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Basic Info

Malku is the third planet in the Heilotans System and is notable for its blue surface. The planet is rich in Lithium and was approved to be used as a mining tycoon in 78 400 CE. But in 99 214 CE, the operation was put on hold indefinitely because most of the planets resources were depleted. In the present day, only 45 inhabitants live on the planet on Malku's only mining colony left, known as Lyse, the people on the colony enjoy the quiet.

"I think that I made the right decision when I moved here. I don't care if our little 'town' is crumbling, I live in the present, and the present is nice, the people are nice, I am going to spend the rest of my life here." -Pret Nomi, 99 312


Malku was discovered in 55 217, as part of the original survey of the system by the party whom Liam Arrbotch was partaking in. They recorded nothing of interest, apart from the large amount of lithium, as at the time it was only a ice world, covered in ice from north to south. In 99 012, a small colony, mentioned above, called Lyse was founded. It currently has only 45 inhabitants, retired to this remote ball of ice. However, there is increasing evidence that the planet has a sub-surface ocean, and small probes are planned to be sent down over a thousand kilometres to the core of the planet, which is supposedly a liquid-water core.


A map of Malku. There are very little surface features. The Blue surface has been edited out so as to reveal he subtle different hues.

The geography of Malku is rather bland. It is one of the smoothest objects in the entire system, with its highest elevation being only 782 metres high.

Northern Lowlands

The Northern Lowlands are located at the north pole of the planet. They have the most lithium deposits on the entire planet, presumably from the lithium-rich asteroid that impacted many years ago. It is here that the project to send robots down to the core will be undertaken, as it is closest to the core, but only by a few hundred metres.

Southern Ice Wastes

The Southern Ice Wastes are a boring plains of endless ice. Lithium is remarkably rare here, compared to the rest of the planet. Also, it is here that the blue hue on the surface is strongest, still for reasons unknown.

Equatorial Band

The Equatorial Band of Malku has the highest temperatures, still far below zero, and the site of Lyse. The Darker Ice Valleys and Doldrums are part of the Equatorial Band, but Lyse is not located on either of them.

Darker Ice Valleys

The darker ice valleys of Malku are inhabited by more jagged terrain and canyons, the ice here is darker and is a more purple hue, hence the name. In the 78 400s, the darker ice valleys were taken control by the Democratic Nations of Nilus and the Caoticol Corporation as lithium mining hotspots, and were since abandoned and were never demolished. Old refineries and mining equipment is usually avoided by travellers as it is known that an unknown group of bandits.



Because of the high amount of lithium in the air, people go crazy and believe that the lithium is their only purpose in life.