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The Manaerin Unity of Planets is a large power located in the Eulciar Galaxy. It originally formed as a unification between five worlds, each housing a different sentient species, after a period of long war. This war was unfortunately caused by the fact that all five worlds were located in the same system; the Garinia System.


Rise of Arbav

Arbav was the first world in the system to develop intelligent life. Around ~110 000 BCE the Ialkor rose to prominence on the moon. As a rational and peaceful civilization, they quickly united their homeworld and spread out. After making the discovery of life on Peali and on the moons of Ilu, they adopted the role of caretaker and receded back to Arbav. For a long time they stayed on Arbav, not wanting to leave their primitive siblings behind.

Rise of Larosi

Finally, the Ialkor's patience bore fruit as the Pasande of Larosi rose. However, the Pasande has not the patience or the willpower to resist the temptation to meddle with their brothers, and so the Ialkor stepped in. They acted as caretakers, and restrained the Pasande through a series of wars to their homeworld, the moon Larosi.

Arbav-Larosi Union

Finally, the two species reconciled and formed the Arbav-Larosi Union, the first supraspecies government of the system. They both acted as caretakers of their primitive siblings, who were just looking up and wondering why there were so many wandering lights in the sky.

Rise of Peali

The Delona of Peali were the next to advance. They gained the technology and spread out. Immediately they encountered the two precursors to their civilization, and, unlike the Pasande, requested to join their union.

Garinia Union of Worlds

After they were allowed admission, the Garinia Union of Worlds was established. A Union between Peali, Larosi and Arbav, the GUW would last for a long time. Until the Nesor arose on Wul-aro.

Rise of Wul-aro

Around 0 CE, the Nesor arrived on the scene. The Nesor were naturally a aggressive species. Having evolved in competition with the ferocious biosphere of Wul-aro, they refined their military and when the burst out onto the stage, they did so fully prepared to take on whoever and whatever they may find in their way. Unfortunately, what they found in their way was the GUW, unprepared and understocked.

Great Garinia War

And so began the Great Garinia War. Fighting tore the system at the seams as the Nesor quickly assaulted all GUW ships and space stations. Millions died in the first wave of attacks. Eventually, the GUW readied itself and began to fight back. With an extra hundred thousand years of technology on their side, as well as a extremely stable economic base, the Nesor quickly began to lose their advantage.

Rise of Ilu

In the midst of this war, the gaseous Uyaron rose from the depths of Ilu to claim their spot in the war. Finally, with Ilu siding with the GUW, the Nesor were driven back out of the system. The Nesor established a large space station out there, known as Beorn, in which their species resided in for many millennia.

Development of Manaerin

Meanwhile, closer to the sun, the four member-species of the GUW decided to establish closer ties with each other. Cultural exchanges, mergers of languages, and interbreeding eventually resulted in Manaerin; the complete merger of all the cultural and linguistic characteristics of the four species. They expanded outwards to nearby solar systems, and came across Beorn, which had drifted to the nearest star to Garinia, Kolas, and colonised the entire system. The Nesor there greeted the Garinian species with fear and distrust, but eventual acceptance and even friendship.

Manaerin Unity of Planets

Finally, the Nesor merged with the Manaerin culture and Manaerin was complete. With the unification of Garinia, the Garinia Union of Worlds re named themselves to the Manaerin Unity of Planets, and expanded out extremely fast, colonising millions of worlds.


Major Worlds