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Megumi Takanashi, currently known as Megumi Tarnos due to her marriage with Ashalon II Tarnos, is the current Empress consort of the Empire of Mankind, and mother of the heir apparent, Erion X Tarnos.

She currently resides in Elpida, alongside her husband, expending long seasons in Tarnis or Hestias, in their respective summer and winter palaces.

She is known for being a master of the arts. She has been involved with several tasks such as founding several museums and preserving some exceptional pieces of art in the nation. She has also found different libraries all over the Empire, preserving digital and written records with Alien and Lewisian origins. She is in charge of founding, as well managing, different artist in music, dance, and writing.She has also collaborated actively with affected peoples from Oyatan, Monkan and Utadan origins. This has granted her respects and love from her subjects.

In her spare time, she enjoys Erendisian dances, Isoldan music and operas, and court life. She is close with several women, such as Fiona Zykov and Anya Hangul, two of the most powerful women at court and some of the most influential figures in the Empire.

Background and Family origins

Megumi Takanashi was born on the planet Hiron on the 22nd of February, 99 779 CE (79 613 ADL). Her father was Tatsuya Takanashi and her mother was Miyuki Takanashi II, two high-ranking nobles in Tenshi. Her parents were fourth cousins in the family, that coupled with extensive genetic modifications made the relative closeness of her parents a non-issue.


Megumi was never very gifted with money or politics, but she was a gifted artist and musician. She has had extensive lessons and schooling through the entirety of her childhood. Just like almost every other child in the family, she wasn't very attached to her parents, instead being raised by specially designed androids and servants.


She willingly became an official member of the Family in 99 787 CE (79 621 ADL). The Family had a shortage of positions at the time, so most of the people in the family her age had no position. This lead to her just spending her time playing instruments and exploring some of the newly terraformed planets in the Kanadett star cluster.

Several years later, the family saw an opportunity to gain influence in the Empire of Mankind. Ashalon II Tarnos was looking for a spouse. The Family decided to contact him, leading to the Head of the family (called the Archon), contacting the Tarnos Dynasty to have a meeting. During this meeting, Megumi Takanashi and Moeha Takanashi were purposefully introduced to the Tarnos Emperor in an attempt to get him to notice them. He almost immediately took a liking to Megumi.

Marriage and Children

She was married to the Emperor in the year 99 882 CE (79 716 ADL), and right on that same year, relocated to the Empire, alongside her husband, securing a marital alliance between Tenshi and the Empire of Mankind.

She had 5 children with the Emperor: Erion, Claudia, Thardos, Alisha and Orena.

  • Erion is the heir apparent and is married to the Sister of the Emperor of Greater Martial Consilium.
  • Claudia is married to the current Emperor of the Greater Martial Consilium.
  • Thardos is married to Orena Sigurdsson, one of the current Sigurdssons daughters and heir apparent to the house.
  • Alisha is married to the heir of the House Zykov, son of Fiona Zykov.
  • Orena is still too young and is still single, although several proposals to marry her with either the Merinburgs, the Hayalons or the Etchalons have been proposed. However, engagement seems most likely with the Merinburgs.