Mallnbra is the third planet in the Cirand-Hursel system. It houses tens of thousands of levitating cities like those found on Qesboth and Cerel. Its shipbuilding and weapons production industries make it second behind Zaramor in generated revenue. Mallnbra was colonized in 7171 CE, and became a home-rule republic affiliated with the Zaramorian Domain in 7338 CE. Mallnbra has seen its fair share of insurrections against the leadership of Zaramor, as the people like to think themselves wholly independent.

Physical Statistics

  • Mass: 1.6966 x 10^28 kg
  • Diameter: 145440.41 km
  • Solar Day: 7 hr 31 min
  • Temperature: -158.86°C
  • Rings: None
  • Moons: 71


  • 1: Vettir
  • 2: Lopanar
  • 3: Irene
  • 4: Ismene


Mallnbra was colonized in 7171 CE by a charter from the government on Zaramor. After the success of human living on Qesboth, Mallnbra was made habitable. The planet's history is not all that colorful; its people have lived in relative peace since the colonial days. However, there was a fight for home-rule independence in 10578 CE, which turned out to be one of the costliest battles in the system.

This fight was known as the Mallnbra Revolution, and lasted four years. The driving force behind the belligerents was the desire to be a home-rule planetary republic independent from Zaramor and its influence. After intense destruction and violence, the governments of Zaramor and Mallnbra created a truce. One important compromise stated in the truce was the reaffirmation of the legitimacy of the Zaramorian Domain.

Mallnbra was to be an independent government up to an extent: that is, it still needed to be under the oversight of the Domain for purposes of security, economic stability, and trade. Zaramor promised to remove all colonial government positions immediately, and helped to create the first election in Mallnbra's history.

Since then, Mallnbra has become the military backbone of the system and Zaramorian Domain, and is noted for important technological advancement.

One such advancement was the creation of the blue-white laser, used for mining and military purposes only.


Mallnbra's numerous levitating cities and shipyards require that travel in between them is crucial. Flights between cities happen nonstop, and are run by private companies.

In regards to inter-system travel, all planets are served by the Mallnbra Celerity Lines company, with a massive docking port open at all times.

There is also a link to the planet of New Terra (in Peleunsk Galaxy) and Erizin-Kel (only 4 light years away).

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