Malekbal Mass Driver Network - A series of Mass Drivers which send various goods out from Sonoran, Sakhra, The Orbital Fleet, or any of it's various orbital colonies, and send them to other worlds within the Najima system, and in some cases, neighboring solar systems. It is an incredibly cheap method to send goods. It would also shoot certain types of ships to give them a boost, if they were compatible with the Mass Driver technology.


Malakbel has a well known and well loved musical culture. One of it's most significant exports is a genre known as Malakbeli Rock.


Malakbel Mass Driver Network - These Mass Drivers are located all over the surface of Malakbel, and can reach immense sizes in some places. These Drivers will fire mass into space to a destination calculated by Humans and computers in tandem. The Malakbel Mass Drivers are capable of sending goods to neighboring solar systems in reasonable times.

Nurastar - Nurastar is the primary settlement on Malakbel. It is a sprawling metropolis on the underside of the surface of Malekbel, and is responsible for maintaining the many systems of their moon, and ensuring that it is capable of sending out goods to it's neighbors.

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