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Marvul is a planet in the Trimeka system and belongs to the Empire of Mankind. It is located within the Lewis Galaxy and thus in Herschel Space. The planet is actually a moon, orbiting a Gas Giant known as Pekel. This world is thus small in comparison to other planets. This world is a rather foggy and tropical planet and it's historically significant as it was one of the first worlds to be settled in the system.

This world is similar to Meksis, but less hostile and forested while being more foggy and humid. This world has also no volcanic activity but it's core is still warm due to the gravital pool of the gas giant it orbits. Most of the economy of Marvul is based on two factors: Inner production and gas extraction. It serves as well as a provider for the mining colony domes all across the moons of Pekel (that are rocky barren moons), the penal colony of Infernus and in general, all the inner Trimeka System. This settlements are dependant on the food and water provided by Marvul to substain themselves. In exchange most of the raw mining materials of Marvul come from the colonies.

Marvul serves as a summer palace for the Lavey family. The House Lavey is homed in Brelax but travels frequently to Marvul for leisure. This has attracted a significant amount of tourists, activating a large hospitality and touristic sector of the economy.

This world has a particularly lower gravity that their neighboors do the the fact that it's a smaller planet. This means that the culture has adapted and the heavly eroded terrain has built up a particular culture known as "The Hanging culture" due to some ways of building housing which are unique to this world.

Most of the economy of this world is based on agriculture, manufacturing of goods, tourism and shipbuilding. Most of the energy produced is self substaining.


The planet has few oceans and the planet is almost entirely covered by land. Most of the planet is covered in a dense fog, which serves as the main source for water extraction through the so called "Collectors of mist", large machines that harvest the fog and condense it to produce liquid water. The planet has thus 3 large landmasses: Tordel, Hinmia and Darelva.

  • Tordel:

One of the landmasses located through the north and east, it is splitted from the others through the Hauna Ocean and the Kishala Sea. This continent is lush and less forested. It is covered in large pics of eroded terrain and the cities are built over them. The city is Pladinas, being the third largest city in the planet. Pladinas is also the center of most military activity in the inner system. Marvul is located in a strategic position at the heart of the system and overlooking the penal colony of Infernus. Most Military personel travel from Infernus to Marvul quite often and mostly to this city.

Nevertheless, the city that stands out the most in this continent aroses in the scattered plains and breaches of the north. It's the city of Elodos, the largest and most populated city in the enture planet. It has a diversified economy, mostly centered around High-tech and export of goods to the inner colonies of the Trimeka system.

The continent is large and is known for it's mild climate for the most part but large foggy areas and gran canyons.

  • Himia:

Marvul Housing.jpg

A Humid area with large forests on one side of the Olkorian Mountains and marshes on the other sides due to the deltas that are born in the mountains and die in the Hauna ocean. Due to the high amount of water and low inclination of the land, the water spills all over forming large marshes. A small unionist community has thrived in this area, mostly for comercial outpost reasons. Some are seeking to convert the locals. The Marshes are restricted so the gift parasites doesnt get out of control and infects the planet's fauna. However, some exclusive marshes are delimitated for the breeding unionist programs of their gift. This unionist settlement is the city of Renegal, the sixth largest city by population but the center of the union's commercial exchanges with the trimeka system and the beacon of the Unionist religion in the system. On the other side of the mountains, where lush forests exist, we can find the city of Aurina. A large center of water and food production as well as energy. Many items are manufactured here. Mostly consumer goods of all sort and is the leading city in the continent.

  • Darelva:

Another continent, it is rather covered in large jungles and forested terrain in the equator but develloppes into two prairies towards the north and the south. The northern plain is heavily settled and contains the large city of Uldis is the fourth largest city in the planet but is the center of several adjacent small cities which make the largest urban metropole area in Marvul. This region concentrates most of the shipbuilding industry in the planet. The southern plain is mostly used for large scale agriculture and is very fertile. The largest city is Tridel, which is also the capital of the planet and the second city in size and population of the entire planet. Big business and a lot of wealth exist in the southern plain due to the export of most of their food production.


This planet-moon was the object of probes and other exploration missions during the years of the old Anthropos Republic in 27 454 CE (7 288 ADL). However, overshadowed by the Second civil war, the planet's colonization and further exploration was postpone till the 30 120 or so.

It wasnt until 29 455 CE ( 9 255 ADL) that the first humans set foot on Belax. Soon after, in 30 188 CE (10 022 ADL). The first permanent colony however was stablished in 30 208 CE (10 042 ADL). Most of the settlers came from the second civil war refugees and other displaced or empowerished people from the now Empire of Mankind that remained to be resettled.

Surprisingly as it may sound, it is unknown if the Wreteren had a settlement on the planet. Archeological finds proved that they inhabit the system sometime but soon after the first probes arrived into the system, the small colony was abandonned for Meksis which had apparently a larger Wreteren population. It is unknown in reality what triggered the Wreteren to leave Marvul.

City on Marvulian cliffs

A thriving agriworld flourished during many years until the Nobility War. House Lavey fought on the surface of Marvul with civil casualties. It was however of little importance. During the Imperial-Unionist War, the planet was largely occupied but harmlessly so. Contrary to other areas, the Unionist were too concentrated on winning the rest of the system to engage in mass conversion as they had done in other areas. Nevertheless, they recognized the potential of the marshes of Darelva and thus bred the gift parasite and implanted the loyal to their cause or some of those who decided to convert.

When they left they left a small minority of converts, even though many decided to leave with the Union most remained. The unionist religion became the religion of 4% of the population. Imperial citizens saw this despectively as the gift was associated with their mortal enemies. However, in Marvul, people were more tolerant.

Due to this, the unionist religious followers (who were imperial language speakers and citizens) concentrated in the marshes and founded the city of Renegal and slowly grew to become 5% of the total planetary population. Later on, as a way of improvement between the relations of the Empire and the Union, a commercial outpost was decided to be openned between both nations on Renegal. Immigration from Unionist merchant's began and thus the followers of Unionism grew from 5% to 11%. The Unionist language however remains a native language to just 6% of the population. As most of the increase (6% as well) was thanks to immigration from the Union. In Renegal they could keep their traditions and ways the same as in the Union and had a special permit and law to do things the same way as in their home-nation. Renegal is thus a mostly bilingual city.

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