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"One of the most important planets in the Galaxy, it is one of its main economic centers, living up to high standards of living. However, rather than look at them as arrogant, they are among the most humble you can find. Meldanians are activists and officially against slavery, you wont find a place in the empire that makes less use of them, and those who live here live better lives than those citizens in the poorer imperial settlements" - Senator, Maes Prim.

Meldan is a terrestrial planet, found in the Thisbe Nebula inside the Lewis Galaxy, and located in the Eretrum System. It is then also located within Herschel Space as part of the lewisian nation known as the Empire of Mankind. The famous House Dalvan is the absolute ruler of the Planet, in which they have one of their main seats of power.

Meldan is one of the most prosperous planets in the Empire of Mankind. It was settled by colonist from Astrion and nowadays it has become an important center for production and services within the Galaxy. It has a vibrant fauna and flora and many xeno-species have been imported to the planet successfully such as the Teyak and the Koraux.

The Planet is as well located in the intersection of very important hyperspace routes.


The Planet was settled by Colonist of Astrion and Isolda in three colony ships carrying up to 50 million settlers.

Soon, some colonist of Haldar, Mitra, Pax and Memphis arrived in subsequent waves, most notably during, or right after, major conflicts in the history of the Empire. Small Oyata and Monka communities exist as well in the Planet who arrive after the destruction of their homeworlds.

The planet was discovered by scientists in 24 177 CE and by 25 455 CE, probes were sent to the planet to investigate it. However it wasn't settled until 32 566 CE being among the first planets ever settled in another Galaxy.


The History of Meldan is intertwined with the rest of the Empire. However, due to its external position outside the Lewis Galaxy, it has had its historical advantages and disadvantages.

Duron the Imperial-Unionist War, the planet was unaffected by war, due to being a distant colony in another Galaxy. A flock of displaced Imperial citizens migrated to Meldan, creation a population explosion in the planet.

The planet was even prepared to mass scale evacuation of the Lewis Galaxy in case the Union overrun the empire regions in the Lewis Galaxy.


The Planet has 5 continents: Libaun, Redevis, Igon, Talabian and Deuden.

  • Libaun

Its a large continent-peninsula, connected to Talabian through a small itshmus. It is one of the most populated. The capital is the city of Varen, a megalopolis that extends several km2 and its a center of social live in the planet. It is a center of the high-tech industry. It is famous for having a production facility of microchips, communication devices and other small high-tech appliances. It holds also, high fashion and biogenetic facilities, as it holds one of the most sophisticated biology research centers in the Empire.

  • Redevis

A small continent in the Northern hemisphere. It's capital is the city of Iraima. Its economy is based on high profile crops, used for medicines, pharmeceuticals and industry. Its also based on construction and Shipbuilding. Its the main produces of massive engines for Imperial spacecrafts. Other important areas are manufacturing and services,

  • Talabian

A continent in the southern-equatorial center of the Planet. Energy production, chemicals, mining, industrial size manufacturing, and large scale farming are the base of the economy. The city of Molmenen, is the continent's capital.

  • Irgon

It is located in the Southern Hemisphere. The city of Pressen is the capital. Its main economy is based on finance, insurance, banking and other sort of service related industries. Sophistication of Pressen is known all over the empire. The textile and luxury industry is well off in the region, which has the highest amount of wealthy and noble men in the Planet. The continent has one of the main mansions of the Dalvan's nearby the Roisen Mountains, one of the most beautiful scenery in the continent, nearby the Lukui bays.

  • Deuden

Located in the Northen hemisphere, it's capital is Tirsel, a jewel of beautiful arcitecture. The economy is based on pharmaceuticals, medicine and education. The University of Tirsel is the largest of its kind to study Biological related subjects, Engineering and Economy. A military base exist here and tourism also plays its part of the local economy.

Culture and Society.

Meldanians are said to be cultured, educated people, very good at heart and always ready to help people in need. Although being known for its wealth, it is one of the planets that contributes the most to humanitarian aid and help those in need.


The inhabitants of Meldan usually have large influences from the Intergalactic Federation clothing style and tend to wear a mix of blue fabrics, more typical from the Federation and white intelligent clothes similar to those found in the Empire. Blue and Bluish coats followed by large white are the traditional clothing of Meldan. However, Other colors are also used often.

Other clothing styles are also typical of Meldan but not exclusive to it, such as long green robes which are something that influenced Meldanians from the world of Isolda, where the early settlers came from. The blue attire comes from Astrion, which sometimes also is mixed with black and grey elements. The Oyatan and Monkan communities have their distintive clothing as well, wearing orange and purple more often.


Slavery, although not outlawed is pretty much limited and the slaves have to be always properly taken care off, even clone slaves. This is one of the most tightened slavery laws in the Empire and clearly shows the open opposition to slavery of House Dalvan.


The gastronomy of Meldan is usually filled with high end dishes. Specially seafood is very popular mixed with large crops such as the local Teneipe, a large massive crop that can be cooked fried, with a soft vinegar acid taste, and the Apos which has a rather spicy-sweet taste.

Meat is also served. Usually boiled or fried, and spice up with Apos and serve in the same plate. The meat is usually from the local Deol and the Yiveil.

Coming of Age

The Parents at the age of 18 give their sons a sword of metal and silver and their daughters a daga of gold. The kinds have to give their parents a ... to symbolized the gratitude for having them and nurture them. At more sophisticated cities, such as Pressen an official ball is given to family and friends to celebrate this event.

Its is customary, that right after the ceremony for all comming of age Meldarians, to travel to the sacred island of Telline to actually do a whole peregrination for self-enlightment and inner-learning all across it. It takes the pilgrims about 8 months to complete such journey.


Hall of the Globes on Varen City

The Hall of the Globes

Its a massive square monument dedicated to the eight worlds that contributed to modern day Meldanians, from where most f their ancestors came from. The Worlds represented are Astrion, Isolda, Haldar, Mitra, Pax, Memphis, Oyatan and Monka. The square is divided in eight regions and each one has a massive sculture of one of the said Planets, with the floors and other elements, such as plants, etc... coming or representing such planets. Its a square to honor all the founding fathers of the planet

The Inuda City

Built on the slopes of a three mountain, the city of Inuda is a great example of large scale engineering. The city is floating between three mountains. Standing and connected through large supportive bridges to each of the three mountains, that's the only connection to ground the city has.

The city has a total population of 22 million individuals. It was build in such position so it could work on the minerals nearby but don't disturb the delicate species, fauna and flora located in the region.

Rosein Mountains and Lukui Bays

City of Pressen, one of the biggest megacities in the Planet.

One of the most beautiful natural spots in the Planet. Large Mountains covered in snow come to die directly into the sea, in several large and narrow bays, called the Lukui bays. The waters are blue and warm which gives a contrast with the snowy and cold feeling of the mountains covered in vegetation. The bays are also home to some of the most beautiful creatures such as the Goaman and the imported Teyak, which sing with beautiful melodic voices, making the place even more magical.

The Dalvan Mansion is also one of the most attractive sights in the region. The seat of the Family is surrounded by large gardens, and the construction is a wonder to behold. It covers around 200 km2, and employs around 300 000 people in its care.

Pressen City

Known as one of the most High-Fashion centers in the Thisbe Galaxy, it is a center of luxury and well being. Many come to the city to enjoy nice clothes, nice food, and incredible sightseeing and nightlife.

Finance and High-tech as well as many facilities are easy to find in this megacity.