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Melissa Marrash is a High Priestess of the Unionist Religion and a citizen of the Union, one of the Lewis Nations. It is sister to Annik Marrash and was charge with the mission by the High council of cartography, map and investigate all the worlds of the Union or in Unionist territory. She was also in charge of informing about the different ways the Religion is practiced among the worlds.


She is described as having blond hair and light eyes, of a yellow shining type. She has a nice body figure even after a couple pregnancies. She is considered to be beautiful and tall. She has a strong bond with her "Gift" an she has dues followed the Path of Wisdom, although little was done to her appearance (like it happen with its sister) she changed greatly in her mind, becoming even a different person. She is gracious and elegant as she moves.

Personality Traits

She is nice, very kind and humble, always looking for the less favour in society. She has been taking care of others since she came up of her Path, more enlightened. She has a loving heart, especially with her family. She is a fervent adherent of the Extenders, the Fourth Faction of the Union, who seeks to extend the religion beyond through peaceful means to anyone wanting to convert to it by conviction. She is considered wise, and extremely knowledgeable, even by her sister.


She was born in 99,540 CE in the Planet Eureka, from two farmers. Her youngest sister, Annik Marrash, and her, were both born with the parasite. Their older brother was left behind to take care of her parents and inherit their farm. She was sent to Kryso, to train through the Sisterhood of Kryso. Here, she was alongside her sister, trained in erudition and knowledge. As her bond was strong with the Parasite, she was given a choice of Paths, choosing the Path of Wisdom.

She then moved to the Planet Senekar to follow her training. After several years of training in isolation, the Sisterhood reclaimed her to fulfill a mission, of visiting and collecting data on all planets all over the Unionist territory for the Union archives. On board her ship, she met her future husband and married soon after.

She has been travelling for several decades already, most notably throughout frontier worlds.


She has a boy and two daughters with her husband, all adults. On her ship, travelling the stars she carried her family until they were of age to go study and follow their own lives. Her older daughter is married and lives with a military official. She didn't follow any path and was not born with a parasite.

Her son, enlisted into the military but soon retired to follow a degree in Engineering.

Her most famous daughter is her youngest, who was born with the Gift, and was then sent to the Sisterhood of Kryso for her training. Here, she was trained as a Warrior. Soon after, her daughter followed the Path of Dexterity and has become one of the Hunting Dancers, of the Sisterhood following missions all over Herschel Space.