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The Margak are an ethno-cultural group of the Aldorian Species. It is one of the most important Aldorian ethnicities and the founding Aldorian subgroup of the nations known as, the Aldorian Dominium and the Aldorian Confederacy. They played as well a pivotal role as one of the main founding ethnicities in the Aldorian Shabada and the Aldorian Military Junta. They originated in the continent of Fandor, in the homeworld of the Aldorian species, the Planet of Birnis.

This ethnic group is found in many Aldorian nations but as well, abroad, in several Lewis Nations (most notably the United Alliance and the Intergalactic Federation.


The Proto-Margak originated in the northern Enor mountains of the continent, which stretches from the North pole to the equator of Birnis (being wider in the north and thinner in the equator).

This mountains are the largest chain in the world of Birnis and extend through a large part of the Northern fringes of the continent, forming some valleys as well and separating Fandor from the continent of Enuhara to the east.

The Proto-Margak inhabited the Mountain valleys of the Enor mountains alongside other ethnic-groups. The Proto-Margak in the eastern side of Northern Fandor created the Kingdom of Ikaris, while the Proto-Margak into the west, formed other nations, known as the Western Nations.

The Proto-Inosh and the Proto-Margak had common origins in Enor and while the Proto-Margak remained in Fandor, the Proto-Inosh migrated to the West through the Isthmus of Ino to the continent of Orian forming the Inosh (that take their name out of the isthmus).

The Proto-Margak from the Enor mountains were attacked by the Uhara tribes, and thus a forced massive migration to the southern and central areas of the Continent took place, conquering in turn all the Aldorians inhabiting these places and setting themselves in massive numbers, sometimes as the Elites, and others as a substantial part of the population. In both cases, their culture and language became predominant. This marks the end of the Proto-Margak and the beginning of the Margak proper. This event, who had long-standing impact in the history of the Aldorians, extended the Margakian language all over the continent (in its different dialects) and paved the way for them to become the major ethno-cultural and linguistic group of the Aldorian species.

Margakian States of Birnis

The Enor Mountains of Birnis, the ancestral origin of the Margak

The Ikaris Kingdom

The Ikaris Kingdom is a very old nation that formed in the Northeastern area of Fandor, in between the Enor mountains to the west and the continent of Enuhara to the east and north. The Kingdom was the first Proto-Margak entity to form in the continent. Their language is old Margakian an has retained old archaic features that have disappeared in most of the other Margakian dialects. Some consider Ikaris speech to even be a different language. The Ikaris successfully repel the Uhara invasions and assaults thanks to their superior organization and strength, as well as their defensive and strategic location, perfect to defend themselves from Northern Attacks. The Ikaris King later tried to invade the south, catapulting the formation of the Confederation of City-States.

The Confederation of City States

This nation formed in the Southeastern area of the continent, in a series of beautiful and lush valleys with iconic snowy peaks and access to the ocean and good strategic bays. They were a mix between a large and predominant Margak Aldorians with some local Aldorians and Inosh merchants (who settled here in large numbers). The created several cities in each valley, bay and mountain and act independently. With the arrival of the Inosh they started to be commercially more interdependent between them and in order to repel attacks from the Ikaris Kingdom to their north or the expansion of Raldar in the south, they organized into a Confederacy of City-States. This formation made them more democratic and culturally approach them in values. They became then very technologically driven and commerce driven, boosting knowledge and advancement. When space exploration began, they became the main nation to form the Aldorian Confederacy, to which later, many Mirgalanians migrate to.

The City-Empire of Raldar

Its a City State, in the South of Fandor, that formed in a similar way as the city states of the southeastern Fandor. The only difference was that the Southern City-States engaged in rivalries for control of the Isthmus Between Fandor and Mirgalan, controlling the passage between both oceans. This led to the city of Raldar (located between the two deltas of the great rivers of Fandor) to become dominant and annex the cities into a city-empire. This City forced the others to cooperate and intermix, and the cities expansion was driven towards Raldar, which in turn formed the Megacity of Raldar we know today (the Capital of the Aldorian Dominium). Raldar was ruled by a Directorate Council, that turn itself to efficiency, practicality and most notably, scientific Progress. Thus, they became the most powerful and advanced nation (with the Confederation being close second). They were the first to arraigned space travel and later the first to colonized a planet outside of Birnis, paving the way for the other Birnis Nations to settled into space.

The Western Nations

This are nations on the West of Fandor, based on Fishing and Commerce and during the modern area into industrial and energy production. It's one of the most beautiful regions of Fandor, full of fiords and cliffs. They have integrated successfully into the Aldorian Dominium and never settled planets on their own or created their own space programs. They allied themselves with Raldar and thus have settled other worlds alongside the Dominium colonization programs.

The Central Compound

Its an agricultural state based in between two large rivers crossing the central area of the continent from north (in the enor mountains) right to the south (in the mouth of the rivers, in between Raldar). This society is pretty rural and takes advantage of the high fertile terrain. They have remained as farmers to export most of their production to the wealthier coastal regions.

Northern Valleys

These Aldorian groups, like the Nelnar are Aldorian ethnicities who remained in the Enor Valleys and Mountains and today formed simple (and somehow tribalistic) communities in the North of the Continent. Although heavily similar to the Margak and speaking a language related to Margak, they are considered often to be different ethnicities.

Margaks in Space

The Margaks are the most extended ethnic group outside Birnis. To the point, that Margakian language is the lingua franca of the Aldorian species, and one of the most extended in space. The Margakian script is also the main form of writing for several languages and cultures. The main Margak nations in Space are the Aldorian Dominium (the Largest Aldorian Nation) and the Aldorian Confederacy. Margak culture and language can also be seen in nations such as the Aldorian Military Junta, the Aldorian Shabada and to a much lesser extent among some of the slaves in the Aldorian Assembly of Clans. The Margakian language is very extended as a second language among the Inosh Aldorians of the Aldorian League and among some communities of Northern Mirgalan.

  • the Aldorian Dominium: Hold total control "de facto" of the Planet Birnis and the adjacent areas as well as the colonies. It has control over a vast majority of space and most of the colonies of the Aldorian Dominium are majority Margak.
  • the Aldorian Confederacy: Issued from the Colonies of the Confederacy of City-States as well as other Aldorian settlers from Mirgalan and from other Aldorian nations who looked for democracy and freedom, that their state did not provide (either out of repression or due to ideals).

Some Margak communities exists in other nations, most notably within the Lewis Nations. The Nations with substantial Margak-Aldorian population, where Aldorians are not the majority, is the United Alliance. Here, they even are among one the founding species of that nation as some of the early worlds who rebelled and joined the Alliance in the Jord Nebula were Aldorian Colonies. The Intergalactic Federation has some Aldorian (Margak) communities although in much lesser numbers than those found in the United Alliance. Only in Kreon, the Capital of the United Alliance, the Margak of various origins make 2% of the Population.


The Margak emerged from the Proto-Margak, after the conquest of Fandor. However, several groups and nations formed. In the Northeast, the ancient Proto-Margak became the Ikaris, forming the Kingdom of Ikaris, who was strong enough to repel the Uharas and thus did not left for the south.

Typical Margak Ship Design

Some however, did run away to the Southeastern valleys. This valleys then were massively settled by the Margak migration proper and soon some settlements started to arose. The Inosh established long and standing relationships with the Margak in the Eastern regions, after sailing there in large numbers for commerce. This initiated a large ethnic mixing between Inosh and the majority of Margakians creating several City-States of great importance and commercial wealth. This settlements soon became the most important in the east trading with the regions of Temer and Losen, as well as the rest of Fandor. This made them the most democratic, advanced and the most sophisticated in the entire continent.

The Margak into the Center formed a large agricultural society as they settled between two large rivers (the main rivers of the continent). Other Aldorians settled into the west, full of fiords and rocky cliffs. Here they became a peaceful fishing society, trading with the Inosh Aldorians of the Orian continent, and the southern and southeastern cities.

The South had large influences of the Southeastern city-states, as the South also formed in this way. However, while in the Southeast, the city-states organized themselves in a sort of comercial and military protective confederacy, the south did not, and the cities fought themselves for control of the Isthmus to the south that separated Fandor from Mirgalan, and connects the Eastern and Western Oceans, giving the city large comercial advantage.

The Margak into the west became energy, fish and industrial and created several peaceful nations. This led to a somehow long standing stability in Fandor, that fueled commerce, cooperation and scientific and social advancements. Their biggest threat then focus on the Kingdom of Teremir in the continent of Temer. A cold war over the influence of Mirgalan also arose in between the two continents.

When the Margaks finally reached space, the Temerians did the same and initiated their own space program and colonization. This later would create the second and most important nation within the Aldorian species: the Aldorian high Kingdom.


Commonalities between the Margakian Aldorians is the tendency for egalitarianism and scientific progress. They are consider as well industrialists and hard working as well as very advanced technologically (most notably in the south and the southeast).

Religion however, is taken differently, with some groups being more religious than others. This however, seems to not have refrain them from science or progress in any way.

The Margakian language is also one of the common features of the entire Margak. Some may speak different older variants, but all speak and write with the same language and script. However, their language does have different dialects. The standard and main lingua franca is set on the dialect of Raldar and the South eastern city states. This has made the other variants of the language a bit harder to understand for people that speak the lingua franca as the northern dialects diverge greatly from the southern variants.