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The Megara Nebula, (Numerically designated KK 77) is a Sb-class spiral nebula located close to the Lewis Galaxy in Herschel Space. It is one of the first nebulas in which settlers from the Lewis Nations arrived. Megara is often nicknamed as the 'Galaxy of Silk' from its very soft and light appearance. It is important to notice that this small group of stars is a dwarf galaxy orbiting Lewis. Some say it is not even a dwarf galaxy but a large Shroud or Nebula, thus the name. It can be travelled to through the Rudara Quadrant, where the Empire and the Union are located.

It is located very close to the Lewis Galaxy and not too far away from Iskadi. It was the first region to be colonized by humans outside the Lewis Galaxy with it's first colony being Turon. It has served as a sort of bridge in between Galaxies of Herschel Space for millennia, even by ancient civilizations.

The region has not many settled worlds, due mostly to the high presence of gases and forming stars which cause the white appearance. However, the few settled worlds in the region are well connected among themselves through Hyperspace lanes and several Wormholes lead the routes between Iskadi and the Lewis Galaxy.

Throughout the years, the prominence of Turon has been on the decline and although it holds important religious and historical significance, the world of Pandora has become the most important in the Nebula, both in terms of population and economical importance.

Most of the Galaxy is still not under the control of any nation. In fact most of it seems to be uder Xeno control. Of the total, just 17% is in human hands. Of this, 44% is under the Control of the Empire, due to them being the first to set foot in it. Followed closely is the Union, at 38%, the Federation at 10% and finally 5% under the Republic of Sion and 3% under the United Alliance.