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Marella Aster is the current prime minister of the Cnara-Frealee Federation and among the most influential individuals within the Florathel Galaxy. Born on the backwater world of Kavira, she is the adopted child of Derela Aster, a major Federalist politician, although her fame would rapidly outshine her adopted mother's. Marella is known for being an incredibly pacifistic individual, utterly refusing to take part in any wars that have taken place in Florathel.

Marella is currently not married to anyone. Although she has formed brief romantic relationships with hundreds of people over her lifetime, she swore off any long-term personal relationships after the death of her only husband Faraka. She has given birth to 436 children over her lifetime. This does not stop her from doing important government tasks, despite what her detractors may say of her. She is also seen as having a good taste in fashion, and has influenced such trends during her years as congresswoman and prime minister.

Today, Marella is known across the galaxy as an example of what a head of state should be. Professional, principled, good at arguing her points, and so on. Some people put her picture on their walls, although she advises against this in a well-known recent speech.



Marella Aster is a baseline Skara Carlean and is considered to be stunningly beautiful among Carleans, although perhaps not in the stereotypical manner. She has lighter blue scales than most Carleans and has deep purple eyes. Her body is not very thin, partially due to the strain of giving birth to almost five hundred children over her lifetime and partially due to personal choices. Marella's belly is swollen as if she is perpetually late in a pregnancy, as she was frozen in this state in a stasis pod at one point, which killed the four children within.


Marella has a very high intelligence, partially due to genetic engineering, particularly in the area of mathematics. She is also incredibly well-practiced at diplomacy, social skills, political intrigue, and philosophy, all things needed to run a nation well. Marella also has a notable knack for fashion, which accentuates her stunning beauty and causes many individuals in the CFF to emulate her rapidly changing style.

She is very wise, idealistic and by far the oldest member of CFF government. She commonly uses this as a campaign fact, although some use her age against her. Marella is very popular due to a combination of all these factors, and this helped along her successful political career.

During her long breaks from politics, she frequently travels around the untamed regions of the galaxy, cataloguing worlds for the UNFG's mapping committee. She has stated her plans to do this after her current term in office, although her supporters hate this idea. During Prime Ministerial campaigns, she tries to visit every single province in the CFF, and is seen as a "people's candidate" because of this.


Early Life

Information on Marella Aster's early life is spotty at best, and this is a reconstruction based on what little facts are available.

On the little-known world of Kavira, a young Carlean named Andriana Filarsa gave birth to four children, Erala, Stamara, Alareus, and Marella. The four children had a peaceful, prosperous life for the first seven years after their birth. Unfortunately, while the four were on a day trip supervised by a family friend, Andriana was killed in a widely publicized racially motivated murder. She was lethally stabbed by a pair of Darvikans, but managed to swallow them before her death, and their partially digested bodies were found in the autopsy.

This impacted the four siblings severely. Erala went into a depression so severe that she was found at the bottom of a Kaviran swamp three months later with weights around her neck. Alareus blamed the entire Darvikan species for the death of his mother, ran away, and went on a massive killing spree until he was captured by the planet's police. He killed himself before the trial.

Meanwhile, Stamara and Marella were ping-ponging between various foster homes, none of whom really treated them that well. However, they were soon adopted by Derela Aster, an up-and-coming politician who would become the model for the political career of Marella herself.

Initial Political Ambitions

After the two grew up, Stamara emigrated to a planet in the Providence Neutral Zone, and her life story diverges from her sister's here. Marella became interested in politics in the vein of her adopted mother, and when she was thirty years old, she entered the race for the representative of Kavira. She came in second place, far better than people not sure of her high popularity expected. She tried again three more times, each time inching closer and closer to the win. Marella finally won the congressional seat in 81,568, and voted for many major reforms as she promised, including greater protections for workers as well as greater autonomy for her province.

During her time in office, Marella had her first two children, Arana and Orolus, by an unknown father. Historians believe that during this time she had many such encounters. Her children are virtually irrelevant to the story however.

After a second term, she did not put herself up for reelection. In an interview with a major news channel asking why she did so, she explained that she needed a break from the tiresome, difficult-to-navigate world of politics. Her autobiography goes into essentially no details about this time, which lasted almost a thousand years and carefully mapped two provinces.

A thousand years later, Marella returned to her home province and abruptly put herself up for reelection. She won by a landslide as a result of her lionization during her absence. She was praised as a generally good person and excellent politician, causing her to win four elections in a row. She was eventually appointed as Secretary of State of the Cnara-Frealee Federation in an effort to boost his popularity. This didn't work, but his successor reappointed her, and she stayed in this cushy job for a fairly long period of time. However, in 83,014, she resigned her post and left civilized space yet again.

The Fifth Treaty of Providence

She returned in 84,801 CE in time for the end of the War of Saiheran Succession. Despite what her advisers said, she did not take up a prominent role in the treaty arbitrations, choosing instead to be a text editor to ensure no errors. This role proved to be much more important as she had the opportunity to make slight tweaks in the wording of what would become the Fifth Treaty of Providence, to avoid what she saw as potentially fatal errors which would allow the galaxy to fall into war. Her role came into the light shortly after the signing of the treaty, which helped her win her first stint as prime minister of the entire Cnara-Frealee Federation.

Shortly after the signing of the treaty that ended the war, Marella began campaigning for the position of Prime Minister of the CFF. She became the first prime ministerial candidate to visit every single state, which caused her to win by a landslide 74%, higher than any other candidate in history at this point.

At the beginning of her time in office, the Cnara-Frealee Federation was not quite as egalitarian as its founders wished it to be. Rural areas were often impoverished and lacked access to many resources found in more populated space. While in office, Marella worked to change this by passing laws making distribution of such important resources cheaper, allowing it to be done across the entire territory. Being the first Prime Minister not from the core regions around Carlea or Darvikus, she had firsthand experience in these problems, and they were mostly fixed by the time she left office. This made her very popular, and many were clamoring for her to put herself up for reelection after her third term. However, she stated in a public announcement that she needed a break and then left civilized space.

Little is known about this period in her life. Some conspiracy theorists say that she lived amongst the nomadic Varkas Tribes and had some weird interspecies babies, but anyone who knows the slightest bit about science knows that this is flatly ridiculous. She came back with a massive databank about millions of systems rimward of the edge of the CFF, allowing the nation to expand significantly. This helped alleviate overpopulation in the core regions, although some are confused why she didn't just send probes to map those things and continue to stay in office.

Marriage to Faraka and Kidnapping

Marella is a very private individual, and after she returned from her mapping excursion she shied from the public eye. It is known that she met a charming young man named Faraka, who she fell in love with after a few months of friendship. They soon got married on a far-flung planet, and the press invaded only after the wedding was over.

Marella and Faraka had twelve children together over their eight hundred years of marriage, which she flatly refused to write about in her autobiography. Before she gave birth to their thirteenth through sixteenth, their marriage ended in tragedy in the year 89,430, when Faraka was killed by a ship crash. Marella herself barely survived, and swore off long-term relationships forever.

After this, Marella came within a hair of going the way her sister Erala went all those millennia ago, but her feelings of affection for her many children saved her. However, she was kidnapped by political opponents believing that she was about to run for office, and she did not resist due to her severe depression. She was locked in a cryostasis pod which was ejected into interstellar space, not to be seen again for ten thousand years.

The Return

In 99,781 CE, a random salvage craft ran across what the pilot believed to be derelict space junk. The pilot, named Karfel and native to the nearby Federation of Kaurim, returned to his home asteroid to sort through the thousands of tons of junk which he had collected.

After finding a fully functional Pecay-Po starfighter, a small platinum-rich asteroid, and a dead cow, Karfel came upon the stasis pod in which Marella lay. He began cleaning it for sale, but after the window was cleaned off, he saw her and hastily moved the pod into the pressurized section of his home asteroid.

Karfel began cracking open her pod, initiated the revitalization sequence, and was the first thing the eyes of Marella Aster had seen for ten millennia. Retaining most of her brainpower and knowledge from before the freeze, she profusely thanked him in his native language, which surprised him as he was under the impression that only his species was capable of speaking it.

He found out just who he had rescued after a long conversation with her, and swiftly called the Cnara-Frealee Federation's relevant authorities. Before they arrived, she discovered that her four unborn children, her last by Faraka, were killed in her womb by the freeze, which also rendered her infertile.

She arrived on Carlea in time for the elections for prime minister, but chose to return to her homeworld for a few years to readjust to the new world she found herself in. She spent some time with her children and read up on the past ten thousand years.

Come next election cycle, she ran for the position of Prime Minister of the Cnara-Frealee Federation. Rather than causing the populace at large to forget about her, the freeze caused them to lionize her as the glory of the federation and its greatest member, causing her to win by almost 84 percent of the vote, beating her own previous record. She has continued to alleviate rural poverty and crime, as well as expanding the nation and stopping the problem of overpopulation. Marella Aster remains in this position today, and is among the most well-loved prime ministers in the history of the Cnara-Frealee Federation.